Month: April 2012

Take Your Kids On A Writer’s Quest

Preschooler & Up

Many mothers face a common problem: their kids don’t like to write! Perhaps the little ones get bored quickly. Or they’re not...

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Preparing Your Child For Primary One

Preschooler & Up • One Comment

The transition from kindergarten to primary school is a big one. Apart from learning subjects at a deeper level, your child has to adjust...

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Sentosa’s Port of Lost Wonder (P-O-L-W)

Family Fun • 4 Comments

Ahoy landlocked lubbers! Come cast off at Singapore’s one and only kids’ club by the sea, the Port Of Lost Wonder. Built at a cost of...

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Sleep And Your Young Ones

Baby & Toddler

If you were walking past Raffles Place in March, you could have seen people napping on the lawn outside the MRT station. They were doing...

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Safeguard Your Fertility

Pregnancy • 2 Comments

Studies have shown that one in six couples today has trouble conceiving and new research has resulted in the alarming news that women’s...

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True Story: Baby Premature, Mum In A Coma

Baby & Toddler, Pregnancy • One Comment

For two days after she had delivered her baby prematurely, Joycelyn lay in a coma. Her husband shuttled between the Intensive Care Unit and...

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Stay Ahead in Your Child’s Safety

Baby & Toddler, Preschooler & Up • One Comment

The recent spate of rumoured near-abductions have led to worry among the parenting community here in Singapore. However, instead of giving...

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How Children can Learn about Stranger-danger

Preschooler & Up

As parents, all of us want to protect our child against dangers of being kidnapped. Some of us have started teaching our child share about...

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