Month: February 2012

Eating for Two: Food to Avoid

Pregnancy • 8 Comments

Having discussed beneficial foods to consume during pregnancy, we move on to examine foods which should be avoided at all cost....

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Eating for Two: Nutrition during Pregnancy

Pregnancy • 3 Comments

As the saying goes, “you are what you eat”, so choose your food well, as this will provide the necessary building blocks for a healthy...

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Being a Parent: Often Misunderstood, but Always Meaningful

Parenting • One Comment

This morning, I walked into a deserted fast-food restaurant for breakfast. Pretty quickly I noticed the cleaner, a young well-built male,...

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Interview with An Illusionist

Family Fun

If you’ve only seen Dan Sperry in his performance guise – a Rocky Horror Show-inspired figure with wayang facepaint, gravity-defying...

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Newborn Baby Care Basics

Baby & Toddler • One Comment

It’s true, babies don’t come with instruction booklets. When you’re still in the hospital, glowing (or groaning) from the aftermath...

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Shopping For A Child Car Seat

Baby & Toddler

So you already know about the new car seat rules for children. The next step – if you haven’t done so already – is to buy one for...

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Child in car? Use a car seat

Baby & Toddler • One Comment

Strap in and belt up before you zoom off. New road rules from the Singapore Police Force state that from January 2012, every person under...

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Anticipating D-Day (Delivery day)


As their estimated delivery date draws near, many expectant mothers eagerly anticipate the arrival of their bundle of joy while dreading...

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