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March 2018

Art-Zoo Inflatable Park @ i Light Marina Bay 2018: 19m Tall Unicorn Slide, Six-Storey Tall Gorilla, and More!

After a year of anticipation, the second edition of Art-Zoo Inflatable Park @ i Light Marina Bay returns this 2018! 

This March, the second edition of Art-Zoo Inflatable Park @ i Light Marina Bay returns with a new line-up of 15 giant clusters! Welcoming visitors of all ages, Art-Zoo Inflatable Park @ i Light Marina Bay is the largest experiential art inflatable playground in the heart of Singapore’s city centre. What could be better than bouncing around on huge inflatable floats while enjoying the gorgeous view of the Singapore skyline? We had the opportunity to take a sneak peek and bounce around before anyone else in Singapore. Wondering which clusters were our favourites? Here’s the scoop.



Magical Rainbow

Let’s cut to the chase – the Magical Rainbow was definitely our favourite cluster of the entire playground. It’s no surprise! What could be more exhilarating than taking a kaleidoscopic slide down the tallest inflatable Art-Zoo has to offer? Beware, this unicorn isn’t for the faint of heart. Standing at a majestic height of 19m – about four and half double decker buses stacked atop each other! – the Magical Rainbow is every unicorn lover’s dream come to life.

Little Kong

The mascot of Art-Zoo Inflatable Park doesn’t disappoint! Little Kong was by far our favourite Instagram-worthy shot. Standing at six-storeys tall, Little Kong makes the perfect backdrop to capture the magic of the Art-Zoo playground. He’s an adorable gentle giant, and we couldn’t resist trying our hand at reaching his hilariously round belly. What’s more? We took a rest on Little Kong’s favourite giant bananas, which make for a great pit stop after all the bouncing!

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Pink Lagoon

We won’t lie, Pink Lagoon was the cluster that offered the most bang for our bounce. Hold on tight, because we’re diving right into a sea of pink with the giant flamingo at Pink Lagoon! With a flamingo float this big, Instagram celebrities and their pool floats have got nothing on us. Pink Lagoon offered ample space for us to put our bounce to the test and try some tricks! Be it a standing bounce or feeling out the waves of bounces while sitting, it offered up endless fun. As a caution, be sure to hold on tight while climbing into and out of the flamingo as it can get slippery.

BBB – Bubbly Bear Bath

Psst, the BBB was a personal favourite for us! There was too much adorable packed into this single cluster, that we couldn’t help but snap shots of nearly everything. We dove into the giant tub to join the bears and bees in their bubbly bath time! Filled with over 150,000 balls and other inflatables such as a body brush and a bar of soap, there were endless things for us to play with while bouncing. A friendly bouncy-ball fight was also in order! Not to mention, a mini version of the flamingo from Pink Lagoon was present in the tub too! What’s there not to love about the BBB?

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Ready to put your smarts to the test? Gather your partner and head over to the Checkmates cluster! It’s time for a game of chess unlike any other – for this chess set is made out of wobbly barn owls and penguins! At just 3m tall, we finally didn’t feel too miniature next to these adorable characters. Just because they’re smaller doesn’t mean they’re any less fun, though! We had a blast bouncing around while testing our Rocky skills on these adorable, wobbly punching bags. Now, if only there were a real chess match with these adorable floats, huh?

The Beetles

Step inside an illuminated world as you walk into the belly of The Beetles! A great surprise that’s best viewed at night, the belly of the ladybug offers an entirely different experience. We loved seeing kids run wild as they played with colourful LED balls that change colour at the slightest touch. We couldn’t help but snap loads of quirky photos in this LED wonderland. This is definitely the perfect spot for a family picture!

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Art-Zoo Inflatable Park @ i Light Marina Bay 2018

The Art-Zoo Inflatable Park @ i Light Marina Bay 2018 offered us hours of laughter, fun, and bounce! There’s nothing quite like an entire experiential art inflatable playground right in the heart of Singapore. It was an incredibly fun experience bouncing around, falling over, and then bouncing all over again. We were thoroughly beat by the end of the night, it sure was a great workout too! Be sure to grab your friends and head down to Art-Zoo Inflatable Park @ i Light Marina Bay 2018 from 9 Mar to 1 Apr 2018! Don’t miss out on the most unique experiential playground yet!

When 9 March to 1 April 2018 | Mondays to Thursdays: 5pm – 10pm; Fridays to Sundays: 3pm – 10pm
Where The Float @ Marina Bay
Book online
Single ticket – S$17.80
Bundle of 4 tickets – S$16.80 each
Purchase on-site at the Box Office

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Art-Zoo Inflatable Park @ i Light Marina Bay 2018: 19m Tall Unicorn Slide, Six-Storey Tall Gorilla, and More!