*Using a used pump-RISK?

Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by l0vely, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. l0vely

    l0vely New Member

    Hi, thinking of buying a used pump like Medela's FS/PISA. Read that there might be risk of contamination even with new spare parts. Any mummies can advise?

  2. hopefully

    hopefully New Member

    unless its a really old pump. You have to serilise it even the new parts before using.

  3. pcee

    pcee New Member


    I have used a second hand ameda pump for my baby. I did not buy new spare parts, because the parts look quite well maintenance when I brought it. However, I used my own bottle, and sterilize all the accessories after each pump.

    I think you have to assess the conditions of the spare parts before use. If you are really scare, just change all the accessories that may have contact to your breastmilk. It will still be cheaper to pay for the motor, than to buy a brand new set.

    However, you should consider to buy one that still have at least 2-3 months warantee from the time you start to use. This is just to play safe in case the motor not working and you still can have free servicing. My Amenda pump really out of order at the last month of warantee, luckily I still get FOC servicing before the warantee over.

    Hope my experience helps. : )

  4. j_yy

    j_yy Member

    Letting go a set of Medela Freestyle (original packaging with box) at $500 with free delivery.

    Used for less than 2 weeks. In very good condition with local warranty till Aug 2011.

    Original retail price at $988.

    If interested pls contact me at 96781632.


  5. beautyseek

    beautyseek Member

    Sorry to interrupt. I am from Oct 2010 thread. Have given up on bf and have a Ameda Lactaline Breast Pump which is very very new to let go at S$250 (no local warranty as it is purchased from UK) as well as new box of Pigeon Breast Pads to sell for S$8 and also brand new unopened Pureen Nappy Rash Cream. Pls check my post on WTS thread if interested or email me your hp at beauty_seet@yahoo.com.sg.


  6. ratnamishra

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    Medela PISA backpack style for sale. Machine only, please get your own spare parts from

    Robinsons/ BP/Sprees. Hygiene is most impt [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

    Pm me or SMS at 97322389 with a fair offer.

  7. dbaby

    dbaby Guest


    I am a Dec MTB & Decided to give up breastfeeding and thus wan to sell my breastpump away. Used less than 2weeks as basically latch on BB most of the time.. Bought in Nov 2010.

    Medela Swing

    Bought at $399, letting go at $300.

    Comes with the cooler bag, 4 medela btls, bag. Throwing in Pigeon Milkbags & Granny Milkbags (total of arnd 30bags)

    Email/PM me for fast deal. Price negotiable.


  8. dadnmum

    dadnmum New Member

    Hi All Mummies here, I have bought a set of MEDELA ELECTRIC PLUS PUMP - DUAL @$299 (plus free Bag & Nipple Cream) on 12.12.10 - BRAND NEW ..

    Willing to let go @ 10% OFF..

    As i have received a gift set of the same Pump fm my frd today.. PM me if u r interested.

    delivery can be arrange...

  9. agelocme

    agelocme New Member

    i have been using medela used pump for both my bbies and its ok so far.. i just change the funnel part and bottle i use my own..

  10. helloanselmum

    helloanselmum New Member

    Hi mummies, it is not advisable to get a used breastpump as you might have a risk of getting virus infection.

    Every mummies have different body condition and carries different virus. Some virus are not able to be killed by steriliser or boiling water. If you get a used breastpump, the virus might just pass down to you and ur baby.

    My advice: to get a new breastpump for yourself only. If you wanted to get a used breatpump, please change the bottle/funnels/ parts contacts with milk.

  11. charlotte07

    charlotte07 Guest

    Hi Mummy,

    Letting go of my Medela Freestyle Dual - Used less than 2 months.(Export Set)

    Letting off at $300 with Cooler Bag, Ice Pack, Black Tote Bag, etc. It's a dual pump but I have used 1 side only, another side is totally unused so probably only need to get a new tubing and can use as single.

    And also the following to clear:

    - Disposable Breast Pad - SEALED

    - Medela nipple cream - SEALED

    - Mitten - NEW

    - Similac Glass bottle from Hospital

    - NeuroGain (DHA Supplement for pregnant and lactating Women) SEALED - Expire Oct 2012

    - New Obimin(Vitamins and Mineral Sipplements for pregnant and lactating women. SEALED - Expire 14/12/11

    - Johnson Baby Oil 50ml - NEW

    - Fenugreek Herbal Supplement from GNC - OPENED Bal 50-60capsules

    - Hankies - NEW

    - Brand Chicken Essence - Expire Aug 2012

    I am considering to give away some of the above for those that get the Breast Pump from me.

    Alternatively exchange with Huggies Wet Wipes or Drypers S/M size.

    PM me to discuss further lah, Thanks.

  12. mickeymm

    mickeymm New Member

    Letting go a set of Medela Freestyle (original packaging with boxw include Cooler Bag, Ice Pack, Black Tote Bag, etc) at $400 with free delivery.

    Used for 4 months.

    If interested pls email me at puremask@hotmail.com.


  13. iristan76

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  14. little_tree

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    I have a medela PIS Advanced for sale. Used only once. Bought in March. US set so no local warranty.

    PM if keen.

  15. kimmielalala

    kimmielalala Member

    hmmm...can i ask...manual or motor pump better? anyone can enlighten me?

  16. icorner

    icorner New Member


    I m still considering bwt Freestyle or PIS, local or US set, brand new or preloved????

    Anyone can adv??

  17. angieteng2009

    angieteng2009 New Member

    I have Medela Free Style to let go. Buy on March still have warranty. Let it go at $300.00. Include Blk tote bag, ice pack and cooler bag. Pls drop me and e-mail or can pm me.

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