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SOKA kindergarten

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by jayjay2007, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. jayjay2007

    jayjay2007 New Member


    Any parents sent their kids to this kindergarten?

    Please share your experience. Many thanks !
  2. aspialle

    aspialle Active Member

    hi my nephew all went to soka kindergarten cos my aunt is the principal.heehee
    i like the teaching method, too bad i live in the west. tink the fees are slightly more than PAP
  3. qian

    qian New Member


    Do they have childcare services? It is the one at Tampines?

  4. jayjay2007

    jayjay2007 New Member

    no childcare services
    $350 per month

    it's a kindergarten 3 hour 15 minutes programme
    for 4 to 6 years old

    hope to gather some feedback regarding the school

    contemplating to send my 2 kids there
  5. chiart

    chiart New Member

    i am also interested to send my boy there for nursery next year.
    anyone has any feedback on soka kindergarten?

  6. edksdid

    edksdid Active Member

    i think there's an open hse coming soon. u may want to call to check it out?
  7. young_mummy

    young_mummy Member


    Called just now..the open house is over but can ask for appointment to view the school.
  8. chiart

    chiart New Member

    thanks all....
    i also just called and find out all the details...

    but i am living in hougang / sengkang area..tpt seems pricey leh

    but if the programme is good, i don mind

    any feedback are appreciated

  9. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    I attended their open house

    decided not to send my 2 girls

    no school bus for morning session
  10. chiart

    chiart New Member

    hi hippo2002,
    convenient to share why u wont be sending your 2 girls? becos of no school bus in the morning?

    by the way, where are u staying?
  11. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    not simply because of the school bus, I don't mind ferrying them personally if the school is so fantastic

    we felt that the curriculum is quite rojak, attempt to do too many things but only briefly

    with the fees ($350 + school bus), I can send my girl to enrichment classes that specialised in that particular field, such as one for gymnastic, one for music & movements, one for Arts

    Nevertheless, we are still impressed with the environment. It's a premium kindergarten

    The classes are filling up very fast. in the morning itself, 1 nursery class was already full. If you are interested, need to decide quickly
  12. chiart

    chiart New Member

    thanks for the explanation.

    may i ask which school are you planning to send your girls to?

    sorry for intruding as i am sourcing for kindergarten / nursery for my son at the moment.

  13. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    my elder girl is attending PAP

    I'm still sourcing for nursery for my girl next year. A lot of kindergartens starting their enrolment in Mar-May. I will probably sign up for one nearby, too tedious to travel too far daily

    your son is 3 years old? did you send him to any enrichment classes?
  14. chiart

    chiart New Member

    do u mind sharing how is PAP?

    i am really undecided which kindergarten to choose sigh...so got to make a choice soon as you mentioned, enrolment starting soon

    where are you living anyway?

    my son is coming to 3 in dec this year. i used to send him to zoophonics and baby jumper gym.
    this year he started class in Tots house nearby.

    so i definitely need to source for a nursery
  15. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    I don't really like PAP, think the kids didn't learn much, they teached really simple textbook stuff, didn't see any attempt to encourage problem solving.

    My elder girl told me she watched 'tom & jerry' in school. Not educational DVD.

    She is doing primary level at Kumon, so I don't mind PAP though it's not up to expectation. I just wanted to give her a classroom environment as she didn't attend formal kindergarten last year. She seems to enjoy going to PAP.

    I live in Bedok. Personally, I think it's not ideal to travel too far for preschool
  16. chiart

    chiart New Member

    thanks for your info
    i heard some reviews on PAP too.. i guess it depends on branches and teachers as well.

    Now i am having headaches on which school to choose for my son.
  17. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    Montessori is good
    my elder girl was in a Montessori childcare for almost 2 years
    but I can't find one in bedok or even nearby
  18. young_mummy

    young_mummy Member

    Hi hippo2002,

    you went to Soka open house.. can share if you saw the upper level of the school?

    i went this afternoon but the VP said there's lesson on the second level so she didn't show me the upper level.
  19. chiart

    chiart New Member

    hi hippo2002,

    how is montessori childcare? good?

    i am contemplating to send my boy to kindergarten.
  20. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    There is a Computer room and quite a big Gymnastic hall. The rest are classrooms that showcase the kids' projects and assignments

    my girl enjoyed playing with the montessori material. She was there from 2 to 3 years plus in their nursery programme
    maybe you can look for a montessori based kindergarten ? but do attend a trial class 1st to ascertain whether it is suitable for your boy
    I attended a trial class in the East area, not satisfying so I didn't enrol my girl
  21. chiart

    chiart New Member

    hi hippos2002,
    thanks again.
    i went to a montessori based kindergarten on friday and was quite pleased with their program and environment.
    Has plans to sign my boy there for his nursery classes.
    Ha...they don have trial classes...so shall see how it goes
    keep my fingers crossed
  22. ClassyShimmers

    ClassyShimmers Active Member

    Hi Joleena
    If you don't mind sharing, may I know which montessori kindergarten did you go to?
  23. anngel

    anngel New Member

    I'm thinking of sending my ds to nursery class next year.
    Are the teachers(1 eng teacher+1 chinese teacher+1 teacher aid) with the class of 15(max) kids at ALL time?
    I'm asking 'cos in some school, even though they say 3 teachers, usually only 1 teacher in class, when it's chinese class then chinese teacher will come.
    Also, anyone has the nursery class timetable?
  24. young_mummy

    young_mummy Member

    Hi wishes,

    My girl is in soka kindergarten. They just had an open house last sunday. You went to their open house? So far my girl loves the sch and the sch is very particular about hygiene. They make sure the kids change their shoe, go to toilet and wash their hands before going in the classroom.
  25. anngel

    anngel New Member

    Anything in particular you'd like to know?
    We put DS there 'cos we have frens with kids who'd ask why they're not going to school during holidays! We take it as a good sign that kids are eager to go to the school.
    School fees at nursery level is $350 per month, all inclusive, nothing extra to pay like others eg, gym, phonics etc.
    It's also in the handbook that no outside food allowed, no birthday cake, goodies bag etc. I feel this is a good thing so curriculum is not disrupted, and parents who can't afford don't feel bad that they're not celebrating their kid birthday in school. I do wish the school can be more open in giving parents the daily timetable.
    At nursery level, they don't have outings like other school, to plays and farm etc.
    Overall, it is a decent school. It really depends on your requirement.
  26. young_mummy

    young_mummy Member

    Hi wishes,

    i don't think they teach religious. R you a soka member? I'm not. As for teachers, most of them r very nice. They always approach in a very nice way to the kids. There's a Parent Teacher communication book given to the children. They need to hand in this book 1st thing when they reach the sch. Than change the shoe.
    Lesson wise, also nt too sure but i do know that during certain lesson the children are allow to choose which playcentre or which corner eg. reading, drama...
    Also everyweek once, there will be some soka members volunteers to clean/wash up the toys/place. Although they do have cleaners to clean the sch everyday.

    Hi Anngel,
    My girl is also in nursery this year? Which session is your boy in. My girl is in the PM session.
  27. anngel

    anngel New Member

    Hi Wishes,

    School Bus
    Previously, the school bus was run by outside operator, they get lotsa complaints so the school decide to do it themselves this year. DS doesn't take the school bus so I can't share any experience there.

    They seem loving and genuine with the kids, my boy feel right at home. No worry on kids coping in pri sch, we have fren whose kids (2 DDs) have since gone on to primary sch with no hassle.

    Parent Teacher Communication
    Yup, they don't encourage parents to hang around and look-see, they say it'll distract the kids. I guess there's some truth in that, on one hand I'd like to be able to do 'spot check', but I guessed I'm assured that security at the premise is tight.
    There is a little comm book that your child will bring home for you to write notes to teacher or vice versa.
    The teacher will also do home visit once or twice a year, to get to know your child/family better.

    Religious Teaching
    They don't teach religion(FYI we're not SOka member), I've also seen muslim teachers/assitant in head-scarf. All the food serve is non-pork, in fact, mostly vegetables based eg cabbage/carrot/peas in macaroni/rice/porridge/noodle.

    Let me know if you have more questions.

    Hi Ann
    DS is in AM nursery session, teachers are Yang lao si and Ms Li Na and Mrs Tang. It's great that he's got chinese teacher in-charge 'cos before this, he hardly speak mandarin, now he could speak a smattering of chinese.
  28. anngel

    anngel New Member

    hi wishes,
    well, we've been telling him a month before school starts that he'll be going to nursery soon, what it will be like etc. So he's ok from day 1, daddy drop him off on the way to work. He knows that he's just there to play for a little while everyday, then he has to come home.
    Some kids do cry, DS would come home and tell me how many kids cry everyday, i think after a month, he reported nobody cry anymore. So i think credit to teachers for helping the kids adjust.
    Do you live far from Soka? What makes you decide to sign up there?
  29. young_mummy

    young_mummy Member

    Hi Anngel,

    My girl's teacher is same as your DS. But she is in PM session. Same as your DS after going to sch she speaks more mandarin if not she can't even speak mandarin. i drop/pick her up from sch..i notice that Mrs tang also speaks more in mandarin. Is your DS taking the schoolbus?

    Hi wishes,
    I'm also staying in pasir Ris. I'm sahm so my girl is not taking the schoolbus. My girl did cry on the 1st day of sch but its gd that the teacher just take her in the class. After less than 1wk she ok and now she's always looking foward to go to sch and telling ask what she did in class.
  30. anngel

    anngel New Member

    Hi wishes,

    Daddy sends/picks up DS, we're at Flora road, loyang. We may put him on school bus but i'm concern that school bus have a long route to cover and he'll take forever to reach home, or have to get up super early for it.

    I don't like the place is air-con, but i guess spaciousness makes up for it, kids are not coup up in one room all the time.

    The fees is actually ok, 'cos a lot of other school charge cheaper but when you add in extras like phonics, gym, readers, comes up about the same la.

    The interview is for the school to gauge your child personality so they can group the kids accordingly. I can't rem when have to pay deposit and how much. But if you change your mind before school starts, can still get $ back. Only the registration fee ($50 i think) is non refundable.

    Perhaps your maid can pick up your child after school? Bus fare is not half if you only take one-way, for eg if 2-way is $90, then 1-way is $80.

    Hi Ann,
    What a coincidence that they have same teachers. Ya, mrs tang is more teacher-aid than teacher la, helping out the 2 teachers. I wonder if they always have 3 teachers to the class at all time, or would eng teacher rests when it's chinese class.
    Does your DD enjoy gym? Did she reply the japanese penpal? I thought the postcard was so sweet but we haven't got around to reply yet.
  31. anngel

    anngel New Member

    Hi wishes,
    Some students from Soka Uni in japan visited the school and played with the kids, they brought postcards from jap kids to give to local kids, perform for them etc. They havent started on school post office yet, at least not for DS class.

    So far for the gym, DS does the balancing beam. He loves everything, his class, his teachers, even the plain bread (margarine optional) that they serve every friday!
    Dunno if you'd call it enrichment 'cos it's part of the curriculum, can't opt out. When he misses school, his eng teacher gave us some printout on phonics letters that she taught on the day he was absent, that's how i know they teaches phonics.

    seems like you'll have to go for the school bus, or if there's enough kids around your place or pils place than they can take turn to fetch the kids. We heard eastwood green or something like that has a bunch a parents taking turns picking up the kids 'cos they all stay at same condo.

    are there other school you're looking at besides soka?
  32. young_mummy

    young_mummy Member

    Hi wishes,

    Payment of the sch fee is on the orientation day. I think is in August. One more is the entrance day for purchasing of sch uniform. Also all the student carry the same soka sch bag which i find it very neat and the kids won't compare or even ask parents to get them his/her friend's bag. This is what i feel. Soka have their own playground and it's in the whole of basement. Think its safe and notice that all playhouse door removed.

    Also i think in May/june for Nursery they have home visit.

    Hi Anngel,
    From what i know there will always be at least 2 teacher. I don't know if its like the teacher-aid will always be around. Cause once when i came early to pick my girl up, i saw Ms Lina and Mrs Tang with the kids at the basement playground. Also during the open house, Mrs Tang told me that she's will be with the kids during gymnastic lesson.

    Ms Lina told me that the kids have done some cards for the Soka Uni students and handed personally to them. And the lion "necklace" so sweet with their photo in it. This are very gd keepsake for the kids.

    As for school bus..i saw one of the sch bus opp my blk coming like 1hr 15min b4 the sch start at 12pm. Stayin near Loyang too[​IMG]
  33. seagal

    seagal Active Member

    Hi mummies,

    I'm new to this thread and am staying at Bedok Reservoir area.

    My gal's turning 4 this year and I'm intending to switch her to a nursery near my place. She's currently attending a church kindy at pasir ris near my ils' place but we find it a bit too far.

    Would greatly appreciate if I can get some advice on the following:

    1) Curriculum
    Would the school inform parents what they teach in class? I think this is important so that we know what our kids are learning and also reinforce learning at home.

    2) Teachers
    Read some comments about the teachers being quite caring. The school doesn't allow parents to go in for spot check? I am a bit worried as my girl will likely take some time to adapt to a new school environment. Not sure how she can take it if I just drop her off at the lobby on the 1st day of school. I feel that teachers play a very important role. They must be able to engage the kids esp. the new comers and not let them just cry alone.

    3) Male teachers
    Do they have any male teachers?

    I am likely to go down for a visit next week so hope to receive your advice soon. Thanks in advance!
  34. anngel

    anngel New Member

    Hi Seagal,
    You've prob checked out the place already, if not, here's the answer to your question.

    I received a summary of what the teachers covered for both english and chinese classes at the end of each month.
    In addition, we also get phonics worksheet when it's being taught.
    The teachers will also inform parents on the general theme they'll be covering for the term. Eg they did "me" last term and ask parents to write something about the child to be shared with the class. For this term it's on pets so we're welcome to contribute anything related.

    They don't allow spot check, something we're not totally comfortable with but accepted it would cause unneccessary disruption if every parents were to do that.
    As for child adapting to the school, the teachers are well trained to engage the child. In fact, I believe most child adapt fastest if they don't have parents coat tail to hang onto. The teachers for DS class are very gentle when handling the kids.

    Male teachers
    I have not seen any male teachers, there's a Mr Tan but he's on the admin side,assisting the principal, doesn't teach.
  35. seagal

    seagal Active Member

    Hi wishes,
    no worries. my gal already started her nursery class at SOKA since the beginning of this term in June 08.

    Have you enrolled your gal in the Nursery class next year?

    Their fees are not cheap but one thing I like about them is the low teacher/child ratio. The kids get real attention this way.

    Hi Anngel,

    Surprisingly, she didn't cry at all since the beginning of school. I am so proud of her. Maybe she has "grown up".

    My gal's in the Nursery PM session - same teachers...Ms Lina & Yang Lao Shi. =)
  36. seagal

    seagal Active Member

    My gal's not taking school bus as my in-laws fetches her to/from school.
  37. fates

    fates Active Member

    Can we revive this thread? [​IMG]

    Any parents from punggol sending their little ones to Soka kindergarten in PM session? Will like to check what time will the little ones reach punggol from school. Transportation is a concern here.
  38. angicmon

    angicmon New Member

    hi wishes,

    wats ur review on soka after ur gal is there for almost a yr? do u think she has learnt quite a lot of stuff?
    i just visited the sch, like the environment, culture and what i see of the kids at class. but feel the curriculum quite lacking, cos no spelling n hanyu pinyin even at k2?

    would appreciate any form of feedback. thanks a lot!
  39. angicmon

    angicmon New Member

    thanks for ur feebdack!really appreciate it : )
    another concern,cos m non-soka member, i wanna know if the school imparts religious knowledge to the kids,directly or indrectly?
  40. angicmon

    angicmon New Member

    thanks so much!!!
  41. sweetbaby

    sweetbaby New Member

    Hi all

    I'm planning to sent my boy there. Do classes continue during academic holidays (june/dec)?
  42. whitefreckles

    whitefreckles Active Member

  43. zooeygal

    zooeygal New Member

    wow the feedback of this school is pretty good.... i will consider enrolling my 2nd kid there.. but currently still early to think of it.. haha !
  44. sohownow

    sohownow New Member

    Hi all! I happened to chance upon this forum when I was searching about Soka related stuff.

    I'm still a student, not yet a mother, but I'll be more than happy to register on this site to share with you my experience - I studied in Soka Kindergarten when I was a child! [​IMG]

    I'm 19 now, I studied in SK in 1996, which is more than 10 years ago! I believe the curriculum has changed since those days, but the changes are definitely positive!

    Looking back, I can gladly say that SK's curriculum focuses on both educational and character development, developing its students as lion cubs - fostering good spirit, righteousness, integrity.

    This is something that many kindergartens do not emphasise on, and they simply go about to teach the children the ABCs and 123s.

    Also, this year, Mdm Yang Pei Luan from Soka Kindergarten received the Distinction Award in The Outstanding Kindergarten Teacher Award honours teachers who have contributed significantly to teaching and learning in their kindergartens.

    I sound so pro-SK! :p But I'm really happy that I got to go to SK to study because those were one of the best memories in my life. The teachers are patient and loving. I also vividly remember for my graduation, we sang and performed a puppet show about 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'.

    Up till now, I am still good friends with some of my fellow classmates! [​IMG]

    If you'd like to get any advice from the alumni ourselves, come to our fb group! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=23175469508
  45. teddybear88

    teddybear88 Member

    Hi Serene,

    Its very encouraging to hear such positive comments from you.I will be registering my gal this march for her k1 class next year despite the high bus fare from Sengkang to Soka Kindergarten. Its the character building that makes me decide to put my gal there. Thank you.
  46. beautyseek

    beautyseek Member


    I am also considering whether to put my gal with Soka. She is now studying at PCF pre-nursery. I am choosing between PCF which is just downstairs or Soka? My sis commented that PCF is not good as kids don't learn much. She sends all her 3 kids to PCF and she said for PCF, you will need to supplement with other classes (eg, PCF does not teach Hanyu Pinyin, Phonics etc).

    For Soka, I am not sure about the curriculum. my concern is also the transport. I find the transportation fees too ex - S$114 per month. For primary school, bus fees only S$50.

    FYI - Soka is having open house on 13 March 2011(Sun) for those interested.

    I would like to hear more feedback from other parents who have sent their kids there.
  47. bogel

    bogel Member

    Hi everyone,
    I am also considering to send my boy to SK next year, will be going to view the school tomorrow.

    Hi teddybear88,
    Have you registered your gal to SK. My boy will also be at K1 next year and we are staying at Sengkang too [​IMG]

    Hi Beauty Seet, did you enroll your gal?

  48. loochermaine

    loochermaine New Member

    good for children to learn social skill.
  49. bogel

    bogel Member

    Hi loochermaine, is your child study there?
  50. beautyseek

    beautyseek Member


    Yup, I enrolled my gal but she is in nursery class. Are you using the school bus? I find the school bus fare expensive. Actually our place is near the round market, but i work and worry that the maid cannot walk my gal to the school safely...now in dilema, dunno if i shld let my gal walk to school or just opt for the bus.
  51. bogel

    bogel Member

    Hi beautyseek,

    How was the enterance day on the 24th Dec? At the end I didnt enroll my son to soka due to logistic reason. Yes I agree their school bus very steep actually that's also one of the reason that stoping me although I really like the school very much. So are you opt for the school bus?
  52. beautyseek

    beautyseek Member


    I thot the entrance day is quite a non-event, basically purchase of sch uniforms. My gal likes the school very much and keeps asking me when is sch opening... Yep, opted for sch bus - to make sure absolutely safe.
  53. luvv

    luvv Active Member


    Anyone has reviews about the graduates coping with primary school?

    I understand that they do not have HYPY nor spelling tests, so wonder if the students will problems. However i really like their project based approach..can cultivate creativity in the students.

    Would like to hear any feedback.
  54. beini

    beini New Member


    Have enrolled my son for nursery pm class next year. Any idea how much is the bus transport from sengkang?
  55. chubbycheeks

    chubbycheeks New Member

    Hi Mummies

    My DS is studying with Soka kindergarten. He is graduating this year and I jus like to share my view on the school.

    As what many mummies have said above, the 'focus on character building' is impressive, and different from what other school is doing. And this is also one of the main reason why we have chosen this school initially. However, after all these years, i beg to differ. Reasons as follow:

    1) Over these 3 years, there are hardly any written assignments eg. spelling, to bring home to do. There are only (sometimes) parent-child bonding activities. Thus, as a parent, that worries me alot. I am worry if my child is able to ride through the primary school journey. Of course, some may said there are many graduates also gone into primary with no hassle. But every kids is different and every family is different. There may be kids that struggle like hell in the primary and parents also suffer together, will they tell you? If the kid has no spelling, no HYPY and no regular homeworks in the kindergarten, will he/ she be able to get use to the primary school life?? Thus, in order to better prepare him, i have to spend extra $ to send him to enrichment classes which teaches HYPY and do more writing (only started this year). Which makes me wonder now why Soka kindergarten are charging so much comparing to other school? Is it really worth it? im not sure now....

    2) Character-building is of course important. But when it comes to the critical stage - when he is graduating soon but still cannot write well (Enghish and Chinese and write in a way where all the words still dancing high and low), cannot spell, knows nothing on HYPY, do you know how much anxieties we are experiencing? So at this juncture, the question is not so much of whether he is 'character-ready' to move on to another stage (primary) but whether is he having all the 'tools' to move on!

    And after all, character-building is still the responsiblity of the parents, whom we have the greatest influence on our kids.

    Having said all the above, i agreed with all the 'positive' thing that what other mummies said - like good teachers, spacious school etc. And some said so far their kids love the school - but who wont? its play and play and play!

    Im sorry i cant relate too much specific incidents to support what i said as my kid is still studying there. I do not have any ill feelings towards the school but just that after reading all the postings above, i felt that i should share my view as i was feeling exactly the same as some of you 3 years ago - hopeful, full of excitement on the 'character-building' thing and less academic so DS can enjoy, impressive 3-storey buidling, but now, these are not important to me, most important question to me now is - is my DS ready to embark in the new journey!
  56. luvv

    luvv Active Member

    Hi Chubbycheeks,

    Thanks for sharing. That are my worries, whether my girl will be able to cope in Pri 1 when the time comes, at the same time, am drawn to the holistic curriculum...and not to stress her too much over pre sch education. Such a huge delimma here.

    They have a reading program, is your DS able to read now?
  57. beautyseek

    beautyseek Member

    Chubbycheeks - Thanks for sharing.

    My gal has just started her nursery class this year. I find the teachers a bit blur/careless.

    1. The Chinese teacher got my gal's chinese name written wrong. We discovered when we visited on enrolment day. Mistake was repeated again after school has opened...We had to write in communication book to remind the teacher again.

    2. The English teacher got my gal's birth date wrong. I asked my gal if they sang her birthday song in school and my gal "corrected" me saying that according to her school teacher, her birthday falls in August not February. I was of course very puzzled. We discovered they got her date wrong (hence my gal's remarks) when we visited the school on open house day and saw for ourselves on the classroom wall the teacher had marked my gal as one of the August birthday kids....

    3. Last week, we didnt receive any weekend worksheet. My gal however said that her classmates were sharing about homework done. It turned out that the teacher had missed my gal when inserting worksheet into school bag..

    Strike 1 Strike 2 and Strike 3....

    My gal in recent days seem reluctant to go school, always crying and dragging her feet. I wonder whether we made the right decision or if the school's quality has changed.

    We also worry if she can cope in Primary 1 ...

    Anyone else to share please?
  58. chubbycheeks

    chubbycheeks New Member

    Hi Luvv

    sorry for late reply...

    Yes, my DS can read and he loves reading. I am not boasting but i would say his love for reading is a 50/50 effort from school and us parents. For a start, we read to him every night for about a couple of months, until he has the habit of bed-time reading, then we slacken abit. Its just like learning swimming - we stay with him till he can float and swim then we can relax abit liao hehe...but of course he still prefer us to read with him lah [​IMG] The school also emphasize alot on having this good habit by providing good reading materials and time for them to read during lessons time. Being able to read and love to read is the fundamentally of all learning later.

    Hi Beauty Seet

    Sorry to hear what happened to your DD. But i guess the teachers are still familiasing with the little ones so mistakes bound to happen.

    For the initial period, i believe the teachers are busy with introducing routines to them (like going to toilet, wash hands, take their own bags etc.) so if the mistakes are not 'life-threathening', just let it go - that's how i 'console' myself during the intial anxiety stage of his nursery life [​IMG]

    Here's my 2-cents worth suggestion for those in dilemma of dont know if should enrol with Soka:

    Soka kindergarten emphasize on character-building thus they have many little projects where you need to spend time doing with your kids. Thats where you and your kids bond - and thats where their character-built from learning from you! Do you have the time and patience?

    Soka dont emphasize on academic - instead, they want the kids to have good habits - like reading, seeking spirits, independence etc. They dont teach HYPY and no spelling. Their reasons is not to kill their learning joy when the kids go primary - meaning if the kids already know everything, then they will 'switch off' during primary time. So look at your kids - do you think your kids is a fast-learner and will be able to catch up with the academic stuff when entering primary? Or are you willing to spend extra $ on enrichments classes if you think your DS/DD need to brush up on those academic area, before entering primary?

    Most of all, do you have a 'strong-heart' to see how much your kids is lacking behind comparing to those kids (may be in PAP) whom is stronger acdemically? I dont, thats why i gets frustrated when my DS cant write or count well.

    But from what i see, Soka is buidling mileage so kids can learn longer - meaning, if the kids already burnt out by learning so much in their early stage, then they may worn-out in their later leg of learning journey...im not sure if im right, anyone with ex-Soka kids please comment.

    So, in summary, if you are the type of hands-on parents and like to do projects with your kids, dont mind spending extra $ on enrichment classes (when needed), have the time and patience to learn together with your kids - then go with Soka kindergarten!

    Extra note: i dont log-on often so if any one need any other info, please pm me. And pardon me if i didnt reply promptly but i will definitely reply [​IMG]
  59. c3lin3y

    c3lin3y Member

    Hi I am in delimma whether to choose Soka Kindergarten or PCF Kindergarten. As I staying in Bedok, so have to opt for school bus, where my in-laws strongly feel that we should just enrol PCF that nearby our place. I went to Soka open house last week and like their environment, friendly staff and facilities, and I am very keen to enrol my son in, however I am out of ballot and have to go for PM class. My son still not independent and very stick to my MIL, we are afraid he do not like Soka kindergarten and will definitely cry like hell. Anyone know how well and manageable for Soka teachers to handle the child? Can anyone advise as I do not know how good PCF kindergarten compare to Soka Kindergarten. Thanks in advance!
  60. helena168

    helena168 New Member

    For those who have enrolled their child to Soka Kindergarten, what did you do for N1 as the school only has N2 or for those kids turning 4?

    Also do you know when enrollment starts for 2016? My girl is turning 3 next year and am interested in Soka but too bad they only accept kids age 3 turning 4 in the first level.


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