Right brain Home training for 1yr old child

Discussion in 'Year 2007 Mums' started by mabelchek, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. mabelchek

    mabelchek New Member

    Heard of right brain home training using flash card (very basic colourful/dots paper type) to train 1yr old child in recognization, quick response.....etc.

    Anyone to share? or good recommendation?
  2. violet_blaze

    violet_blaze New Member

    hi mablechek,

    my kids are currently attending a home based right brain training center in bishan, if u are interested I can pass u the contact no.
  3. mabelchek

    mabelchek New Member

    Hi Violet,
    I have glanced through your past thread on right brain training program...Are you refering to Shichida program @Bishan? I've already made enquiry but unfortunately too far from my home.

    My gal is coming 1yr and she is eagerly looking forward to learn something new everyday. Whenever the elder sister do something, she also try to observe and show interest.

    I heard of using flashcard teaching at home but not too sure which kind is good for her learning.

    Perhaps if you have any good recommendation. [​IMG]
  4. jes28

    jes28 New Member

  5. cove

    cove New Member

  6. violet_blaze

    violet_blaze New Member

    hi susanlim,
    sorry, i seldom check this thread so i missed your reply :p

    for my elder dd, i started her on flashcards even before i knew of shichida or any right brain progs. I just tot it's a quick and easy way to input some 'things' to her and to stimulate her. Not sure if it's due to the flash cards routine that her attention span seems to be better than most of her peers even fm young.
    Her cc teacher told us she(at 2yo then) can sit through 1 whole story telling session while most of her classmates started to wander around the class about half way through.
    Personally, I find that it works for both my gal and my son. But some may feel that showing them the actual thing is better... so it really depends on what suits u n yr kids best.

    Hope u will find a suitable prog for your gal [​IMG]

    Hi Jeslyn and cove,
    I've emailed you the contacts [​IMG]
  7. meixue

    meixue New Member

    Hi Violet, I am interested in signing my girl up for the home-based Shichia at Bishan. Can you pass me the contacts? Many thanks! =)

  8. violet_blaze

    violet_blaze New Member

    hi meixue,

    i've replied ur PM [​IMG]
  9. hippo1227

    hippo1227 Member

    Hi Violet, can u pm me the contact for this home-base training @ Bishan? Is 1yr old good enough for this training? Cos my boy has very short attention. Thanks so much.
  10. meixue

    meixue New Member

    Hi Violet, thanks for your reply! Will call them up shortly to check availability.
  11. violet_blaze

    violet_blaze New Member

    u r welcome ming xue [​IMG]

    Hi hippo1227,

    I've PMed u.... [​IMG]
    They have classes for kids 6mths old onwards.
  12. sasi_sasi

    sasi_sasi Member

    Hi Violet

    The Bishan one is hombase?
    Ur child go there oso?

  13. violet_blaze

    violet_blaze New Member

    hi sasi,
    yes, it is home based n both my kids r taking attending classes there.
  14. slhyee

    slhyee New Member

    Dear All,

    My gal is also attending a home based lessons using renowned methods. It's run by a group of mothers and so far over 60 students. It's not accepting new ones at the moment as no one is opting out yet. My niece can't get in[​IMG] Actually, their location is in East Coast side. However, I heard they are planning a new one in Toa Payoh. Personally, I think it's good and cheap! My gal has been attending over 1 year and can count and read Sunshine books level 1 at the age of 3 now. She is also attempting to count with abacus! They focus on 0-3 years and give priority to children with closer proximity. If you are interested, I can ask for permission to give you their contact[​IMG]
  15. suesong

    suesong New Member

    Hi Violet and Slhyee,

    Can you PM me both your contacts? Thanks!
  16. ylee

    ylee New Member

    Hi Violet and Slhyee,

    Can you PM me both your contacts? Thanks!
  17. slhyee

    slhyee New Member

    hi ylee, i tried to pm you but yours is not turn on.
  18. suesong

    suesong New Member

    Hi Violet and slhyee,

    Thanks for the contact but difficult to get violet's contact as they haven't return my calls yet[​IMG]

    As for slhyee, thanks but i realized that's the one I've been trying to register but no space and I've heard it's really effective as my friend's kid just graduated from there[​IMG]

    Thanks both!
  19. angels

    angels Member

    Hi Violet and Slhyee,

    Can you PM me both your contacts?
    thanks a lot...
    sounds good... SM too expensive..
  20. shermie

    shermie Member

    Hi Violet and Slhyee,

    I m interested.
    Can you PM me both your contacts? Thanks!
  21. violet_blaze

    violet_blaze New Member

    hi strawberry, Shermie,

    I've PMed u [​IMG]

    Hi Susan,
    The classes they hv now are very almost back to back and if they are conducting lessons they cannot ans calls too. Hope they call u back soon.
  22. euniceyy

    euniceyy New Member

    Hi I am new to this portal. Saw the thread of discussion that home-based training would be starting in Toa Payoh. Could I have the contact? Any idea what do they teach? Plese send the contacts to my email address at euniceleu@gmail.com. Thanks a million

    Also looking for playgroup in Toa Payoh or nearby areas. Any recommendations?
  23. circusbugs

    circusbugs Member

    Hi Violet and Slhyee,

    Can you PM me both your contacts? Thanks!
  24. deep_dreamer

    deep_dreamer Member

  25. caca

    caca New Member

    Hi Violet and Slhyee,

    I need the contacts. Can both PM me?
  26. honeybeel

    honeybeel New Member

    Thanks violet, I have called them up and have signed up for my 1 year old gal. Unfortunately no vacancy for my 5 year old at the moment.
  27. cheerbear

    cheerbear New Member

    Hi Violet

    Can you pm me the contact for the shichida method at bishan?

  28. snowbelle

    snowbelle Member

  29. belsi

    belsi Member

  30. casey29

    casey29 Member

  31. kaye_de_escape

    kaye_de_escape New Member

  32. tek_koh

    tek_koh Member

    erm mommies,
    what is right brain training?
  33. h530251

    h530251 New Member

  34. chinon13

    chinon13 New Member

    any one here teaching your own kids from home? like do your own flash cards to show your kids? how do u do it?

    my dd is going to 14mths, i have some animal flashcards like puzzles which i will flash to her but she just wanna grab and put in her mouth...
  35. mummyofcharlotte

    mummyofcharlotte New Member

    Hi Violet and Slhyee,

    Im staying in TPY and looking for program for my dd who is gg to 1 yr old.Can pm me the contacts?

  36. bel22

    bel22 Member


    Can I have the contact for the home based shichida programme at bishan, thanks a lot!
  37. dinkygal

    dinkygal New Member


    Can anyone advise how to get a child to sit through a flashcards session? How exactly do you use the flashcards? My daughter has a very short attention span and tends to be distracted easily.
  38. knuckles

    knuckles New Member


    Would like to have the contact for the home based shichida programme at bishan too. Kindly email to wl_loo@yahoo.com.sg Thanks!
  39. eleesl

    eleesl New Member


    Would like to have the contact for the home based shichida programme at bishan too. Kindly email to eleesl@hotmail.com Thanks!
  40. rgg

    rgg New Member

    Hi, Violet.

    Would like to hv the contact for the home based shichida programme at bishan. can u please kindly email to rgg04@yahoo.com.sg. Thanks!
  41. chiew

    chiew New Member

  42. beary_babe

    beary_babe Member

    No Good - shicida at home-based Bishan.

    Sent my son there for a term when he was 18-month.

    I dont think its any good.
    The teacher attached to my son's class is a friend of the two ex-Shicida staff.
    They roped her to help out in weekend classes as the two ex-Shicida teacher cannot cope with so many classes.

    The part-time teacher, i find, don't seem very skilful and patient. She creates quite a bit of 'free time' activities for you to play with your child in class.
    You might as well do that at home.

    At the end of the term, 3 parents, including me,
    withdraw their 3 kids from it. (There are 4 children in a class)
  43. lovlymum

    lovlymum New Member

  44. realornot

    realornot New Member

    They are now in toa payoh [​IMG]
  45. tinkie

    tinkie New Member

  46. bouncybouncy

    bouncybouncy New Member

  47. starystarynite

    starystarynite New Member

    anymum tried right brilliance?? Good? They are much cheaper than shichida....
  48. taztaz

    taztaz Member

    Hi Violet and Slhyee,

    Can you PM me both your contacts?
    thanks a lot...
  49. lexnchris

    lexnchris Member

    Is this Shichida training at Bishan still going on? is it suitable for 3-4 yr olds and how much is it?
  50. taztaz

    taztaz Member

    hi i recently sent my gal to right brilliance n she's enjoying the class very much. Her memory improved a lot n she's able to concentrate better now. She used to get very fidgety after 10 mins but she can sit through a whole 1 hr plus lesson now.

    If anyone needs me to refer to get the 5% discount, do pm me. I'm not sure how the referral thing works though. HTH.
  51. poppyqueen

    poppyqueen Member

    Hi taztaz,

    I'm keen on sending my boy to right brilliance.
    Could I get you as a referral? Have pmed you.

  52. mommy_bumblebee

    mommy_bumblebee New Member

    Hi Violet,

    I'm currently a shichida parent but it is too expensive after staying for one year especially when Daddy attended the class with him twice and started complaining about my son's rejection towards him. My boy is perfectly fine with me but i don't understand why is my son behaving this way.

    Actually, i'm a SAHM so i did home practice with him everyday. Do you think i need to continue his class or just continue to do home practice at home will do.

    May I have the home-based shichida contact number, please?

    Thank you very much.
  53. atrina353

    atrina353 Member


    can you pls email me both the contact no? can i have the right brilliance referral no too? tks
  54. yan_rei

    yan_rei New Member


    i have the contact number of one of the teachers in right brilliance. anyone need it?
  55. l_bl

    l_bl Member

    Rightbrilliance at Toa Payoh has closed down. Anyone has contact for similar home-based training, please share. Thank you...
  56. mpyun80

    mpyun80 Member

    If any mummies don't mind coming in to jb over the weekends for the right brain class, there is one located near jusco tebrau city. It's only rm150/mth of 4 classes. Their teaching method very close to shichida. :)

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