Need to help, which brand milk powder is the best for infant?

Discussion in 'Year 2007 Mums' started by luckybaby, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. luckybaby

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    I am a new mum, just gave birth 2 weeks, but my breast don't have enough milk to feed my baby, so have to buy milk powder. anyone knows which brand milk powder is the best for infant, Thanks a lot
    btw, anyone knows how to make breast milk more and more...
  2. tanlengleng

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  3. bluethorn

    bluethorn New Member

    Hi, do you or your hubby have allergies? My paed recommended me NAN 1 HA which is a hypoallergenic formula for babies prone to allergies or ezcema. It isn't cheap but you can try it. I also have a brand new unopened tin to sell if you're interested, at a much cheaper price. email me at if you're interested.
  4. peaceonearth

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    Hi LOVE, if you compare between the different FM for infant in the market, you'll realised that Enfalac A+ and Similac seems to have the most vitamins/minerals... they are sort of considered high-end FM. Whereas Nestle NAN is closest to breast milk in terms of taste and texture.

    There is no best FM, it really depends on which FM suits your baby, i.e. no constipation, diarhoea, vomitting etc

    For my baby, we tried Enfalac A+ and he became constipated (cannot poo for 3.5days), so we switched to Nestle NAN 1. Also we mix Nestle NAN with Friso Comfort (which contains fibre) recommended by PD to help with vomitting, colicky & constipated infants.
  5. chrisz_chua

    chrisz_chua New Member

    Hi hi

    yes i agree, there is no best formula. Different babies react differently to formula, this formula suits that baby but may not suit yours. What formula your baby is taking at the hospital,it's good to follow if your baby is ok with e formula at the hospital.

    NanHA is good for babies with constipation. (as recommended by PD and GP) My baby switch to NanHA when she has constipation. After some time when she is ok, i switch her back to normal NAN.
  6. peaceonearth

    peaceonearth New Member

    Hey, just to share... we recently switch to Friso 1 Gold, and my baby is able to poo every day if not alternate day, without needing Friso Comfort.
  7. gelyn

    gelyn Member

    My baby is drinking NAN 1 HA which I find its quite good. Althought NAN HA which is a hypoallergenic formula for babies prone to allergies or ezcema but PD said that it can be a prevention cos you never know if they are prone or not. My 2 cents worth of thought. :)
  8. joywang

    joywang Member

    We're using Enfalac A+, no constipation problem so far.
  9. highvolt

    highvolt Active Member

    err.. I think, there's no milk which comes close to BreastMilk. Nestle Nan, as one of mummies here claims " closest to breast milk in terms of taste and texture". Breastmilk content and taste differs at every feed and at every bb's devt. Unique and no way, research or studies can duplicate this Natural gift. =)
    Just choose the best FM if you can't BF. You'll still be a great mummy.
  10. teddybear88

    teddybear88 Member

    I have 2 tins of NAN 2HA for sale @ $30 each.
    Collection at Sengkang. Kindly email me at
  11. sunshineliv

    sunshineliv Member

    I think we are not saying that Nestle NAN IS breastmilk but in terms of the composition of content, a gynae who is a university lecturer, mentioned that according to his research, Nestle Nan has contents closest to it. Here, closest doesnt mean it is, it just means that it is closest. It is definitely not BM.

    Who doesnt know that BM is good but honestly, in my humble opinion, there is just too much pressure on mums to provide BM because everyone says its best. What about babies who are already on BM but they fall sick more than babies who are on FM? If BM is really BEST then why do they still fall sick? I mean, everyone makes BM sound like a miracle drug, its like if we dont give it to our kids, they suffer so much. Sorry for being rude but I think there are many scholars I know who were not breastfed and they excelled in their studies. There are also many kids I know who were breast-fed and not all of them are good in studies.

    SOrry for my outburst. It is not that I am against BM or BF-ing but I just feel for the mummies who really cannot support BF-ing due to health reasons or post natal depression. I am one of the them actually and I am really disgusted and discouraged by the dirty looks I get when I tell some mummies that I could not bf more than 2 months because of PND. I think BF-ing is a personal choice and should the mother choose not to bf, there should be no reason why she should answer for her actions to anyone.

    Once again, apologies for hogging the thread. I hope I scraped some pressure off mums who cant bf.
  12. cheerbear

    cheerbear New Member

    Any mummies tried Similac follow on formula? Does it cause constipation?

    Some recommend Mamil Gold as it has probiotics. So which one has the most nutrients and won't cause constipation? I know, tall order, hoping some experts here can advise me. ;-)
  13. tinkel

    tinkel New Member

    My child takes Friso 1. It used to be good, until recently they change to the gold cap and claims to be of an improved formula. I think its too "thick" or something. It result in vomitting and constipation for my child.

    Now, I will mix Friso Comfort with Friso 1. At least he stops vomitting and no more constipation.
  14. audmom

    audmom New Member

    I am also using Friso works but sometime different baby suits different brand. You have to try and see. If does not cause constipation and poo is normal, then should be suitable for your baby.
  15. frog

    frog Member

    My baby was born borderline premature and a little on the underweight side. The pediatrician recommended Similac and we've been on that, since. Although I breastfed for the first 7 mths, we supplemented with Similac cos it's so convenient and I didn't wanna go through the trauma of trying to increase the milk supply.

    That arrangement works just nice. My baby is now 10mths and we're still on Similac. We also found a cheap(er) supplier so that works just fine.
  16. frog

    frog Member

    Oh, btw, when i read up on FM, I realised that it's quoted by docs and pds that Similac is one of the FM that is known to give babies soft poo!
  17. beibeijo

    beibeijo New Member

    enfalac a+ is good... not as heaty...
  18. samuelboy

    samuelboy New Member

  19. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    MicSarSam (samuelboy),
    haydairies' can give infant meh?
  20. sonia15

    sonia15 New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    What abt dumex mamil ? Is that good ?
  21. sonia15

    sonia15 New Member

    Hi frogprincess,

    Could u convey the supplier's details u r reaching out to for the Similac milk powder ?
  22. chiyoko

    chiyoko New Member

    Hi frogprincess,

    May i kindly have the supplier's contact details too? My baby is on similac. thanks!
  23. benbenfish8083

    benbenfish8083 Active Member

    Hi frogprincess,

    If you happen to see this msg, can you please let know know the supplier details that you used to get the similac FM from them at a cheaper price.. My BB currently is on similac stage 1 and I wish to know the supplier details ASAP. thanks..
  24. ngohleekee

    ngohleekee New Member

    i need the info too. thanks.
  25. snakeBBgirl

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    May I have the top 5 milk powder in market?

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