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My son, my prince!, the first album of my baby - Bosco

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by localking, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. localking

    localking New Member

    wait for long time, just get the album for my son-Bosco, come here to photo show!

    Introduce my son: BOSCO
    DOB: 13 January 2009
    Weight: 3.590kg

  2. vvng81

    vvng81 Member

    Hallo Tim Wu,

    The album is very nice with the little cutey!!
    Is a form of good memorable thingy to keep. May I know where do u get it from? can pm me? Many thanks
  3. localking

    localking New Member

    haha, thanks Ng, already PM you.
  4. vvng81

    vvng81 Member

    Hi Tim Wu,

    Thanks so much!! I just notice my boi chinese name is the same as your boi boi but mine is Ng Yu Zhe.Hahah.... you have a very strong boi..3.59kg, mine 2.9kg only[​IMG]
  5. juvne

    juvne New Member

    Hi Tim Wu,

    Can you also PM me the details of the album? Your Prince is very cute....
  6. localking

    localking New Member

    sorry, Wendi Tong, can not pm you as you setting not accept the pm. can you change the setting then i pm u.
  7. localking

    localking New Member

    hi Vivian Ng,

    Haha, its so coincidence, where can see your baby photo.
  8. juvne

    juvne New Member

    Hi Tim Wu,

    I have amended my setup. Thks.
  9. vvng81

    vvng81 Member

  10. yipy

    yipy Member

    Hi Tim Wu,

    So nice your little prince ablum. Can you PM me? I also want to get one for my little prince. Thanks!
  11. localking

    localking New Member

    Hi, Vivian,

    I saw you baby, so cute.

    Have you received my pm for making the album, are u ready do for your baby.
  12. localking

    localking New Member

    Hi Juvne,

    Sorry, still can not sent to u due to same problem, if possible, can you leave you email?
  13. localking

    localking New Member

    Hi yipy,

    Just pm you, have you received it?
  14. juvne

    juvne New Member

  15. vvng81

    vvng81 Member

    Hi Tim Wu,

    Thank you[​IMG]

    I yet to find out the price because I had signed him up for photo-shooting on 25 April 2009 but the package for the photo-shooting is not include the scrapbook album so i will still need to source around.Hope the shooting photos will turned out nice[​IMG]
  16. localking

    localking New Member

    Hi Vivian,

    Just want to check with you where you bring him for photo shooting, how much the price, and for my son above photo tat we take by ourselves, then only ask the supplier which i give you before make the album. so I also want to find some good studio for photo shooting.
  17. localking

    localking New Member

    My wife make the sheep hat according the korean drama.
  18. vvng81

    vvng81 Member

    Hahaha so cute your son with that korean homemade hat..my gosh!!!
    Ya a lot of mothers here are going to wai peng, see the link

    I am going to www.icecarbon.com (Kai Hock) The photo-shooting is taken at his Tampines House where he has the studio environment setup and so coincidently I just staying few block away from him and so we have decided to bring our own toys the night before the shooting for the shoot also. Hope my boi will be more cozy and comfort with e hse environment kind of setting and able to cooperate well during the shoot.
  19. localking

    localking New Member

    Hi Vivian,

    How much the price you take the package from Kai Hock, so all of their package can not provide album?
  20. slance

    slance New Member

  21. mikko

    mikko New Member

    hi Tim,

    Very nice shots. I like your album as well.

    Can you give me the contact?
  22. localking

    localking New Member

    Hi Slance & mikko,

    Just pm or email you the contact, hope you also can make beautiful album for your baby.
  23. happymrskoh

    happymrskoh Member

  24. localking

    localking New Member

    Hi happymrskoh,

    Just email you the contact, pls check.
  25. mummygl

    mummygl New Member

    Hi Tim,

    the al bum is lovely and your baby so cute.
    can email me the contact as well?


  26. localking

    localking New Member

    Hi Grace,

    Thanks. Just email you the contact.
  27. mellyaan

    mellyaan New Member

    Hi Tim Wu,
    Can pm me the contact too? [​IMG]
  28. rockers_78

    rockers_78 New Member

  29. happi_mummy

    happi_mummy New Member

    hi tim.. can you pls pm me where you did the album?

    so cute ur ds [​IMG]
  30. capjan

    capjan Member


    Your baby is very cute indeed!!
    I am interested in your album too, can you PM me?

  31. tristanmom

    tristanmom New Member

    Hi Tim,
    I love the album and your boy !!
    Can I have the contact (of the album...haha) too ? Thanks...
  32. vvng81

    vvng81 Member

  33. localking

    localking New Member

    Hi Vivian,

    So cute your boi. haha, have you contact them to make the album already?
  34. vvng81

    vvng81 Member

    Hi Tim Wu,

    Not yet as I am stil in the mid of selecting the photos because we took 200++ photos and photographer returned it all to us in a soft copy.so happy finally have one family album..
  35. celynlee

    celynlee Active Member

    hi tim wu,
    can i have the contact to make the album? can just solely do up an album or must include photoshoot? celynlee@yahoo.com.sg
  36. christinathng

    christinathng Active Member

  37. localking

    localking New Member

    Hi All,

    All the mummy make the album for your baby ready?
    Come to show your album.
  38. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Hey very nicely done up. I did my son's album too, by my own in scrapebooking.
  39. mumbebes

    mumbebes Member

    Hi, saw the album, very nice. PM you can pls inform me how to do or where to do it? thanks
  40. localking

    localking New Member

  41. localking

    localking New Member

  42. babydreams

    babydreams New Member

    Hi Tim

    Bosco's album is so cool!! Thumbs up!!

    Can you pm me the contact where did u do up e album.

    Thank u so much!

  43. candy_white

    candy_white Member

    Hi Tim

    Im interested in doing up baby's album. Can PM me too? Thanks!
  44. localking

    localking New Member

    Hi Babydreams & Candy,

    I can not pm u as you have selected does not accept private messages. pls resetting or let me know ur email.

  45. localking

    localking New Member

    We made another album to celebrate my son 100 days.

    Kindly share with all mammy.

  46. localking

    localking New Member

  47. localking

    localking New Member

  48. localking

    localking New Member

  49. localking

    localking New Member

    i like their layout.

  50. mermmy

    mermmy New Member

    Hi Tim,

    can you pm me where you get that album done? Thanks.
  51. localking

    localking New Member

    Hi Mermmy,

    Just pm you the contact detail.

    Hope you also can make a beautiful album for your child.
  52. heavenlymade

    heavenlymade Member

    how's the price like
    can pm me too?
  53. pinkymommy

    pinkymommy New Member

    Hi tim..

    Inspired by ur album and would like to do the same for mine... can PM me the contact and price for the album. thanks!
  54. lukeymommy

    lukeymommy New Member

    Hi Tim

    You have a v nice album, can PM me the contact and price? I wld like to do for my bb boy too. Thanks!
  55. localking

    localking New Member

    Hi Joanna,

    The price of course is more cheaper than the studio. More important, the quality is good and the layout is ok.
  56. localking

    localking New Member

    Hi Joycelyn,

    Just PM 2 u, pls check.

    i look for a long time, you know, the studio's album is so expensive. so i decide to find the supplier to make the album by myself.
  57. localking

    localking New Member

    Hi Joycelyn´╝î

    pls change your setting. can not PM 2 u
    "the user you have selected does not accept private messages. "
  58. localking

    localking New Member

    Hi Pink & Joanne,

    PM already. pls check.
  59. localking

    localking New Member

    @ IKEA
    BB like the horse.

  60. lionqueen

    lionqueen New Member

    Hi Tim,

    Love your album very much too. Can I have the contact for the supplier too?

    Thank you.

    You have a really cute baby.

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