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Milk bottles ! ! ! ! !

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by kovankitty, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. kovankitty

    kovankitty New Member


    Just enquiring how many of you use bisphenol A-free milk bottles for your bb? Seems that there are only a few brands in the market which sells such bottles and they are much more expensive. Is it really worth the money, in the sense that there's no need to change them compared to using normal milk bottles?

    If it's really worth to get, which stores in Singapore sell them? Can the bottles fit most breast pumps too?
  2. madeinturkey

    madeinturkey New Member

    Piyo piyo has one such kind of bottle. Definitely v. ex. You can get them from Kiddy Palace. My mum said we all survived using the normal plastic bottles, so what's the big deal, right? Just make sure we rinse the bottle with boiled water below 50 deg celsius.
  3. kovankitty

    kovankitty New Member

    My MIL uses the old traditional method of sterilisation by boiling the bottles in a pot of water. So it's definitely more than 50DegC. I couldn't convince her to change her method, so trying to find other ways to mitigate the 'damage' like finding BPA free bottles.

    The other alternative is stick to conventional bottles but gotta commit to replace them more frequently. But how frequent? Every 3 months?
  4. ruiqi

    ruiqi Member

    i am using avent bottles and change them every 6mths. I use Pigeon sterilizer to sterilize them. hmm. so far so good.
  5. fann

    fann Member

    I'm using the NUK glass bottles for the past few months after heard abt the chemical leak in those plastic bootles. It is ard S$14+ for a bigger bottle and this can be purchased at Robinson at Raffles Place. So far so good, drop once but didn't crack...
  6. lucie_goosie

    lucie_goosie New Member

    I'm using Aprica. Any comments please?
  7. piggybb

    piggybb New Member

    i am using avent too.. change the bottles n teats every 4 months..
  8. jojoyp

    jojoyp Active Member

    is there a need to change bottles every few months? As my Avent bottle use quite sometimes already. I only change teats every 3 months.
  9. apple79

    apple79 Active Member

    it is better to change the bottles every few months esp when you notice scratches and discolouration.

    Heard Avent going to introduce their first BPA few bottles this summer
  10. jojoyp

    jojoyp Active Member

    most of the bottle i use it to store my daily breastmilk. If keep changing it would cost a lot to me.........what is your suggestion?
  11. thyme

    thyme New Member

    I'm using NUK glass bottles to warm & feed EBM, but using plastic bottles to store in fridge. So each time I'll pour out the amt needed from the plastic bottles into the glass one and pop it into my pigeon bottle warmer before feeding my baby, glass bottles warm up milk faster also...
  12. jojoyp

    jojoyp Active Member

    Alright, then I should try to buy the NUK glass bottle and try. Thanks ya.
  13. sonia15

    sonia15 New Member


    If u r using Glass bottles, can u sterilize them in a pot of boiling water ?
  14. jessel

    jessel Member

    I just got Pigeon PES from Taka today - $18.90 each. Its BPA free, its kinda yellowish in color. Expensive compared to conventional feeding bottles, but after reading the BPA issue, i've decided to change all our Avent bottles to Pigeon PES just to be sure - kiasu you may say, but better safe than sorry, right?

    btw, Avent magic cups are BPA free, so for older babies can use that instead. Also Avent VIA cups are BPA free - i still use those to store my EBM. Just the Avent feeding bottles are not BPA free.
  15. sonia15

    sonia15 New Member


    I also got the Pigeon bottles today as I was worried for my 3 mth old son whom I have been feeding with the traditional feeding bottles (Polycarbonate).

    Not only that, as I am using the traditional method of boiling the watch, I was concerned about the leakage and decomposition of the BPA compound.

    Although this Pigeon PES bottle is expensive, I hope it could reduce the harmful effects for our children.
  16. jeelomeelo

    jeelomeelo New Member

    hi mums,
    i was using bfree for 6mths but am tired of washing them now. now i've switched to nuk glass. thank goodness he doesn't reject nuk teats.. :p
  17. ruiqi

    ruiqi Member

    hi jeelomeelo. pardon my ignorance, but why is bfree bottle difficult to wash?
  18. jessel

    jessel Member

    Jeelomeelo, i wanted to buy bfree bottles before, but then when i looked at the box, it does not state who the manufacturer is. there is no addess, no contact num, not even website where to check it. And it did not even state what country it was manufacturer. So it made me question the product if its worth to buy...so ive decided not to.
  19. jessel

    jessel Member

    Ruiqi, bfree is difficult to wash cause it has those vent inside which you need to wash everytime. Its the same with Dr. Brown and BornFree bottles. I used to have Dr. Brown, but then after 2 days, i dont want to use anymore...troublesome to wash.

    Then i end up buying Pigeon PES. =)
  20. jessel

    jessel Member

    I just hope Pigeon updates their website to include Pigeon PES. Some of my friends question me if there BPA-free Pigeon bottles as they cant find in the site.
  21. ruiqi

    ruiqi Member

    oic..tks for the clarification. thk i will buy pigeon PES bottles during the next change [​IMG]
  22. lillypie

    lillypie Member


    I have 4 BN Pigeon BPA-free wide-neck bottles (240ml) to sell off. Got them from Isetan 2 weeks back, but selling as I didn't realise they were wide-neck teats (daughter is on standard teats).

    Interested mummies who want more details and pics can PM me, thanks.
  23. sonia15

    sonia15 New Member

    Are the pigeon PES bottles yellowish in color and wide-necked ?

    Hi Lillypie, could u show some pics of ur bottles ? Thanks
  24. lillypie

    lillypie Member


    Collection point in Yio Chu Kang/ AMK.
  25. sonia15

    sonia15 New Member

    hi lillypie,

    thanks for the photos - are they glass or plastic ? how much r u offering each for ? and are the teats S or M or L ?
  26. sonia15

    sonia15 New Member

    I also wanted to ask this question too.

    When u r boiling these BPA free bottles, how long should the bottles be heated for over a moderate heat ?

    And if you change the pot of water twice in a day, is this fine ?
  27. sarahteddy

    sarahteddy New Member

    Bfree bottles have more parts to wash but they are good at relieving colic and stop leaking from bottle. I have changed all my avent bottles to Bfree as the new avent bottle has leaking problem, and not BPA free.

    But what impressed me most is that the when the child drinks from Bfree bottle, the pressure is less than of other brand, making sucking more easy. My gal has been drinking more milk after we changed to Bfree. Hubby was surprised too. He now very pro-Bfree bottle, and intent to get one for the coming 2nd child.
  28. lillypie

    lillypie Member

    Hi Sonia,

    The bottles are made of PPSU plastic, the standard sizing of the teats in this model are Y cut. I'm offering each bottle @$15, but if the buyer takes all 4 bottles will let go for $55.

    When first boiling the BPA-free bottles, will boil them using moderate heat for 5 minutes. I believe most baby accessories (eg. teats, bottles) can be subsequently boiled between 3 - 5 minutes.

    Hope this helps!
  29. sonia15

    sonia15 New Member

    Hi Lillypie,

    Can the Y cut teats be used for kids beyond 3 mths old ?
  30. lillypie

    lillypie Member

    Hi Sonia,

    Have already sold off my bottles already. Fyi, the Y cut teats are non-drip teats, meaning that your baby has to have relatively strong sucking motion for the milk to flow. The other usual teats in S, M and L are just differentiated by the teat hole size, and the milk can drip out if bottle is held downwards.
  31. micaqua

    micaqua New Member

    hi lilypie,

    wat the diff btw this pigeon PES bottle and the normal pigeon bottle other than the teat is non drip teat
  32. momo2

    momo2 New Member

    hi anyone know where i can get pigeon PES bottles? And the Y cut teats - are they similar in hardness to avent teats?
  33. berry76

    berry76 New Member

    theres a new brand, everflo at kiddypalace...cheap, only abt $10 or less for a plastic bottle, pba free. can try that.
  34. galaxgal

    galaxgal Member

    Hi jessel, what is the diff between peigeon PES and normal Pigeon bottles?
    what does PES stands for?
  35. ruiqi

    ruiqi Member

    hi blessedmum, not sure what PES stands for but Pigeon PES, which is the yellowish bottle shown in picture above is BPA free. That is the main difference between Pigeon PES and normal Pigeon bottles.

    i just changed all my Avent to Pigeon PES btw..Bought them at Isetan (both Scotts and Parkway carries it)
  36. yudiana

    yudiana Member

    just FYI: ever flo plastic bottle (pastel color BPA free) is $5.90 (120ml) and the glass bottle (240ml) is only $7.90

    Cheaper than most brand. the only downturn is its plain looking and hard to see the volume. But other than that great value
  37. goodgal

    goodgal Active Member


    are all glass bottles BPA free???
  38. lillypie

    lillypie Member


    Glass bottles are definitely BPA free. I believe the BPA chemical is usually found in plastic materials. I'm currently using the Evenflo glass bottles for my gal, and they're very durable. During demo at Motherhood fair, the salesgirl threw the glass bottles down onto the concrete floor, and they didn't break! Also, glass bottles can be used for life, unlike BPA-free bottles which have to be changed over time. However, the only drawback about glass bottles is that they are slightly heavier to hold than normal ones.
  39. jellypurin

    jellypurin New Member

    does any one know where to get the Evenflow glass bottles? interested.
  40. yudiana

    yudiana Member


    Kiddy Palace sells them. Or wait until the next baby fair in expo, its usually cheaper.
  41. thyme

    thyme New Member

    any idea whether any baby fairs coming up?
  42. yudiana

    yudiana Member

    Lennie and Thyme,

    I recently ordered Snoopy Glass Bottle 240ml. Picture as attached. Are you interested? The item will arrive at July 25 thus if you want to tag along in ordering there is still time (providing the store still sell the item)

  43. thyme

    thyme New Member

    Hi maddysmum, thks for the offer but i already hv 5 NUK glass bottles and if i get some more, my mum (who's looking after my baby in the day) will be asking why i buying so many again [​IMG]

    but i asking abt babyfairs coz there's usually many other stuff on offer [​IMG] does anyone know if there's any upcoming babyfairs?
  44. summeryee

    summeryee New Member

    Hi Maddy's Mum,

    How much is the snoopy glass bottles?
  45. doodleger

    doodleger New Member

    Hi , im nov MTB, may i know what is BPA? & oh no, i just bought quite alots Avent baby bottles... is avent really that bad?
  46. yudiana

    yudiana Member

    Mamayee: I've already sold off the snoopy glass bottle. It was sold for $6/ piece (240ml). If there are demands I might order more, but can't be too soon. This is trial only [​IMG]

    Celest: Since you've bought many bottle then don't worry lah. Just make sure that there is no crack and bottle is change frequently. As in every 3 months or so. And don't heat them up too much, keep the cleaning and sterilizing below 100degree. If you must, then you can also use sterilizing tablet.

    BPA is this material that is used in many baby bottles. It will release toxic chemical if there is crack or overused.
  47. goodgal

    goodgal Active Member


    any 1 noe if enfant milk bottles are BPA free??how do we check?
  48. az717s

    az717s Member

    Hi Mummies, Just to check with the BPA glass bottles, does it develop bubbles with baby is drinking? I just brought apair of Dr Brown wide neck, and realise its not BPA free. But it is really bubble free when my boy is drinking. While last time i used the avent bottles and is causing so much white foams like bubbles... And also like to check, can glass bottles be sterlise using sterlizer?
  49. yudiana

    yudiana Member

    Do you feed your baby FM or EBM. With FM there is usually bubble regardless what kind of bottle.

    Or bubble can be caused by the air your bb blow to the bottle. Dr Brown might have less bubble because if its anti colic function. So whether or not its BPA free it doesnt matter.

    Yes, glass bottles can be sterilized with sterilizer
  50. roxyz

    roxyz Active Member

  51. maybeebaby

    maybeebaby New Member

    Maddy's Mum
    Dr Brown doesnt seem to be recommended by Mrs Wong BB from TMC. but I didnt realise it has an anti-colic function [​IMG]

    glass bottles can be sterilised with steriliser. Even boiled in boiling water (old style) as glass is inert compared with polymer plastics. Hence the BPA issues. Hope this helps
  52. trizia68

    trizia68 Member

    Takashimaya is having Baby fair now til 24th i think
  53. trizia68

    trizia68 Member

  54. meowie

    meowie Active Member

    i'm using bottles that are not BPA free. Last time before Pigeon carrys the new product of BPA free bottles if any customer ask they only advise customers to replace their bottles once they're 6mths old or with many scratches. So i will replace them as and when needed else use glass bottles lor, confirm no BPA one
  55. sarahteddy

    sarahteddy New Member


    I am curently using Bfree bottles. Used to use Avent, but recently even new avent bottles leak, and not BPA Free, so switched to Bfree.

    If you want to know if bottles are BPA free, check if bottles are made of Polycarbonate (PC) or Polypropylene (PP). Avoid PC bottles as it contains BPA. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bisphenol_A
  56. sarahteddy

    sarahteddy New Member

    Dear Sharon BB.

    glass bottles do not contain BPA. It is only plastic bottles (Made of Polycarbonate) that have BPA.

    In fact, glass bottles are the best container to store Breast milk.
  57. msiamom

    msiamom New Member

    Hi! All,

    I got to know this website thru Googles and excited to share some. I'm fr Penang,Malaysia. I got to know BPA free bottles about 2 weeks back.
    Previously my 2 years old boy used Avent and now I changed to "Music" PES milk bottles.It's come with different design and wide or small neck available too. You may log in to www.musicbaby.com.tw for viewing. Anyone is interested, pls let me know, I can help to buy. For wide neck it only cost RM32.90-39.90 and small neck only cost RM22.90-25.90.Beside, glass bottles available too and it only cost RM13.90-14.90.

    It's quite cheap to convert to Sin dollar, just need extra charges for courier.

    It's really save if it's PES plastic.
  58. msiamom

    msiamom New Member

    Hi! blessed mum,

    PES stand for Polyether Sulfone.
  59. trizia68

    trizia68 Member

    Hi dear all I ve call Pigeon, its manager told me that the breastfeeding bottle is PP bottle so it's BPA free [​IMG]
    As for the wide neck bottle its not BPA free.
  60. yudiana

    yudiana Member

    Thanks for the info now I feel safer that the storage pigeon is BPA free, I was about to put them back in the shelf...

    I'm using glass bottle, and so far has broken 2 of my pigeon glass. I am thinking to buy more evenflo as it is BPA free, plastic, and affordable..

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