How to increase breast milk

Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by winniegal, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. winniegal

    winniegal Member

    Tryin to express out the milk but the ouput is only 1 oz after 40 mins every 3 hrly. Any mummies can give advice how to increase milk supply? Or need any supplements or food?

  2. ehlana

    ehlana New Member

    can take fenugreek,drink more water, eat well, and make sure you have enough sleep.

  3. rebecca1983

    rebecca1983 New Member

    Hi, last time i cook green papaya wif fish soup will increase in bm u can try it

  4. shook

    shook New Member

    Drink hot water esp holicks high in nutrients before expressing and massage breast with hot towel

    U use water as hot as u can take it

  5. meowmeowcat

    meowmeowcat New Member

    check if your milk ducts are clogged; use the c and u method to help clear. drinking warm water before expressing helps too. My friend found that she has more milk after a meal.

  6. elaine_phoebe

    elaine_phoebe Member

    Hi, I bought the organic fenugreek tea (originated from states) and it really increases the milk supply. I managed to BM for almost a year after drinking this tea.

  7. ponpon

    ponpon New Member

    Take fenugreek, it helps.

    I also tried the organic motherlove more milk plus. A blend of fenugreek and some other herbs. Really helps too.

    BUT end of the day, don't be too stressed about it. Drink lots of water. Eating fish works for me too.

    i also had trouble expressing. Thought i had super supply problem.. but no matter how i pumped, only still max max 2oz. later realised that even when i ate fish and the supplements and became super super engorged, i still cannot pump.. but when baby feeds, the engorgement goes away. so concluded it is no let down during pumping.

    gave up expressing - just feed direct.. saved me lots of stress, and milk supply really stabilised..

  8. bb_1314

    bb_1314 Member

    I found milk expressing really depend on skill and type of pump use. Previously I had a pxxxxxs pump and I fed up 'cos no matter how hard i pump only can get 40-60 ml every 3 hrs. Nearly want to give up. After I changed to Mxxxxa it is so much better. Now I can express >100ml for just 10 mins in every 3 hours and enough to feed my daughter.

  9. babyten

    babyten New Member


    May I know where to buy fenugreek? And how to cook or prepare? I seldom heard wet market or market sell it...any idea where to buy?

  10. angieteng2009

    angieteng2009 New Member

  11. bb_1314

    bb_1314 Member

    there are fenugreek supplement, can be found at GNC. $29.50 for 100 capsules

  12. belwoon

    belwoon New Member

    The lactation consultant in kkh told me that dr can prescribe Domperidone which can increase milk supply! 2tabs thrice a day!

    I increases my supply by drinking fishbone / green papaya soup everyday! Need to hot compress and massage breasts too. Need to pump to empty after baby feed..

  13. elacey

    elacey New Member

    Hi Jojo, i had similar problem with #1, gave up bf after few weeks, and was taking domperidone then. Told my hubby it felt like squeezing water from rock ;> (ie the level of difficulty, of course breasts were softer, but was frustrated plus plus, which didn't help matters)

    Decided to try bf longer for #2...found fenugreek very helpful and also recently bought Malunggay tea. Even when milk flow decrease when i go back to work, or was sick, the flow establishes easily again with fenugreek or the tea.

    Agree with bb abt wondering if we are talking abt the same type of pumps ;> used p-type for #1, now using mxxxxx #2 cos someone passed to me. Best pump ever, and manual one very handy to bring out! Could get 7 oz from both sides within half hour. Only limitation was own speed of pumping ;>

    All the best!

  14. sunny72

    sunny72 Member

    TMC's retail pharmacy (next to entrance) has various BF-ing enhancers like organic mother's milk, goats rue, fenugreek tabs etc.

    If anyone tries these, I would be grateful for feedback. Also if anyone is taking Sacred Tea (for breastfeeding) think Origins Jamu is selling in SG, can you let me know the effects?

    I tried fenugreek, domperidon and various nursing teas with mixed results for my #1. looking for other options now for #2.

  15. bb_1314

    bb_1314 Member

    My supply drop after returned to work. Tried fenugeek doesn't increase much just that won't drop further. Heard drinking oatmeal helps too so i drink every morning as it's not medicine so i suppose it's better. Also didn't increase but maintain for my case...

  16. bb_1314

    bb_1314 Member

    HKT> i was using the single electrical pump from philips previously. Switched to medela pump in style advance. [IMG=] I guess different pumps works for different ppl. My nipple got stucked using the philips one. :p

  17. ka7776

    ka7776 New Member

    Hi HKT

    I am a new mummy here. Expecting my 2nd bb & currently at 31 weeks. Didn't have much BM for my 1st bb, so hope to increase my BM supply for my 2nd.

    May I know where did you buy the fenugreek & malunggay tea from?


  18. sunny72

    sunny72 Member


    Malunggay herb tea - website

    Fenugreek usually is in tablets form - GNC, Nature's farm, most pharmacies will have them.

    Or try the TMC pharmacy. There are quite a few options there.

  19. sunny72

    sunny72 Member

    Oh and there's discount for Sacred Tea under the to sell section. until end of this month.

  20. ka7776

    ka7776 New Member

    Hi sunny

    Thanks for the info! Checked out mumsfairy malunggay herb tea out of stock, only left the tablet kind. Does it have the same effect whether in tablet or tea form?


  21. sunny72

    sunny72 Member

    Sorry, not tried it myself. Try reading the other posts above.

  22. ka7776

    ka7776 New Member

    Hi Rui En

    Thanks for the link! Will order & try them out after my delivery!


  23. seannetan

    seannetan New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    Anyone interested to buy Malunggay Tea??? I'm ordering in bulk and I can get it cheaper ($12/box - 20 tea bags per box. But must let me know lastest by 2359hrs tonight. =D

    Let's all have a successful breastfeeding!!!!

    Cheers to all of us mummies!!!!

    PM me at (Subject : MALUNGGAY TEA)

  24. sunny72

    sunny72 Member

    Hi Diana,

    Any more details on the talk?

    You can also borrow this book from the Nat library. I found it quite easy to read and useful. "The breastfeeding mother's guide to making more milk" by Diana West & Lisa Marasco.

  25. elcy_05

    elcy_05 Member

    Hi ladies, I have a bottle of fenugreek to give away, bought last month from Guardian. I only consumed a few capsules but it's not working on my supply cos my challenge is due to IUD insertion so it seems nothing will help with increasing supply now. Any mummies keen in this bottle can collect from me at Teck Whye Lane. Or I can arrange meetup at other locations that's convenient. PM me.

  26. graceloh

    graceloh New Member

    Hi mummies,

    Had very low supply earlier on after my delivery but read many comments frm other mummies abt Mdm Rokiah servise for the breast massage. After she cleared my lumpy breast, my supply increase. I'm very happy and my my advise try her breast massage servise as she share lots tips and advise on BF. Website

  27. sindypie

    sindypie Member

    Actually the easiest way is for ur BB to suck... Whenever I have hard lump or cant express milk, I will make my BB suck and must be long enough to make the whole breast soft (i.e. empty) after which the next pump, u will notice the flow is fast and more milk.

    In addition to papaya soup and fenugreek, I also noticed my milk increased when i drink tomato sauce / soup or tofu soup... Not sure if anyone else had the same experience as me but I do notice.

  28. yen44

    yen44 New Member

    Hi, have difficulty bf. baby dun feed enuff, when express can only express about 1oz from both sides. But breasts get hard soon after. Any advice?

    By the way, can't use normal nipple moisturing cream for cracked & red nipple, right. Where can I get the right cream? Help!!!

  29. sunny72

    sunny72 Member

    Hi Yen

    I believe I had the same condition after my first baby. Think you have some clogged ducts somewhere. If you can't massage it out yourself, make an appointment with your hospital lactationist. Sis Kang at Mt Alvernia is very good. She unblocked my ducts and I fed baby no.1 for 9 months. Her charge is about $60 for one consultation but very worth it cos she's very knowledgeable. Bring baby and hubby when you go. Cos she will check baby's latch as well to see whether the problem/backflow&block is due to poor latching. (like our Sg drainage system [IMG=] ) Bring hubby (i) to hold baby when Sis Kang/lactationist is unblocking your ducts, and (ii) so he knows how to help you next time you get blocked (cross fingers this does not happen) and (iii) also so he can see that you do have enough milk for your baby (during the 'unblocking', if you're lucky you will see the milk "shoot out" [IMG=] )

    For your poor nips, you can ask your lactationist or your ped for the cream. If really bad (inflamed/infected), you may need some antibiotic cream. In the meantime, you can get physiogel cream from the pharmacy. With most creams, you can still latch directly but with antibiotic cream, depends. Ask the ped/lactationish or pharmacist.

  30. sunny72

    sunny72 Member

    For self help massage to soften your breasts - try hot water shower - aim the shower at your boobs while you gently massage (bit of waste here but if you can unblock, it's good for your and baby in the long run)

    I can never remember when to use warm compress and when to use cold compress/cabbage leaves. One is to help with engorgement and the other is to stop leaking....maybe you can google for infor on these other self-help methods. Good luck and please do get your boobs unblocked soone before you get fever from engorgement.

  31. sunny72

    sunny72 Member

  32. bigmamalove

    bigmamalove New Member

    I would definitely try supplements. I am using Breastea from and my milk supply has increased a lot. You want to make sure to drink it daily.

  33. enigma

    enigma Member

    Domoeridone... I have some to sell off as my son turning 2 soon...

  34. srn21

    srn21 Member

    Anyone tried sacred tea before? Does it really helps? I wanna try the sacred tea bt hubby didnt allow me to buy online. He is worry tt the tea is not approve in sg cos its from us. Hubby only allow me to buy directly from shop. Anyone know of any shops tt sell the tea?

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