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Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by zolldoll, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Anyone out there to share any effective weight lost programmes, be it by self controlled dieting, or by any centres that you may have visited.

    I need to lose weight fast, been very sad by my weight gain and the huge amount of good appetite that is so hard to curb. Will appreciate any advices given. Thought of trying accupuncture but am afraid of the needles. Thought of going to centres, but am afraid of their hard selling and not sure if they really do work. Thanks in advance for the advices.

  2. mum_of_3

    mum_of_3 Member

    I did self controlled dieting at times. Cut down on carbo food products like rice, noodles, bread... Just have soup, meat and veg, dishes. It works for me! Side effect is might feel dizzy espically u sit for too long and then want to stand up.

  3. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Problem is i am a foodie, and i find it really hard to resist food. How i wish i can be self disciplined as some of you.

  4. sept03bride

    sept03bride Active Member

    hi zolldoll,

    i'm a food lover!! i love food.. haha

    singapore is really a food paradise.

    I have also piled on the weight. I have been going through some programmes and i managed to shed off some weight and finally looking better than b4. haha

  5. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Hi bride,

    Can you share with me pls how do you do it since you love food as much as i do? Thanks a million.

  6. sept03bride

    sept03bride Active Member

    hi zolldoll,

    i'm on a weight management program. This program is good and flexible and allows us to take grilled western food but like what Jia-Le mentioned, hv to abstain fm carbo.

    I have pm u.

  7. andric

    andric Member

    setp 03 bride, pls pm me ur program too. thanks

  8. beezewax

    beezewax Member


    I was on a weight mgmt program too. I saw the results from my friend & was impressed. Though it's far (at Marine Parade & I'm stayg at CCK), I was determined to lose weight.

    No machine used. Acupuncture, colostrum pills & non-chemical pills are eaten. It's halal, which is important to me as a muslim. Prog is like, 2 weeks of only drinking their meal replacemt, which is yummy & will feel full. Eat the pills to increase metabolism & another pill to curb ur appetite. All are non-chemicals contain. Followed by a 30mins acupuncture sessions which are nt painful at all!

    Then, after the 2weeks of only-their-meal-replacemt, we are allowed to eat anything else except carbo. Within 3 mths, I lost about 8kg which is considered little cos i eat rice :p Haha. I dun believe in starvg myself to lose weight but to eat in moderation. Bt of cos, i did follow the program.

    I hv stopped their prog as I did nt religiously follow it. So far no bounce back of weight. The prog somehow trains u on the awareness of ur food intake. I manage to control wat i eat though i stopped their prog for about 6mths..

    Frm my understandg, this is a MLM company. My fren was needed to accompany me to this ctr. If u r keen, i can gv u the name of the co but pls do not ask me to accompany u as it's far flung in the east & i'm stayg in the west. Very lazy to go there :p

    Whoa. Think my story is long enough :p Watever it is, wat u eat is wat u will get & see. Control on wat u eat. Minimise on carbo is important.

  9. beezewax

    beezewax Member

    Btw, the cost of this 3mth prog is $2600+. My DH & mum said it's a waste of $ bt after seeing the results, my mum raved about it :p

  10. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Sounds good, except for the abstain for food for 2 weeks part. I think i will feel giddy when i do not eat.

  11. ckhoo

    ckhoo New Member

    Hi all, I would like to help and share my personal experience on weight management. After my pregnancy, I gained a whopping 28 kg and the weight did not go off though I was breastfeeding for 2 years. I was frantically looking for 'THE BEST' solution to my weight problem, I took slimming pills,went to several slimming salons and sign packages which cost me my arms and legs(haha), bought slimming cream that promised me the 'dream figure'... etc. etc.... I must say some did help me shed a kilo or 2... the rest, especially the expensive treatments at the salons made me put on weight instead of slimming down!!! Well, cut the long story short, I found my saviour... a good friend who first did a full body analysis on me and identify my weight problem and journeyed with me through my weight loss process. I have slimmed down and maintained my weight since, no more yo-yo effects for me! And the best thing is, it is completely safe and does not cost much achieve my desired result and I feel great and slim from within! I do not want to sound like I am advertising or anything but having gone through the frustrating process of finding the right solution to weight management, I am a true convert and I hope I can be able to help those in similar situation like me previously. I take pride in seeing my friends looking great and achieving the results they want. I do not believe in hard selling but if you trust me enough, let me help you out! Lose weight now, the right way! Contact me if you are tired of feeling big and lethargic always... let us journey through your weight management process together!

  12. beezewax

    beezewax Member

    Hahaha. Yes i felt giddy but it was the initial part. I even shivered cos i always munch :p I ate raisins & fruits..

    Hi ckchoo

    Mind sharing ur prog? Thanks.

  13. sept03bride

    sept03bride Active Member

    hi beezewax,

    i tink we are on the same prog!

    yup, for me, i lost abt 8-9kg since my last review 3 weeks ago. But my fat lost was good, a whopping 10kg of fat lost [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  14. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

  15. ckhoo

    ckhoo New Member

    Hi beezewax

    Sorry I did not reply as I just came back from my overseas trip on Monday. I am on the Herbalife weight management program and I am a very satisfied and happy covert and have managed to keep my weight off since I embarked on this program. I got some feedback from other Herbalife users who claim that they did not see or experience any effects when they embark on this program. Having gone through countless slimming programs and attempts to shed those irritating kilos, I truly believe that you need to identify your problem areas and do an analysis on your body composites and determine the right way to achieve the desired figure you want. I always believe in slimming down the right way, healthily, at your own pace, own budget and most importantly, looking and feeling good from within. I believe those who have embarked on the Herbalife program might not have any committed and dedicated weight management consultants who journeyed with them through the process. I find the advice and motivation from the right person who truly care for your well being very crucial. Please feel free to let me know when is a convenient time for you to meet up so that I can help you do a body analysis and determine if you are doing the right thing on your slimming efforts. If I can gather sufficent interest here, I do not mind even opening up a shake party for all of us just to network and do the complimentary analysis for all of you. Don't worry, as I promised, you do not have to worry about me pushing my products as I believe in puting in my best efforts in ensuring that all those who have decided to embark on my program have my personal attention and will be followed through in a way they are most comfortable with. I will recommend the program according to your body needs and lifestyle so that the results you get will be optimum. I take pride in seeing all of you achieve the desired figure you want and keeping the fats at bay! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  16. estherong

    estherong New Member


    I have bought too many bottles of the OceanHealth MinusFatExtra wben I found that it is effective. Now, there are still some bottles left, expiring Dec/2010. Willing to let go at half price $18 (usual price is $35.60).

    Price includes postage.

    60caps for use this pre-post christmas season.

    PM me if keen.

  17. agelocme

    agelocme New Member

    actually whats important is that the program you take will not harm your body and helps your own health to burn of body fats on its own - that is do not depends on the products forever.. :p

    me also went thru health management program and no rebounce so far.. :p which is the important part.. everyone also knows how to lose weight but not all knows the maintenance part.. dun mind to share with you what my consultant taught me also..

    do pm me for more details.. :p yeah!! HAPPY SLIMMING, mummies.. :p cheers

  18. mumofamelia

    mumofamelia Member

    Hi mummies,

    Just want to share my experience with you all.

    I have started taking Herbalife products on 3/1/2011. Manage to lose 7kg now. I am very happy with the products as there is no side effects.

    If you are interested, email me at angela_siah@yahoo.com.sg.

  19. mumofamelia

    mumofamelia Member


    CNY is round the corner. Try the products now and lose some weight before cny and wear your beautiful cny clothing and look good.

    Beside taking the products, i am still eating the cny cookies which are baked by my mother. Really cannot resist. Hahaha. But I still continue losing weight.

    So come and experience. At first I also dun believe, but after trying, really work.


  20. nutella09

    nutella09 New Member

    try the cohen's diet. they've a clinic at novena. i've lost 11kg in 11 weeks.

  21. mumofamelia

    mumofamelia Member


    I managed to lose 9kg and waist reduce by 8". I am really very happy with the products. Anyone interested , can email me at angela_siah@yahoo.com.sg. Most important is fast and no side effect.

  22. karenthk

    karenthk Member


    I am also on a weight lost program, so far into 5 weeks only and already lost 3Kg ! I am very pleased with the results so far.

    Anyone interested can email me at karenthk@gmail.com and I can share with you

  23. minibun

    minibun Member

  24. beaties

    beaties New Member

    I lost of pregnancy fats by practising of Ashtanga yoga with my fabulous instructor and I am glad I chose the right way to lose it all. If anyone maybe interested, you can check the school's site www.ohmsantih.com.

  25. dhriti23

    dhriti23 New Member

    I find that there really isn't a quick fix to losing weight. It's about maintaining a balanced diet & exercising regularly. I've tried to maintain a regular workout & yoga routine for about a year now and have seen great results

    Yoga is especially good as it requires no equipment and I can do routines in the comfort of my house & on my own schedule. I'm considering attending an upcoming yoga workshop in Singapore that's targeted on weight loss techniques. It's taught by Sarah Manning, who I hear is good! Anyone else interested?

    More information can be found on their website here: http://www.singapore.comoshambhala.bz/workshops-and-events-/yoga-for-weight-loss

  26. addy

    addy Member

    Hi MIndy

    Are u using Herbalife?

    Can u tell me more abt the program? I hope to lose 15 kgs by CNY. Give birth to twins in 2010 but now still majiam 5 months preggies. The tummy doesnt seem to shrink!!!

    Any advice mummies???

  27. minibun

    minibun Member

    Hi abby

    Have u tried bios life slim. Its 100% result proven

  28. jennying_ko

    jennying_ko Member

    i was 62 kg after deliver by 2nd son. i was on fully breastfeed for 17 months + a weight management program, and am is 47 kg now. My son is going to 20 months :)

    PM me if you interested to know my method. Cheer~

  29. mumofamelia

    mumofamelia Member


    Just to share I am taking this nutritional cum slimming products for a year and manage to loss 20kg with no exercise.

    I had tried before yoga, jogging, slimming tea, slimming products, sign up slimming packages, however, all can loss 1-2kg. But I am happy with this current products. Now I can wear many pretty clothing and regain my confident too.

    If anyone interested to know more, feel free to email me at Angela_siah@yahoo.com.sg.


  30. alvinchia

    alvinchia New Member

    I just went through a 3 month fat loss, muscle building program. I lose 13kg in all and most of them are fats. This program is really effective in teaching me to eat right, raise my metabolism rate and improve my skeletal muscle to prevent rebound after the program is over.

  31. rachel20

    rachel20 Member

    I am a mother of 3 and finally decided to take a program after my 3rd delivery. I shed 70% of fats out of my total weight loss, back to my pre-pregnancy shape and even fixed my pear shape on legs. Not only i regain my hourly hlass figure, my genetic high cholesterol level also dropped to normal without special diet Nowadays, i am very confident in picking my dress, much more enjoy shopping to change my whole wardrobe!

  32. blur_blur_gal

    blur_blur_gal New Member

  33. lindagee

    lindagee New Member

    Hi all, I've tried this detox program "Weight Loss Singapore" and it really helps in losing weight and fat (5 kg in 2 weeks). Best of all, I feel much healthier and energized, even with minimal exercise.

    Regards, Linda

  34. radake

    radake Member

    Hi all,
    I am a member of this company. I did not take the weight loss program however, I heard from other team member said that they saw the result after taking - detox package and trim pack.
    A team member from Hong Kong took Agel FIT, FIT, And GRN for 3 months. Had the results. After 3 months. The weight stay stagnat, she added one more product - MiN for the weight loss program. Again , her weight reduced.
    Another gentleman, taking GRN 2 pkts in the morning. 2 pkts iat night. I saw his ball at his Tummy, flatted.

    You may want to try.
    You can go to - for Business Forum. To see all of the products of Agel, to understand what can they do for you.

    Best regards
    Sharon Tay
  35. september

    september Active Member

    jess, how try reductil when u know that is side effect? So what if it help u to successfully slim down but ur health go downhill? not worth lor. n normally this type of slimming pills will hv rebound de.

    u email me at magical_rabbit@hotmail.com
  36. september

    september Active Member


    if there is a safer and effective method and best of all will reduce ur body fats especially visceral fats will u be keen?
  37. covewild

    covewild Member

    Hi jess2ho,

    Just curious where did u buy the reductil from (which website)? I thot this med has been ban in singapore and malaysia? I have taken reductil before and it is very effective for me. I managed to reduce my weight from 63kg to 54kg within a mth time.
  38. samantha64594

    samantha64594 New Member

    any reductil site to recommend?
  39. climsg1010

    climsg1010 Member

    TRA The Right Approach
    Multifaceted Fat Reducing Program
  40. climsg1010

    climsg1010 Member

    Contact me for more info
  41. rachel20

    rachel20 Member

    Hi mummies,

    I have good news to share here to make you reshape your body after-birth to even younger & better shape than pre-pregnancy!

    Guarantee result!
    No vigorous exercise!
    Personalized service!

    interested can pm me for more details or whatsapp 82281378.

    have a good weekend


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