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Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by mommyg, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. mommyg

    mommyg New Member


    Is there any feedbacks on Dr Tan from Gleneagles? Is he the Gyne for any of the mummies here before?

  2. dazzlingmoon

    dazzlingmoon Member

    Hi there, he was my gynae for my #1 and I am currently visiting him for my #2.. He was my mom's gynae too so he's very experienced..

    His fees are reasonable; $1.2k including delivery but excluding blood tests and those compulsory pregnancy tests, one of the cheapest gynaes I know of.. My episiotomy was well-done too, as I don't have any bump from stitches 2-3 months after childbirth..

    Just PM me if you require further info [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  3. mommyg

    mommyg New Member

    Thanks Sylvia! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

    But my only concern is that his clinic is too far from my plc. His fees are really reasonable as compared to others in the market though.

  4. mumtobesing

    mumtobesing New Member

    Hi Sylvia. I try to PM you about Dr Tan Hang Yang but the system does not accept.

    May I know whether the $1.2K includes consultation, multivitamins, ultrasound scan? Do you wait very long in his clinic even though you make an appt with him?

  5. teatreesg

    teatreesg Member

    my current gynae is also Dr Tan. I switched over to him when my last gynae stressed me too much. Dr Tan is a very detailed, careful and experienced gynae and i am very comfortable with him.

    His fee includes consultation, the standard vitamins he prescribes and ultrasound scan as well. You will have to pay for additional vitamins like dha if you wish to take that. So far waiting time is rather short for me.

  6. jessicajlim

    jessicajlim New Member

    I use Dr Tan for my number 2, 3 n 4. No complaints n he is great. I usually take the 1st a ppt at 830. So not much waiting time, Dr Tan usually in clinic by 8am or earlier.

  7. hengwifey

    hengwifey New Member

    anyone can let me know where is his clinic located at?

  8. krisjoy

    krisjoy New Member

    He is located at Gleneagles.

    He delivered my 2 kids and I am very comfortable with him as he is very experienced.

    He is very gentle and the way he draws blood for blood test is not painful at all.

  9. twittymon

    twittymon New Member

    Dr tan is my gynae, he delivered my 1st daughter on april 09. Quiet, professional, experience, responsible. But if u ask him questions, he will answer you with patience. When i deliver my girl , her heartbeat was low, he managed it without fail. fees very resonable. No doubt i will go back to him if i hv 2nd one [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  10. chlolm

    chlolm New Member

    He delivered all my 3 kids and i feel very comfortable with him... And occasionally he can be pretty humorous when i talk crap with him... Hahaha...

    There were also 2 maternity ward nurses that I got to know at Glen E, when i delivered my #3 in nov 10, who are his patients... Guess that's a good sign bah...

  11. jnssjn

    jnssjn New Member

    Dr Tan was my boy Gynae.

    thumb up for his service

  12. pommes

    pommes Member

    i just made an appt with Dr Tan. The receptionist told me that they only accept cash.

    is that right? It's going to be my 1st visit.

  13. apple_koi

    apple_koi New Member

    Pommes, yeah.. thats right. they only accept cash..

    My son was just delievered on 31jan by dr tan... he is very experienced n good...

  14. mightymummy

    mightymummy New Member

    He has a fan club in my hubby family cos all nieces and nephew are brought to this world via his pair of hands.

    Had wanted a female gyn in the first plc but change my mind after getting to know he is experience enough to spot abnormal pregnancy. I was 35 with 1st born.

    He never reject us on our request to see our baby little feets / hands / head after he took measurement during the ultrasound. (Provide BB co-operate.)

    Don't expect him to PR with you cos he is cool and steady.

  15. winny

    winny Member

    Hi! Can I know how I can contact him? What's the name of the clinic?

    I'm looking for a gynae now and I'm really having a headache.

  16. pris_82

    pris_82 Member

    His clinic is at Gleneagles telephone is 67343524

    I had my 1st gal with him on 6th june 08 and i will go back to him for my #2 (which i dunno when)

  17. ngboktus

    ngboktus New Member

    I just delivered on the 11/03 natural birth w/ epidural via vacuum. My bb was delivered by Dr Tan Hang Yang, he's a pro natural. Found he's very gentle throughout the delivery process as compared to the nurses. Though he doesn't talk much unless u ask him. Will consider going back to him if i have a second child.

  18. ene

    ene New Member

    Hi Andrea,

    Congrats on yr baby! May I know which preggie week does his package start from?week 10? How many times will you get to see him till the end of term that is inclusive in the package? Sorry to bother you with qns..Many thanks!

  19. jacelynvega

    jacelynvega New Member

    Hi all,

    Dr Tan HY has been my gynae for more than 8 years and still counting i hope, provided he doesnt retire early! I gave birth to my 1st boy in Dec 08 and my 2nd boy just 3 days ago.. he is a true professional and patient gynae. Very experienced gynae to provide u with all the necesary help and advice. Most impt, he doesnt give u over conservative advices and he is pro natural delivery!! he is very responsible and u will know u are in good hands with him. His package can start from the day u are diagnosed with pregnancy via ultrasound at his clinic. His package is really worthwhile.. i paid about $1300 for his consultation that includes multivit, calcium and folic acid pills and natural delivery. DHA pills are additional cost from his package. U have to put a deposit of $700 plus and the rest are paid when u delivered. Number of times to see him - from 1st trimester to your 36 weeks, itz once a month. 36 weeks oncwards will be every week coz u are close to due date and he will be monitoring u every week until u finally delivered. Of coz, blood test, fetal abnormality scans are all ala carte and additional cost away from his package.. I hope the information helps anyone who is interested to engage him as ur gynae.

  20. micky00

    micky00 Member

    Dear All,

    You will be disappointed to hear his plan to retire. So he is not taking deliveries whose ETD is in 2011

  21. candymix

    candymix Member

    Is true? So he is rejecting new patients now?

  22. micky00

    micky00 Member

    He is not accepting any mummies who are going to deliver in 2012.... So sad... sob.....

  23. happyblessing

    happyblessing New Member

    What a pity! He is such a good doc. What i understand is that his clinic will still be open for business but not taking in mummies due in 2012.

  24. jacelynvega

    jacelynvega New Member

    Hello all, just to share my info.. i wanted to recommend a fren who is due in Dec 2011 and he is not taking her. I asked him and he told me he is going for a holiday with his family in Dec for a month or so which is why he is not taking in mummies due in end 2011... Dun tink he is retiring.. I certainly hope he is not!! =)

  25. dazzlingmoon

    dazzlingmoon Member

    it's so sad to hear this.. he delivered me and my sis, as well as my 2 girls too.. my friend also told me that he's going to retire from delivering next year. maybe this is a sign for me to stop having kids haha

  26. pkstar78

    pkstar78 New Member

    Since DR. Tan HY is retiring, any recommend which doctor we should contact instead??? im so upset he's not taking new mommies...sob sob

  27. tokll

    tokll New Member

    I am also looking for a gynae, bb delivered by dr tan and he is such a fantastic gynae that I have problem in looking for another gynae. Anyone has recommendation of another who is as good as dr tan?

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