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Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by yean, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. yean

    yean Member

    Could someone advise the develiery experience at Geneagles hospital and the bill? tks.

  2. dazel

    dazel Active Member

    Hi yean,

    Didn't knw u gave create this thread till u post in March mummies thread.

    No credit card discount n my hb paid 2.1k as deposit when admit. Then when check out, they will deduct off medisave n if got balance will refund back to credit card.

    I half bm, half formulae as my milk flow not alot n my

    Bb now drinking 80ml every 2-3hr, cannot meet his demand lor. He not a good sucker n gets impatience and angry so I pump out.

    It's yr #1? when yr c sect date?

  3. Panda u stay 5th or 6th floor ? Wlhich is better n more quiet ? How r the lactation consultants ?

  4. alice_ooi

    alice_ooi New Member

    Hi Yean,

    I didn't pre register in Jan cuz I have no idea abt the price hiking. Too bad my clinic nurse didn't tell me.

    I had gastric pain yesterday night,not sure if tht's considered mild contraction?

  5. dazel

    dazel Active Member

    Prettymimieyes, I stayed at 5th floor. The 1st time I was admitted when 31weeks due to bleeding n 2nd time actual birth also stayed at 5th floor. My room no. Is 501 first one when come out from lift, basically when the door is closed can't hear much noise.

    But on my discharge day I went for d free class which is at 6th floor and it's more quiet than 5th floor.

    The lactation consultant is nice, and when I home she will follow up with a phone call.

  6. Oh so 6th floor still better ah ?r the consultants good at helping u get a good latch ? I remember there was a Caucasian lady but she din seem v good

  7. dazel

    dazel Active Member

    Once the door is closed I find it's ok but 6th floor corridor more quiet.

    Yes it's a Caucasian lady, she abit rough lah but I find she ok. My bb latched when in hospital.

  8. ic, but you mention your bb got probs latching now that why u had to pump out? did u latch 3 hrly in hospital?

  9. dazel

    dazel Active Member

    Yes, first day I latch n my right nipple was so sore n cracked so I only use the other side to latch. When home both nipples was so sore and I stop latching for few days n pump out instead. My boy gets v impatience n latching n so i decided to just pump instead and at night will leave d night feeding to the confinement aunt.

  10. Same as my girl last time . Did u read the contented little baby book ? They recommend latching only Five min initially . Is this your first baby ?

  11. dazel

    dazel Active Member

    I latch like 15mins each side initially. Yes is my first bb.

  12. alice_ooi

    alice_ooi New Member

    Hey Yean and prettymimieyes,

    I don't need to wait till Mon to get induced already,I had 'show' and at Glenneagles now, just took epidural, not pain at all, now just have to wait for the cervix to dilate more and should deliver in the next few hours, I'm so happy tht I don't need to get induced,I'll get discharged on 8th morning,should be able to visit you two..

  13. Alice so fast ! Which room r u staying ? I am admitting on mon morning 7am.

  14. dazel

    dazel Active Member

    Alice, jia you!

    Prettymimieyes, smooth delivery to u!

  15. Panda thanks . Were u induced ?

  16. Panda thanks . Were u induced ?

  17. dazel

    dazel Active Member

    Was suppose c sect due to low placenta n had book a date. But waterbag broke 1 week earlier n did a scan before admit n d placenta is just above bb head not blocking him, so gynae advise can natural birth. Did it w epi.

    Yours 2nd bb?

  18. yap 2nd one. both dont wsn to come out so have to induce. super sian..

  19. alice_ooi

    alice_ooi New Member

    Hey I pop already, natural with epidural. Staying at room 647

  20. Alice how is the experience ? Where is 647 near To ?

  21. dazel

    dazel Active Member

    Alice, congrats! N rest well.

    Prettymimieyes, how many weeks now? Bb too comfortable inside mah.

  22. 39 weeks 1 day . Gynae going on leave sohave to induce

  23. dazel

    dazel Active Member

    Ic, hv a good rest now n u be holding yr little one v soon.

  24. Yeah don't think can't sleepmuch tonight . Supernervous

  25. I am at Gleneagles delivery suite . Waiting for dr foong to insert the pill.

  26. alice_ooi

    alice_ooi New Member

    Hey prettymimieyes, jia you k, the waiting time in there is super long and boring,but your husband is with you right? I waited almost 10 hours in there for dilation after epi, no need to be nervous, try to sleep as much as you can to reserve energy to push later. tell me which ward u r later..

  27. I am stuck there for 2 hrs then can walk around b4 epi at 11am . Super sian hubby go eat bf alr . . Nurse say will give me food at 10am . Your room good ?

  28. alice_ooi

    alice_ooi New Member

    Ya not too bad,nurses are good and helpful,food is very good. A lot of variety and nutritious. Double bed room a bit small la,but lucky neighbor is good

  29. Ic I pass by your room just now . Quite near nursery le . At night can hear babies crying ?

  30. alice_ooi

    alice_ooi New Member

    Nope,can't really hear,where are u now?I'm going for the parentcraft class at 1.30pm

  31. I am still at deliveryward but have delivered my boy at 3.66 kg

  32. dazel

    dazel Active Member

    Congrats to u! prettymimieyes!

  33. Thanks! But bb only latch one side today then reject. Dunno why

  34. dazel

    dazel Active Member

    Bb still thought inside yr tummy. Be patience, u can de!

  35. alice_ooi

    alice_ooi New Member

    Hey pretymimieyes,I just passed by your room,is it convenient to come and visit you?

  36. alice_ooi

    alice_ooi New Member

    Hey prettymimieyes,think I better don't disturb you since you don't reply,I'm discharging now,see you online and we can share breastfeeding experience. Take care

  37. Hi Alice sorry was busy with visitors . Ok u take care

  38. alice_ooi

    alice_ooi New Member

    I just wanna check with all mummies,my bb is 6 days old,if he's drinking 60ml to 70ml every 3 hours,is it too much or too little?cuz sometimes after 2 hours,he seems like want to drink again,but I will wait til after 3 hours then feed him.

  39. dazel

    dazel Active Member

    Alice, 60-70ml every 3 hr shd be fine but also depends on bb weight. Mine was 3.07kg at birth n when discharge he drinking 60ml. And 3 days later went check up,pd said can increase to 80ml. Maybe u can try 75ml n see if he can finish. If bm he will be hungry more easy. Mine daytime bm n feed about 2 - 2.5hr n night time feed fm so can drag to 3hr+

  40. alice_ooi

    alice_ooi New Member

    Thanks dazel,my bb only weigh 2.83kg at birth.I tried to pump more and let him drink just now but he couldn't I'll stick to 60-70 ml per feed. I always express and let him drink cuz one of my nipple is inverted. I was wondering whether the hindmilk will be expressed out?Normally I pump 5-6 min each breast already got 70ml.

  41. dazel

    dazel Active Member

    Alice, wow! 5-6min got 70ml that's alot! I already 3rd weeks n got to pump like 1 hr then got 100ml. N need about 4 hrs rest before next pump, if rest 2-3hr I can only get 40-50ml. My boy now drinking 110ml I guess my moo moo career is ending soon.

  42. alice_ooi

    alice_ooi New Member

    Really? Then you got to use electric pump,manual would be quite tiring then. I drink soup for every meal, drink longan black dates tea and eat fruits everyday. Eat more fish will have more milk also..

  43. dazel

    dazel Active Member

    I using electric dual one lor. At first use manual n

    cried almost every pump and starting Bach ache, whole body ache till no choice I buy electric ones.

    Got eat, drink etc alot even took fenugreek but still d same supply.

  44. alice_ooi

    alice_ooi New Member

    Then maybe you have to relax your muscle and think positively while pumping. They say pumping suppose to be painless and relaxing,but I still find a little pain when the machine sucking. I'm still learning also..

  45. alice_ooi

    alice_ooi New Member

    Hi mummies,

    My baby gave a wheezing sound evey after feed,like breathless like that,but after a while,he breathe it because he gulp the milk too fast?or is he having phlegm?

  46. dazel

    dazel Active Member

    Alice, me also not too sure as first time mummy, maybe can ask march mummies.

    But sometimes if mine get too hungry he tends to drink v fast n halfway will stop him to burp then continue his feeding again.

  47. alice_ooi

    alice_ooi New Member

    Hi mummies,how r u all coping with bb?? I'm posting mostly in the March 2011 mummies thread cuz they answered and updated quite fast there..2 more weeks end of confinement,I'm counting down man,really can't stand to stay at home for soooo long. I'm still struggling to train my bb routine,somehow he still quite active in the middle of night,then sleeping mostly in the day,any good way to reverse this??

  48. dazel

    dazel Active Member

    Hi hi, tmr my confinement ends but my CL left 2 days ago as she is sick. Past 2 nights me n my hb was taking care of bb n only 2 nights already drained us out. Bb had slight fever n went to kk and lucky was not serious, he must hb got d virus from d CL.

    How u train yr bb to reverse his activness? Mine same will wake up middle of night for milk n everyday around 4am he v active.

    Frankly I really do not know how long I can tahan everyday like this, it's real tired.

  49. alice_ooi

    alice_ooi New Member

    Ya really draining man,i don't mind waking up to feed him after feed in the middle of night but having to carry and entertain him in the middle of night is torturing.Day time wanna play with him,he'll sleep after feed. Sigh

    So good tht ur confinement ending.So envy!! But I'm happy tht I get to go out on mon cuz going Gleneagles to check up.

  50. dazel

    dazel Active Member

    Ya agrees hv to carry, pat him to sleep n the min put back to his bed, he woke up again.

    Guess we just hv to hang on.

    Same now go out even check up i v happy. I just went gleneagles yday for mine n then went ntuc buy some stuff n i feel happy already

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