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Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by pann, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. pann

    pann Active Member

    Hi all.

    I would like to recommend my confinement lady to those who need one.

    She is really very good. I am currently engaging her for the 2nd month cos my BB is quite abit to handle.

    She is very patient with BB and can see that she loves BB alot. She took really good care of my whole family (including my 2 dogs).

    When I brought my BB back for review with my PD, even my PD complimented to me that I got myself a good confinement lady cos she is very knowledgeable and ask me to learn more from my confinement lady.

    If anyone is interested to engage her, you can PM me or email me at for her contact number.

  2. ducklingeshop

    ducklingeshop Member

    I would like to recommend my confinement lady, Auntie Ya Yin, who is currently doing my confinement for me.

    Auntie Ya Yin is very friendly has easygoing personality. She is energetic and experienced, having been in this line for more than 10 yrs, love baby and is able to handle my baby well.

    She can cook good confinement food, never grumpy, and she doesn't keep nagging me on the dos and don'ts of confinement. Best of all, she is encouraging breastfeeding & experienced enough to advise me benefit of breastfeeding.

    Other than taking care of me and the baby, she also does the household chores for me, as we do not have a maid at home. She is very systematic in what she does and she keeps the kitchen neat and tidy.

    I don’t earn any commission and I just wish help her to find other assignment as a token of my appreciation to her.

    If you are keen to engage her, you can contact her at:

    8402 8386 (Singapore number)

    012-459 9824 (Malaysia number)

  3. hinoki_sim

    hinoki_sim New Member

    Hi ladies,

    How much does it cost to employ a confinement lady?

  4. happyqq

    happyqq New Member

    Hi it cost me $1.9k. the usual rates are from 1.8k to 2.3k for 28 days.

    my CL is wonderful too. [IMG=] pro-breastfeeding, good with baby, clean and knowledgable

    Mei Lian is from Malaysia. You can contact her at 8306 5400 (singapore number, she is in singapore most of the time), if not, you can call her at +60176355077 (malaysia no.)

  5. pann

    pann Active Member

    It cost me $2k for 28 days. I think the rate is around this kind of figure but shouldn't exceed more than 2.3k.

  6. pann

    pann Active Member


    My confinement lady ask me to let you all know that she is fully taken for this year cause she received quite a number of enquiries for this year.

    But next year is still available. So those who are giving birth next year can still contact her.

    You can PM me or email me at for her contact number.

  7. peggyyenni

    peggyyenni Member

    Hi All,

    My mum is a confinement lady with 18 yrs experience. Any mummies with edd starting from mid feb 2011, pls feel free to drop me an email for enquiry as my mum is fully booked till end jan 2011. Thanks to all mummies and daddies who have dropped me enquiries previouly, hope everything has been well for u guys!

    My email:



  8. sunesis

    sunesis Member


    looking for a confinement lady, my EDD is 20 March 2011.

    wanted to find a good one as my first was a nightmare, ended up sending her back after 3 days and cater confinement food instead.

    any good recommendation that don't mind not having maid at home and probably need to cook for my hubby and toddler.

  9. leica

    leica New Member

    Sunesis - can try my Confinemt lady. She cooked for my family n I had my maid ard. can give u more details but Can't send u a private message. Pm me instead.

  10. pann

    pann Active Member


    Thanks for all your enquiries on my confinement lady. She would like me to inform all that she is fully taken till March 2011.

    She can only accept booking for those giving birth from April 2011 onwards.

    You can PM me or email me at for her contact number.

  11. sappy

    sappy New Member


    I thought i share this ...

    I just finished my confiment and had a very good confirment lady (Aunty Yue Fen).

    I even extended her for 2 more weeks.

    This is my second child, my first child i engaged a CFL as well but it was a terrible experience. Hence, this time i was also skeptical when i was recommended to this CF aunty.

    So i was extremely glad that i had this aunty this time round.

    She has many years of experience, very patient and loving with my daughter. First few days she is with me, she takes the time to observe my daughter to see how she can best take care of her, and she learns very fast. She cooks very yummy food (my first confirment i had horrible food and i didnt know confirment food can actually taste nice ...) and most important my family all like her very much and she is hygenic!

    She has a very pleasent character, very helpful and responsible. when looking after baby, she doesnt on her hp or pick her hp so that she wont be distracted.

    If any one is interested you can contact her at 65 8375 6048 (SG) or her house at 0207-6522606 (MSA). (but as i say if she is looking after baby her hp might be off or she doesnt pick up, so you might want to leave a message instead so that she can revert)


  12. eleanorn

    eleanorn New Member

    Thumbs up for my confinement lady. She really relieved me of all my worries. That's why I want to share this with all the mums-to-be out there. All your concerns will be gone if you engaged her. That's provided her schedule allows. Just say you are recommended by Lixuan you might get a better rate! Some CL are relatively cheap but I go for quality rather than the cost.

    Contact no: +65 93909291

    M'sia: 0177164527

  13. sovrana

    sovrana Guest

    Hi, my EOD is end Feb 2011 and I would like to engage a CL. I never engaged a CL before.

    May I know if CL will stay with the family for 28 days? Besides the salary, what other hidden costs?

  14. neongoby

    neongoby Member

    Hi Sovrana,

    Yes, the CL will stay with you for 28 days, better say upfront with her. Besides the agreed price, normal practice is we will give her ang bao when she arrives and another one when she leaves. Cost of confinement groceries so that she can cook for u, other than that, since she is staying with u, then electricity bills?

  15. eleanorn

    eleanorn New Member

    You should employ CL because I think it's really tedious to look after baby who needs feeding every other hour.Other than her salary, you need to give angbao. I actually give a lot to my CL as I think she deserve it. The only thing about the 28days is 1st day they usually arrive in the evening and the last day they will leave by noon. I just pay a bit more if I want her to stay a few more days. No matter how taking good care of my baby is my priority.

  16. jolenevoo

    jolenevoo Member

    Hi All,

    Sharing my experience with all..

    Blacklist CL - Aunty Ya Fang. (can go to this link to see pic of her -

    I just gave birth on 6th Aug and currently doing my confinement. I had this horrible CL which was intro by frds. I have high expectation of this CL since she have a link and details on what to buy for confinement. However, this CL was so bad tempered, she always argue and quarrel with me and MIL. She always boast on how many years of experience she had and asked us not to teach her what to do. My baby cannot sleep at nite and she simply blame my baby for being a difficult baby and not letting her sleep! She is such a typical superstitious person that she put my husband's underwear near my baby so that baby will sleep! Worst, she threaten us! I have no choice but to ask her to leave after 2 weeks. Pls reconsider if you are thinking of getting this CL.

    Recommended CL - Aunty Siew Hoon, Malaysia hp-016 3760125, Sg hp-84203549

    Now, I found this wonderful current CL. I think I really make a good choice to ask the previous CL to leave. I simply love her, she is so much different from the previous CL!

    Responsible, experienced, good tempered, willing to do all housework, cook nice food, most impt took care of me and baby so well! The previous CL always make my baby cry but this CL is so patient with baby and she sings song to baby to make baby happy! I am really happy to have her.

    Motherhood is tough especially after given birth, good rest and someone to take care of baby is what we need. A GOOD CL is very very impt. I hope all can find a good CL. Can call my current CL if anyone cannot find any yet. She is really worth your cent.

  17. kimsamsoon

    kimsamsoon New Member

    hi jolene,

    thank you for sharing. am really appreciate it.

    fyi, just sent a SMS to aunty siew hoon.

    had a bad CL in my previous confinement. i had depression.

    this time round, am really careful in choosing. but it depends on luck too!

  18. jolenevoo

    jolenevoo Member

    Hi Kim,

    yes, it really depends on luck.. honestly, i might find this CL good but someone else might not feel e same..

    try to meet up e CL n see how she works before u decide.. Good Luck!

  19. sarah27

    sarah27 New Member

    Hi Jolene,

    Yes agree with you rgds of CL. Is very impt to have someone experience and I had Auntie Eh Wah from bliss agency. Very gd and you can rest in peace. My massage therapists from traditional & holistic told me that she use to meet my CL and alway get gd feedback from her clients about these CL. Very supportive on BF and her food is really gd.My therapist told me that some of her clients extend the CL service till 2 mths. I also find that she is super careful with her work and very clean person.

  20. xiaozhuzhu

    xiaozhuzhu Active Member


    I have a good CL to introduce too, her name is Siew Ling (秀玲姐). Currently she is doing confinement for me. Her sis is Siew Zhen, another very good confinement lady.

    I was introduced to Siew Ling when her sis schedule was full. Siew Ling will tell u to have an "interview" with her so as to ensure both are comfortable with each other. U may ask her any questions during the "interview".

    She is very hardworking since the first day she came. She helps with all the housework, cleans up the kitchen after cooking. She also checks with u what type of food u prefer (but of cos.. not for the fussy as she can cook many types of nice confinement food). If u can eat everything she cook that will be better and she ensures that all food has to be fresh. She will also make sure all her work are completed before resting.

    Nite time, she will ensure that u will rest well and she will fully take care of the baby. If u are pro-BF, she will oso help to wake u up to feed the baby.

    I had extended her for another 2 days to help me out as her permit only allows up to 30 days. She is also willing to guide and teach you on how to look after your baby.

    You can contact her at (tell her recommended by Xinyi):

    SG line: 81195431 (contactable when she is working in SG)

    MY line: 013-7067061 / 012-7609538

  21. qq2010

    qq2010 New Member

    I have just finished my confinement for my first kid, I booked from agency who has very good services and get me a good nanny in short period of time.

    Her nanny helps us to do house work, take good care of my bb & not calculative at all. I really appreciate their services and very reasonable rate is 1.8K only.Her contact 90899426

  22. zekevon

    zekevon Guest

    Hi any confinement intro me ? my edd is 15 oct 2010 .

    No need do any house work but look after my baby , me and cook.

    Hope to find some one is good and can charge below market rate.

    anyone please let me know soon ! thanks !

  23. eleanorn

    eleanorn New Member

    Best CL I ever met.

    Contact no: +65 93909291

    M'sia: 0177164527

  24. asp_23

    asp_23 Member

    mummies, can i know how to call the msia # if i'm using stel......019 + country code + numbers listed above?

    tks in adv....

  25. tigerboy

    tigerboy New Member

    Hi, I had my CL recently cancelled on me after we had agreed on price and all 3 weeks ago. So am now left in the lurch and this is bb no 1 for me!

    My EOD date is 3rd week Jan 2011 so it's near CNY so can foresee some challenges finding someone.

    Would anyone able to help ask existing CL whether they or have friends willing to do confinement during mid-Jan 2011 period?

    Thanks so much in advance!

  26. vinee

    vinee Active Member


    I'm currently doing my confinement and I would like to recommand my CL, Mrs Yeo.

    She is very caring towards my baby boy. I was down with flu for a week and had to isolate myself from my bb. She took great care of him day and night. Even my hubby trust her so much.

    On top of that, she can really cook well. even my hubby report home on time for dinner everyday. Haha.

    If u are interested to engage her service, email ( me and I will reply you with full details. I seriously think that her charges are reasonable.

    P/S: She is only available from Apr 2011 onwards as she had taken up assignments for the months before that.

  27. akaysha

    akaysha Member

    Hi ladies, am looking for a CL as I am giving birth to my 1st bb in Jan (EDD 21st Jan) and confinement clashes with CNY. Rather worried that I am not able to find one in time. Can someone please help or recommend someone who's willing to work through CNY? If CL needs to take a week off during first week of CNY I'm ok too.

  28. light2spark

    light2spark New Member

    Hi all MTB,

    I juz happen to come to this thread and it reminds me of what a great help my confinement nanny is. I agree a good confinement nanny is very hard to engaged and i would like to state my experience with my confinement nanny.

    Her name is Mei Hua and is about mid forties...from agency-she was recommended from my Boss too)! Initially we have some doubts about her experiences but she soon familiarize herself and is a great help to us.

    The she arrived the day I'm discharge from the hospital, aft putting my bb to sleep, she was introduced to my parents-in-law, my elder son, maid and my hubby... next, she prepare my bath water, longan tea and getting ready to cook dinner. I show her around my house and taught her how to use the vacuum cleaner, washing machine, stove and other electrical appliances and show her the kitchen and also the laundry area. Aft my bath, i went to rest and took a nap too. I woke up during my dinner time and was amazed that she cooked for the whole family and while we're having dinner, she took care of my bb and also give me advise on how to breast-feed my bb. During the ngt, my hubby and I had complete rest and Mei Hua took care of everything. As the week goes by, my bb is able to latch well and her confinement food was really superb. B'cos i don take pig trotters and rice wine chix, she encourage me to try and I ate heartily! On the third week, she also taught my maid baby handling skills and show patience towards my elder boy. She also gets along well with my both my parents-in-law. During the last week, I was worried that my bb will get 'hooked' to latching on during feeding, I ask Mei Hua to help me... She show great patience and care during the process and I'm really please with her performance and help rendered greatly.

    As our family members really missed her when we realise it was already her last day with us, I gave her a 'big' ang pow and tell her that she 'earned' it herself. Till now, my parents-in-law still mentioned about her during our conversation.

    She was indeed a great help and I really wish mummies could get this kinda help during your confinement period. Kindly PM me if any MTB interested in getting her contact. For my second pregnancy next year.. it's gonna be the same agency I'm engaging from again. I hope by sharing information... mummies could get more informative about the choices avail and get 'suitable help' during your vunerable period.

    I've engaged my initial first CL (58yrs) thru PEM confinement and she kept complaining about her backache and also muscle ache. I've a hard time putting up with her, she also insist on her 'break time' from 2:15pm to 4:15pm and during that hours she simply does nothing even my bb cries! After four days... I simply let her go and the agency 'persuaded me to get a replacement but wanna charge me S$200!' I said FORGET IT!.

    Juz one word of caution... mummies needing an extra help during confinement... pls get a reliable agency (b'cos nannies from agency are still more reliable if compared to freelance CL as freelancer might 'fly kite' the very last min. I agree there are still very 'good' confinement lady out there... afterall, she is still a stranger.

    P/s: I don get any commission out of this recommendation.

  29. pann

    pann Active Member

    Hi Ladies.

    I have received quite a number of emails recently with regards to my CL contact. As I had started work and tough for me to reply to your email promptly, I have decided to leave her contact number here so that you all can contact her directly.

    Her name is Auntie Irene. Contact number is :

    Sin - 81486751 (Only works when she is in Singapore)

    M'sia - +60168029823 (Only works when she is in Malaysia)

    But if you all have any enquiry about my CL, do feel free to PM me. I am happy to answer any of your doubts but do bear with me if my replies are not prompt.


  30. dudugirl

    dudugirl New Member

    Hi Mummies...

    I m currently engaging Aunty Irene and my confinement end next week. I get to know her from this forum as well. She's really a good CL who take good care of me and my bb. I can't imagine how will I spend my nites after she left as my boy was cranky at nite but aunty has the patient to 'tame' him.

    Aunty is very helpful. She do marketing for me, do hsework (e.g vacum, mop), cook variety of food if you can eat/not picky. Her soup is "iChiBan"!

    For those who need a CL, you may want to consider her. Or PM/email me and I will share the experience with you [IMG=]

    P/S: I don't get any commission out of this recommendation, I do not know this aunty until I engage her

    All the Best in your confinement [IMG=]

  31. janeys

    janeys New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    Wanna check what is the "market rate" for the red packets that we need to give to the CL?


  32. zekevon

    zekevon Guest

    Posted on Monday, October 18, 2010 - 10:28 am:       

    Hi dear mummies can u guy give mi advise .

    Does the confinement wash your panty ? As she don't want to wash n pass it to my maid ( as organize she wash all mine one n bb ones ) and the breast pump in the middle of the night who shld wash it ? I shld wake her up or maid ? And seen that she is not waking up every three hrs in the midnight she said my bb slp no need wake him up. My confinment lady so automatic ask my maid to turn on tv for her and even ask my maid to drink the soup!!she nv tell me what can do or what cannot do all is I ask her want. I on the 3rd days I've bath Liao . She boil the herb for me . And wash hair tell me after 1mth. I at hm use fan use aircon she also nv say anything .My breast engor she also doesn't know well when I ask her . Pls advise which one is correct which one is wrong. And can I don't want her half way ? She work for me since 12 oct . Her cooking is not bAd . Can share with me actually what her job doing ? I myself slp in a room she slp with bb . And she like also not really attend to me she did ask me every meal want to eat now . And take red date drink to me . But everytime I ask her what time feed bb she still need to think . Maybe she old ? Pls advise .

  33. light2spark

    light2spark New Member

    Aiyo... Why get yrself such a nuisance nanny... [IMG=] I pity u n yr infant.

  34. cashewnut

    cashewnut Member

    I would like to recommend my confinement lady who i think she does very good job during my confinement, she especialy cook very good food, my husb still miss her food after so many months..

    you can reach her at 93767940 or 0167557687 (Malaysia), her name Ah Lek, you can tell her that you got her number from "su hua"

  35. starfruit12

    starfruit12 Member

    Can I check if there are nite time CL that I can hire drom 8pm to 8am only?

    if there are, drop mi a PM and let me know how much too..thks[IMG=]

  36. jinyee

    jinyee New Member

    I would like to post the advertisement for my current confinement lady, Madam Tay. She is from Melaka. She is a great cook (cooks confinement food for me and dinners for my hubby), experience and able to give a lot of advices on breastfeeding, baby bathing etc, has good knowledge on chinese tonics help to buy anything from market and clean the house.

    her contact no is 012-6143901.

  37. bsheyenne

    bsheyenne New Member

    Hi Ann, Dudu girl,

    Is this aunty irene the same as the one you are recommending? I'm looking for a CL for Apirl 2011 and have met up with aunty Irene and paid her the deposit. But she look blur to me and didn't give me any receipt nor i see her jotting down.

    I'm a bit worried. Will she show up by then? Please give me some advise if this is the procedure.

  38. asp_23

    asp_23 Member

    Hi sheyenne, I've oso book auntie irene tat Ann recommended. I old her mine was April 11 too n I've paid deposit. Can I know u rough April Which day? Wonder will it clash nut I heard she say before she rotate wif her sis n 1 more fren....

  39. pann

    pann Active Member

    Bsheyenne: Yup.. me & dudugirl have the same CL. Normally auntie Irene don't give receipt but what some mummies will do is ask for a copy of her passport and I/C.

  40. bsheyenne

    bsheyenne New Member

    hi Sh....mine is 17 april and i told her i only want her and given her the deposit. did you get her passport / i/c?

    Thanks Ann, at least I know the deal is authentic.. thanks.

  41. asp_23

    asp_23 Member

    Hi bsheyenne, she gave me her ic n passport automatically. Mine is 27apr but might b early, I suppose she might hv the intention to rotate her kakis if clash... Sigh... These CL we can't predict wat their arrangement is....

  42. polo

    polo Member


    I'm doing my confinement now. This is my 2nd confinement but this aunty is much better than my 1st confinement aunty and i would like to recommend her. In fact she is recommended to me by my good friend.  She is knowledgeable, patient, easy going, can cook well, can be trusted, hardworking and help me with lots of household chores during her free time when baby is asleep. Thumbs up!

    She is aunty Yun and her contact no is (sin HP) 8130 8583 or Malaysia HP 016-609 8059. She is always fully booked so act fast if u keen to engage her. Just mention it's recommended by Yee stay near buangkok mrt there. Can pm me if u need more info. (btw, I'm not getting any commission or any benefits for recommending her).

    Good luck!

  43. dudugirl

    dudugirl New Member

    hi bsheyenne, yes i engage aunty irene after i read Ann's posting. she didnt give me any receipt as well but she does give me few calls b4 my edd to chk if i've given birth so it does reassure me n such i m nt worry. if you alrd told her you wan her only (same as me) i guess she will fulfil n will nt give you any replacement. otherwise she will tell you in advance dat there might b someone covering her, so everything has to mentioned upfront 1st.

  44. chelz_mum

    chelz_mum Member

    beware of aunt SHU HUA from TANJUNG PINANG Indonesia. Infront of you, she seemslike a hardworking, good personality, etc etc...

    Initially i was very happy with her working attitude but i did not know all these are only fake attitude!

    i even tried to post good comments on forum for her & tried to help her to get new customer.

    Who knows at my back she bad mouthing me. At my back she said:


    I thought we paid confinement lady to serve us & not the other way round.


    she told my maid she rejected my request to extend another 2 more weeks. By the way, i have NEVER ask her to extend. My mum ask me to extend her for another 2 weeks, I told my mum dont need to. The the CL ask me whether I want to extend her for another 2 weeks, i told her no, thanks. But what she said at my bback is different.

    3) SHE EXPECTED 2 ANG PAOS (1 when she arrived & the other one when she depart). I only gave her 1 ang pao when she left which i thought is the standard practice. I gave her S$100. i check with my friends, all only give $20, but i gave her $100. Yet she still complain at my back & expecting 2 ang paos.

    4) SALARY

    She was complaining about her pay at my side was very low & below the market. AT the first place, she was the one who offer to work for me & ask that amount of pay. Really ridiculous that she licked back her own saliva.


  45. earl_blue

    earl_blue Member

    Would like to caution all MTBs out there NOT to hire this nightmare CL from M'sia. Sacked her after 2 weeks because really cannot tolerate her behaviour anymore.

    Her name is Lan Ee, Sg no: 82854384 Msia no: 6016-9188648. She has a very big mole on her face and is plump with short dyed hair.

    She was recommended highly to me and when we interviewed her during my pregnancy, she was friendly,supports breastfeeding and appears kind and capable.

    Once arrived at our home within 3 days, here are the things she did

    - badly overfeed my baby with FM until my PD told us to reduce her feeds

    -unhygienc. I found my red dates oily and also found the dishwashing wire sponge's metal pieces in my food. I also got food posioning and had to see GP because of her unhygenic food.

    - always watching tv when baby's sleeping. Initially, I was alright with it provided she did her chores but she didn't

    - didn't change baby's nappies on time, resulting in bad nanny rashes. When questioned her about it, replied very rudely and refused to put on new diaper for baby. Then baby pooed all over the bed and even the poo flew on the floor.

    - wasted our expensive herbs by using it in unnecessary large qty. Asked us to buy so much herbs until $500 and for her to waste!!!

    The list can go on ...I was also put off by her bad attitude towards my parents in laws especially my mother in law. She also tried to create dispute by telling made up stories about my mother in law to me and when speaking to my mother in law. she made up stories about me.We only realised after we sacked her. Luckily, our relationship was not damaged by her tales.

    Please don't hire this horrible CL and live to regret it like me. Hope this will help MTBs out there!

  46. attitudep

    attitudep Member

    Hello Mommies

    For those who engaged Aunty Irene as their CL, can i check how much deposit is required?

    Thank you!

  47. baby1

    baby1 New Member

    I'm doing my confinement now and like to recommend my confinement lady as she is knowledgeable, patient, easy going, cook well, hardworking and support breastfeeding. She help me and my family members with household chores too.

    Her name is Siew Ling Auntie and her HP is 81195431. If you like to book her do act fast. In case you are not aware, you need to apply for work permit for confinement lady. :)

  48. sherlyn06

    sherlyn06 Member

    Hi Mummies,

    Can I check with all, do you know if the EDD is near to CNY, and does the CL double charge you as its nearer to or fall on CNY?

    Also most of e CL are malaysian, anyone had any local ones? Though I know hardly, but just asking ard [IMG=]

    Thanks all in advance [IMG=]

  49. kimifin

    kimifin New Member

    Hi all,

    If there is an elder kid at home, toddler, can we ask the CL to cook the porridge, at least?

    I know they do not take care of the elder one at home.

  50. starfruit12

    starfruit12 Member


    looking for a good and reasonable rate Cl ard Mid March..kindly drop mi a PM if got good ones to recommend..thks

  51. starfruit12

    starfruit12 Member

    can someone oso enlightened mi if we need to pay deposit to the CL and oso do we need to give angbao to the CL after they finish?


  52. baby1

    baby1 New Member


    Sherlyn06, some confinement lady doesn't mind but others do. You can try asking her to see her reaction or even order porridge for your lunch.

    Starfruit12, people normally give when they arrive and on the last day but no need to give "big" one.

  53. starfruit12

    starfruit12 Member

    thks Eve for your info

  54. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    I understand that some CLs will charge extra if there's an older kid at home but what's the mkt rate(the extra).

    Also, will they charge lesser if there's a maid at home? 'cos if there is, then basically her work is alot alot lessen.

  55. light2spark

    light2spark New Member


    engaged one with standard price and u need not worry about charging extra and the grey areas when engaging a freelancer... or she asking for more ang pow

    p.s. i know the CL of my neighbour asked for ang pow from each family members during the bb's full mth celebration behind her back!!!

    Just be careful in engaging from freelance... they are afterall still a stranger in your household.

  56. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    Oh sparks, got yr email, thks.

    The thing is, the CL I've engaged for my 1st child was thru an agency, can't rem its name but it's some ' - care' also. Must go check again.

    But it was disastrous! My confinement period was to cross over the CNY, that's why we booked the CL many months ahead and whilst she's here, I overheard her telephone conversation that she seemed to want to go for a trip!

    After that phone call, she began to find faults and pushed the blame to me! I don't take much traditional confinement food due to my gastric prob history(and advised by a renowned ch physician to avoid taking Ju Jiao Chu), she also complained. Geez, I wld hv tot it's easier job for her...

    She said she wants to go marketing for me everyday 'cos it's a chance for her to have coffee/breakfast/break outside, we said it's ok if she's fine with it, but she later complained that it's troublesome and she always left our doors unlocked when she went out.

    She wiped my child's face at the end of the bath and yet she claimed to be professionally trained by TMC - we all know that we have to wipe the baby's face first!

    She wld even tell me stories of husbands cheating behind women during their confinement period, geez! I told the agent later that good thing I ddn't heed her 'stories' too much, else I might become paranoid and dev post-natal blues.

    She complained that my baby's hard to handle - cos she woke up at nite for feed?!!! And she's not happy that she has to follow us to the hospital for the baby's follow-up check - she even told me at the clinic that she WILL NOT go in with the baby 'cos she can't bear to see what they were going to do to the baby, OMG! It was only a routine hearing check, why make it sound so terrible?!

    Many more unpleasant things happened thereafter and on the day she left, I didn't even dare leave my bedroom to look at my baby, an act I always did the 1st thing I get up from bed(I have the right to look at my baby rite?), for fear that she might ill-treat her. Finally, my hubby decided to juz let her go since her heart's not to stay-on for the rest of the period and I was left alone. There wasn't a replacement arranged by the agent 'cos she claimed that she doesn't hv anyone who can work during the CNY week. Then what? We're left on our own? Good thing my hubby was home with me the entire week before we finally got help from my sis' friend who used to be a day-time CL(pity she's not doing confinement work now...)

    The CL claimed to be in her early 50s, but she told us later that she's in her late 50s. She's a local and a Christian.

    During my earlier telephone conversation and during the interview, the agent told us that there's no agency fee involved but we found out later from the CL that there was. The fees for the CL was also ex(given that it was almost 6 yrs ago) - it was S$2k for normal period and S$2,500 + compulsory S$200 angpao for the CNY period. She even got the cheek to DEMAND for her taxi-fare home on the day she left!

    This time round, we're getting a maid, reason mainly to help me pack('cos we're moving home) and help out with the chores during the last months of my current pregnancy. Now, we're wondering if we shld get a CL - pay full price and yet, most of the work wld be done by the maid. There're only me, my hub and my elder girl who's almost 6yo and rather independant,plus we have a maid to take care of all the chores.

  57. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    And oh, if I rem correctly, that time the CL/agent did tell me that there wld be an additional charge of S$500 if there's an older kid at home...

  58. light2spark

    light2spark New Member

    Wahhh.... what an ordeal!!! I think no mum doing confinement deserve to be in yr situation! An additional charge of S$500 is ridiculous!!!

    I guess the confinement agency is named: Confinement Care. Now it's called GPLS. Maybe some mummy can penned down their experiences with nanny in GPLS??? Personally, i also find them having integrity issue too. Previously, saw some discussion and bad comments abt them but very soon all discussion threads were deleted!!! Perhaps, i could tell you more over email....

  59. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    oh no no, sparks. it's not Confinement Care/GPLS. It's '__ - care'...

    Initially I'm thinking of hiring a nurse for home-visits to teach/guide the maid on baby handling but now, I'm re-considering to get another CL but still skeptical if history might repeat itself...

    ya the addnl S$500 is indeed too much, in fact, there're many(incl those via agents) whom still charge extra if there're older kids or even other extended family members are ard. I think it's rather fair(of cos not 500/pax la!) but ironically, they don't reduce their fee when there's a maid in the family whom will relieve them of the chores...

  60. light2spark

    light2spark New Member

    ???? Care? Wat's the agency name???

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