Baby Fair??

Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by evonnechin81, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. evonnechin81

    evonnechin81 Member

    Anybdy knows if there is any baby fair going on?

  2. enya_lim

    enya_lim New Member

    there will be a parenthood fair in expo at 26-28nov ;-)

  3. jaster150704

    jaster150704 Active Member

    a baby fair from 22nd to 24th Oct @ Singapore Expo...

  4. lkt

    lkt New Member

    haha... i got a news from mumsandbabes facebook they are having last 2 days 20% OFF entire purchase from www. and enjoy free delivery!

    Besides, 11th Oct-25th Oct at Suntec City Mall Level 3 will have a baby fair as well =)

  5. belwoon

    belwoon New Member

    there is Mums & Tots baby fair at expo hall 4A this coming weekend 20-21nov

  6. this weekend got parenthood fair.. wonder what is it about. is there any baby stuff to grab?

  7. maichiang

    maichiang New Member

    am also wondering whether there are baby n etc..

  8. bunny_mum

    bunny_mum Member

    Anyone know when is the next taka baby fair? Looking for good and nice baby cots, car sear etc

  9. maichiang

    maichiang New Member

    wondering when the next sale will be too...

  10. melody_yv

    melody_yv New Member

    any idea when and where is the next baby fair ??

  11. pjlow

    pjlow New Member

    Found this info (Jan 2011 issue of Mother & Baby):

    Baby Care Festival 2011

    18 to 20 March 2011

    Hall 6B Singapore Expo

    Fri & Sat: 11am to 9pm

    Sun: 11am to 8pm

    Free Admission

    Festival Highlights:

    Mother & Baby Cover Baby Contest

    Toddler Telematch

    Baby Crawling Contest

    Carnival-themed play area

    Story-telling sessions

    Exclusive Subscription offers

    $15,000 worth of prizes and goodie bags to give away

    Maternity Care & Baby Care Products & Services:

    Sponsors include-->




    OCBC Bank


    Philips Avent





  12. yizhen

    yizhen Member

    Hi Mummie,

    Hope this help:

    21 – 27 Feb 2011: Isetan Baby Fair & Metro Storewide 20% Sale

  13. dils

    dils New Member

  14. piinkplatypus

    piinkplatypus Member


    Anyone knows if the upcoming baby care festival 18-20 mar has gd discount for babysafe mattress??


  15. bbruei

    bbruei New Member


    usually babysage has good disocunt during the yearly fair. I will definitely go take a look! I know the small baby pillow can go as low as $10-$11.

  16. jedilim

    jedilim Member

    taka fair 9 -27 march 2011..

  17. yasminelala

    yasminelala Member

    Hi Jane,

    Yeh... They have very good discount for baby safe mattress, pillows etc. And very discount for Mustela. I will always stock-up an entire year supplies during the mar baby fair.

  18. cinmay

    cinmay Member

    Hi Mummies,

    Upcoming baby fair:

    Baby Expo

    Dates: 22 to 24 Apr 2011

    Time: (Fri & Sat) 11a.m. to 9p.m., (Sun) 11a.m. to 8p.m.

    Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 6A

    Enjoy [IMG=]

  19. ashley_lim

    ashley_lim Guest

    Any idea who will participate?


  20. smallsmallworld

    smallsmallworld New Member

    Small Small World is offering Bumper Playmats at expo prices at Market Place (15Apr - 13May),

    for more information please visit link:


  21. true_sharing

    true_sharing New Member

    Need to share this with all mummies.

    Becareful when you purchase anything from the Baby Expo.

    I happened to buy one set of Avent product, and found that it is a false set, that's why, the selling price was so cheap!!! called up for exchange later on but there is no after sales support at all. I got cheated, and will never buy anything from the Baby Expo again. It was during October 2011.

    Need to share my true story with all mummies.

  22. cool_summer

    cool_summer New Member

    Hi Yii Soh (true sharing),

    Then you should sue them. I happen to know the people there. Do you know this is slander cos I had shown them your posting and they had no such request on exchange.

    There is no fake goods. If your purchase is fake, you should proceed to small claims or take legal action.

    If your accusations is not true, I would advise you don't make baseless claims.

  23. cool_summer

    cool_summer New Member

    By the way, the selling price of many products are marked up too high in S'pore. Thus they are upset when there are people from Baby Expo that can sell at such good prices.

    It's the same as Honda is distributed by Kah Motors but there are also other importers selling Honda at lower prices.

    Mothers - if you want good deals, go to Baby Expo 17-19 Feb 2011 @ S'pore Expo Hall 4A.

    For others who business are affected by the good prices offered, you can re look into your pricing.

    Cheers to the upcoming good prices again!!!

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