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  1. tinsel_elf

    tinsel_elf Member

    Does anyone knows where to buy cute, long leggings for bb gal? Like those white coloured ballet leggings.

    Thanx in advance!!!
  2. pig07

    pig07 New Member

  3. tumbleweed

    tumbleweed New Member

  4. orchid

    orchid New Member

    i saw them at taka 3rd floor kids area. the section next to the shoe section. japanese brand.
  5. kcc

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  6. jeng

    jeng New Member

    John Little, OG have.
  7. tumbleweed

    tumbleweed New Member

    hi Tinsel, there's a great US website that's having a Babylegs Golden Sew promo. Jus buy any of the babylegs still on the Golden Sew promo, and international shipping only $1! Even if you buy like other products as well... so very good deal!
  8. cheesedumpling

    cheesedumpling New Member

    kiddy palace toa payoh - very simple tights only $6 + from goldenbug
  9. belleepoque

    belleepoque Member

    Try Fox Baby.
  10. june2006

    june2006 New Member

    Babylegs giving discount now. But have to buy at least 2 pairs. Discount code is SMH2009. Think after the discount it's $15 per pair.
  11. troy12345

    troy12345 New Member

    Hi mummies,

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  12. leogal78

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  13. Rosy Dsouza

    Rosy Dsouza New Member

    Try Citrusox. They have a really good collection for kids. I myself shopped from their a few days back for my kid and I was happy to see the quality of it. You should definitely visit there.

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