Anyone delivered recently at TMC?

Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by wonderlaa, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. wonderlaa

    wonderlaa New Member


    I am due in last week of March.

    How much does it cost to deliver at TMC for normal and c-section?

    Please share your bill details.

    My gynae suggested to book 4-bedded room and if none available, a free upgrade will be given. Anyone had booked room like this? Is there any free upgrade to 1-bedded room?

    What if I book 1-bedded room and it is not available on my delivery date?

  2. chunmummy

    chunmummy Member

    tmc standard has really drop.. although it's specialised in women n baby.. but the nurses there really cannot make it.. i just delivered there in jan.. i m seriously disappointed by the nurse esp those in the nursery rm ones.. kind of regret giving birth there..

  3. creamdonut

    creamdonut Active Member

    hi alicia, care to elaborate more? i tot private hosp would be better than public hosp like kkh, no?

  4. kymi

    kymi Member

    Hi wonderlaa,

    I had delivered my first gal there in 2008.

    Yap, its true...booked for 4 bedded auto upgrade to 2 bedded..

    all the charges will base on 4 bedded price instead of 2 bedded price...

    just being kapo why you opt for c-sect...


    I am due in early april, my gynae want me to go thru c-sect for my second one as my first one went thru c-sect due to breech....

  5. chunmummy

    chunmummy Member

    during my stay at tmc.. the nurses there.. zzz i had a c-sect.. in the middle of the nite my drip finished n the beeping sound keeps goin on n on. no one came. i had to press the button twice before a nurse came in..

    n the next day they came to remove my drip n the urine bag.. my doc said if i need to go toilet press the bell.. as them to help me.. which i did. n the nurse who helped me she's like so impatient. imagine it's my first time cutting up my stomach of coz i'll feel the pain. she was like so impatient when i remove my pants she helped me which was very rough. n i had to sit down slowly.. she rolled her eyes.. zzz i asked so the next time i need to go toilet do i still need to request for help.. she say no. only the first time. 2nd time onwards i hv to go myself. wth...

    in the middle of the nite my back was itchy due to prolong time lying down.. i had the snake head powder but i was unable to applied myself so i pressed the bell for help. a nurse came n when heard my request.. she asked me n pushed me to lie on my side n applied only very briefly for me den went off.

    the first nite a nursery nurse came n ask since my milk hv nt come in yet do i want to give my baby glucose water first.. i said yes.. but she didnt give her anything! they let my baby starve without giving her anything till the next day evening when my parents n in laws went to look at her.. she's crying so badly that her whole face was red n NO ONE care. they requested to give my baby formula seeing her state.. the nurse told them i said i want to breastfeed. den they tgt with the nurse came n verify with me.. i was shocked. i asked her wad abt the glucose water. she told me nth was given to my baby. i was like #@$#%$#.. den i told her to give my baby formula.

    my mother in law came on the 2nd nite to see me after her work.. she arrived ard 10.30pm.. ya i noe it's way past the visiting hrs. but the indian nurse instead of informing politely she scolded my MIL.. den say only 10 mins ah only 10mins.. my MIL is a very easy goin person(i'm living with them)she oso can get pissed how gd can the nurse tone be.

    while trying to teach me to latch on my baby.. the nurses n the parentcraft advisors r all so rough with my breast.. maybe i m shy or wad.. but who will feel gd showing so many women their breast n let their breast being handled so roughly by strangers? the nurses said my nipples r flat asking me to buy nipple shield. after buying.. the parentcraft advisors came saying my nipples r ok.. dun need the shield den she even show the nurses while squeezing my nipples as tho it's a toy.. n she said the shield if i buy i shld buy a m size instead of a s size.. wth.. wasting our money..

    in the morning i told the nurses that i want to breastfeed my baby for the next feed also.. n they said ok.. i fell aslp.. my husband woke me up saying they fed my baby with formula giving the excuse of saying they forgot.. is this wad u call professional?? zzz my husband n i went for a free lesson provided.. my baby's feeding time was 5pm.. exactly the time the lesson end. the nursery nurse promised that she wont feed my baby unless she's crying n she wont feed before the time.. i m really dam pissed abt this matter. she recorded on the paper stating at 4pm i was still in class.. n she fed my baby at 5PM! the moment the lesson ended.. i asked my husband to rush to the nursery to get our baby. he reached there in less den 5mins.. the nurse told him already fed. wth.. 5 mins time my baby can finish her milk is it.. n the paper they dare to put the timing of her feeding is 5pm! dam pissed.. pissed.. PISSED OFF!

    my blood pressure was on the high side during my stay in the hospital.. there's 1 time in the afternoon.. a nurse came n took my blood pressure n it was extremely high coz i had been sitting up since the morning.. she told me to rest for a while den she'll come back 10 mins later again.. guess wad she off work n nv inform.. no one came till my husband went to tell another nurse abt it.. den 1 of them came to take my blood pressure.

    on the last day when i woke up with a paper bag of meds on the table.. just left like that. they nv come n say wad it was until my husband went to ask.. they gave excuse that i was slping in the morning. wth.. of coz morning i slp la.. i discharge during afternoon time leh.. den they dunoe how to come in n advise by themselves since they noe i m goin to be discharged ah..

    seriously i told myself.. if i m goin to give birth again.. i'll nv ever step in tmc again.. maybe to u all it's all small matters but to me.. it's extremely poor service.. comon la i m paid over 5k for my hospital stay ok.. n wad i got was this kind of service.. dam nt worth it lor

  6. pew_wife

    pew_wife New Member

    hi alicia, I tot if we stay in 1 bedded normally will have better treatment. Did you stay in 1 bedded?

  7. simbaobao

    simbaobao Member

    sorry to hear abt your experience.. indeed recently the feed back given doesn't seem very friendly.. even my frd who is staying in one bedded olso had complains abt the kind of treatment...

    sigh... now i really had to tink twice..

  8. leon

    leon Member

    Hi Alicia,

    Had similar experience as yours (but not as bad as yours) on the nurse who is also very rough with my breast & got me to buy the nipple shield which I dont think it's useful at all.

    I delivered my daughter in 2007 (normal delivery) and guess wat the nurse told me when I was in the labor room? She said "Just push when you are ready"! How on earth do i know when I m ready to push!

    Luckily there s another nurse came in and told me the baby will not come out if you dont push when you feel the contraction. Really thanked to the nurse who came in and help!

    I am due in April, finger crossed!

  9. chunmummy

    chunmummy Member

    Novi.. I was upgraded doc frm 4 bedded to 2 bedded. But seriously la.. If only 1 bedded they give better service den y they hv 2 & 4 beds for wad.. Same thing.. I m a patient there. I oso paying lor..

    Leon.. U goin bak tmc ah?

  10. jingjing14

    jingjing14 Member

    I agree the standard dropped somewhat. I was staying in one bedded. 2 yrs ago the service was excellent. This time round when I del in feb, sometimes I had to ring twice or ask them for something twice before I got things. But other than that, the nurses were still very friendly Nd helpful

  11. leon

    leon Member

    Hi Alicia,

    Yea, back to tmc lor. Tat's y finger crossed!

    Shd feedback this time round if the service not improved after hearing all the bad publicity here!

  12. pew_wife

    pew_wife New Member

    hi Leon,

    don't forget to post your experience there...i am due in May..will back there also for delivery.

  13. chunmummy

    chunmummy Member

    hmm.. hope their service will be better.. *finger cross for u also* ^.^

  14. wonderlaa

    wonderlaa New Member

    Hi All,

    Thanks for your replies.

    Actually I have delivered in TMC 2 years back. For c-section, It cost me nearly 6K for 3days. But I heard that TMC prices has increased recently, so just want to check on current rates.

    @Kymi : I am hoping for normal delivery this time. But my gynae sacred me that my uterine might rupure because I had a previous c-section. And it is harmful to baby and mother. So preparing myself for both the options.

    Does anyone of you attempted or planning for VBAC? It will be great if you can share what your gynae recommends.

  15. leon

    leon Member

    Thanks Alicia.

    Novi, I will definitely share my experience with all.

  16. jycneo

    jycneo New Member


    Can anyone advise the estimated bill for natural delivery?

  17. talydy

    talydy New Member


    i recently delivered in tmclast december. normal induced delivery. stayed in 1 bedded plus companion stay for 3d2n. cost me less than 4k. hope this helps.

  18. xenophilia

    xenophilia New Member

    I delivered on 4/3/2011 @ TMC.


    I'm very satisfied with their services.

    I opted for 4-bedded with upgrade to 2-bedded (if your pocket allows, suggest you take single room because you never know how noisy your neighour can get)


    Total Hospital Bill $4920.19

    Less Deposit -$1200

    Less Medisave -$3950


    Balance in our favour : $229.80

    Baby's Bill :$488.55

    Using Balance in our favour to offset Baby's Bill

    Final Balance : $258.75

    Total amount by cash : $1200+258.75

    Balance was paid via Medisave

    Hope this helps

  19. tansl

    tansl New Member


    Seeing your bad experience... then I better go for KKH.. after all, they are the Mother Hospital for childbirth.. [IMG=]

  20. kodomomama

    kodomomama New Member

    =( is it that bad? omg.. i am due in late april..

    *finger crossed*

  21. babybang2000

    babybang2000 New Member

    Hi Mummies, I deliver all my 3 kids in KKH. Needless to say there's bound to be hiccups but so far, it's still bearable not as bad as TMC. But for convenience sake and time saving, I opt to deliver at TMC this end July. Wished I come across this thread earlier, I would have changed my mind and stick to KKH. I was hopeful that being PTE hospital, I would expect better service and more professional staff despite being more expensive. I should have trust my instinct coz' my 1st impression when I visit TMC sucks compared to KKH. Sigh! Too late I guessed. God bless all delivering in TMC!!

  22. beautifulmom

    beautifulmom Member

    i wonder if any one delivered at TMC and stayed in a single bedder...? what's the charges like?

  23. jingjing14

    jingjing14 Member

    I del in feb and stays in 1 bedded. Had normal del with epidural and vacuum. I upgraded to premium single so I paid $240 more for 2 nights. Total bill was about 5.9k including doc and baby, haven deduct medisave.

  24. lalithaa_maniam

    lalithaa_maniam New Member

    Hi Jing Jing, does your $5.9 K include gynea fees for delivery as well?

  25. jingjing14

    jingjing14 Member

    Hi yes it does. Include gynae and anesthetist

  26. beautifulmom

    beautifulmom Member

    jingjing > understand that different ward have diff rates of medisave deduction (correct me if i'm wrong)... so how much is the medisave deduction?

    thanks! [IMG=]

  27. jingjing14

    jingjing14 Member

    Hi my medisave claimed about 2.2k for doctor($425) and hospital($1725)

  28. leon

    leon Member

    Hi all,

    Just delivered at TMC on 22 March & can feel the services have been improved compared to my first experience in year 2007.

    Nurses from delivery wad especially were really helpful, patient & professional.

    In my opinion, I m satisfied with the overall services this time.

  29. pew_wife

    pew_wife New Member

    Hi Leon,

    Congratulation for your NB.

    Glad to hear if TMC service standard is improve [IMG=]

  30. pigsfly

    pigsfly New Member

    Hi All,

    I delivered both kids in TMC. 2008 and 2010.

    2008 experience not very good. I stayed in single bed ward. Indian nurse asked me to buy nipple shield due to short nipples. But in the end I use the shield only the nipples bled straight away. Think baby suck very hard to try to get the milk, then the shield increase the pressure on the nipples and they bled. So I use once in the hospital only, cost me $14 to buy the stupid shields. Next day the parentcraft director came in. Mrs Wong Boh Boi. She is expert in breastfeeding. If you have any problems, just call for her directly. She is very good. (I have her HP if you need) I told her about the nipple shield story and she looked at my nipples and said "nonsense, your nipples are fine. Don't need nipple shield!" So there, think the nurses need more training before scaring 1st time mums to buy nipple shields.

    2010 experience. Much better. I opted for double bed ward but was upgraded to double bed premium ward (on level 5). Wow, the service there is superb. Press bell only the nurses will come in within 3 min. All the nurses are very kind and very patient. I asked for total breastfeed, so they will bring baby in everytime she cries. My milk started to come in by end of 2nd day and I started to feel engorgement. So I asked to borrow a pump in the middle of the night. I told them my parents will bring my medela pump from home first thing in the morning. I only need to borrow one time since it's in the middle of the night. They lent to me for free. They also provided sterilised glass bottles, funnels etc.

    Since then, everytime I latch baby on, I will ask them to bring me a sterilised glass bottle cos the other nipple will leak milk. They do that without grumbling.

    Think it might be the fact that I am in premier ward. So if you can afford it, upgrade to premier. If not, pray hard that they upgrade you for free (like me!).

    Good luck!

  31. doughface

    doughface New Member

    I just delivered at TMC in May 2011. The standard really drop. This is my second bb at TMC. My first bb was in Jan 2010. The anaestetist who is a lady, L**, did the epidural for me, cause so much pain and when she set the drip for me, my blood squart out. worse still, she gave me a bolus dose of epidural which cause me to be breathless! I knew the difference, cos the anaestetist who did during my first labour for my elder son, was able to do it better.

    the nurse at the delivery ward also didn't know what to do when i was breathless, say my bp ok, but breathless should be looking at SPO2 (i.e. oxygen level) instead of blood pressure. anyway by the time if any of this vital signs start dropping, bb wud be in danger already.

    Then the delivery nurse went to call the anastetist who ask her to give me oxygen and sit me up, at first she still lower me and i almost suffocated.

    After the oxygen and lowering the epidural dose, I finally got better and this delivery ward nurse still got the cheek to say i told you no need to put epidural so early, but before they call the anaestetist, she is the one who told me 4 cm dilation, most pp wud have already opt for epi...i think overall the standard really drop compared to my first delivery...

  32. bubbles79

    bubbles79 New Member

    Hi All,

    Just would like to share my recent experience.

    Delivered at TMC on 04 Jun 2011 via C-Sect.

    Stayed 4 Days 3 Nights at Premier Single Ward, as DH wanted to stay with me through out.

    Total I paid in cash after deducting Medisave and Discount from the Thomson First Baby Membership, I paid about 3.8k plus. (3k - Deposit & 800 plus is charged when I'm discharged) This is inclusive of Op fee, PD fee, BB fee and all other ward charges.

    Overall experience was Ok but definately have room for improvement. I find the nurses there helpful & pleasant except for one older nurse who was rather aloof and rough handling when she came into the ward in the middle of the night to help me change the sanitary pad on my 1st night stay.

    What I wasn't too happy about was the following;

    As my Op was in the morning at 8:00am, I registered exactly at 6:00am and was told all 1-bedded were fully taken up at the moment and whether we would wish to consider taking up the Premier Single Ward which according to her also fully taken up. (Both have to wait till after 2pm, when other patients have discharged then will be available.)

    So after discussion and my DH wish for me to stay in a more comfortable ward as it is my 1st pregnancy & via C-Sect, we decided to opt for the Premier Single Ward.

    After my Op, they temp put me up at a 2-Bedded Ward first but alas there was a PRC lady next to me shortly after whose young daughter talked loudly and running about and the relative or mother who talked over the hp loudly too.

    It was really irritating as after OP (I was on full GA, felt very drowsy and sleepy)just wanted to rest but simpply can't.

    So I asked DH to checked several times with the nurses when they could transfer me to the Premier Ward. They later said btw 2-3 PM. Alright, I waited and waited.

    Finally, they said the room was ready and 2 nurses pushed me from 3rd Level to 5th Level. The moment the lift opened. Another nurse at the 5th Level told the 2 nurses in unhappy tone that why they pushed me up?! The ward was not ready yet. Seems that there was a miscommunication.

    The 2 nurses later apologised and pushed me to the corridor and left me & my DH waiting there for like 10mins before saying that our Ward was ready. But my DH noted that the Ward floor was dirtied. Seems like they have not properly cleaned up the Ward yet. But we decided to let it go as I really needed some rest.

    It seems that TMC was very short-handed that day. Heard that it was a very busy month for May & June, but personally I still think that is no execuse for poor service given that it is a private hospital & charges more expensive.

    But the porter who helped us to push our barang barang downstairs when I discharged, left an impression on me. Great & friendly guy!

  33. babycrasher

    babycrasher New Member

    hi, if u have any complaints against TMC, should really email to them and take note of the nurses' name. It should be more effective.

    Hope their standards have improved...

  34. porkylim

    porkylim Member

    after hearing so much stories abt TMC, its kinda scarey...

    anyway is it that i opt for 4-bedder, they will auto upgrade to 2-bedder?

    So how any mummies never get upgraded?

  35. sugarsweet

    sugarsweet Member

    I opted for the 4 bedded. No upgrade.

    1st night abit noisy as one of my neighbour vomitted. 2nd night all my neighbour went home and I got the whole room all by myself. So its better than the single ward room.Bigger room.

  36. babycupid

    babycupid Guest

    My sis, a close frend and myself delivered our bbs recently. All of us opted for 4 bedded and both of them got upgraded but not me. I was assigned to 4 bedded but my hb told them to change to 2 bedded (prepared to pay for it). Ended up they didnt charge us.. Not sure if it is a mistake.. [IMG=]

    Service wise I find it ok.. I am glad to have that midwife attending to me.. She indeed very supportive and did helped me to relax and breathe properly during my last 30mins of labour (without epidural).

    Cost wise i find it expensive. I think MT A is much cheaper than TMC. With such a short labour I have (slightly less than 3 hrs) I have to pay 1.7k cash after medisave deduction of 2.1ks

    3 years ago I delivered my #1 in TMC too.. I spent 13hrs in delivery suite and only paid 2ks cash after medisave deduction.

  37. agent

    agent New Member

    hi..i just delivered 1 week back at TMC. The gynae charged me $2140 (before deducting medisave $700) for her doctor charges. Is it considered ex?

  38. lusciousd

    lusciousd New Member

    I delivered via emergency C-sect at the end of Oct 2011. My waterbag leaked but my cervix wldnt open. So my gynae, Dr Hii Hoi Chin, scheduled me in for the Ops that very aftnoon at TMC. I opted for epidural C-sect and the anaesthetician, a Chinese guy, was great. Felt that he 'stapled' me twice on my back. Didnt think it was painful.

    I opted for 4-bedded but was upgraded to 2-bedded. Altgh I had to wait for quite sometime before being wheeled up to my rm, the nurses at the OT are very considerate n friendly. In fact, most of the nurses are friendly and competent. Though I wished I had met Clara from Parentcraft on Day 1 to teach me on how to latch my baby properly.

    My only gripe during my stay was when the Filipino nurse at observation room (while waiting for ops) messed up when she tried to hook me up on the drip. First try, poked me on the area near my wrist and plaster me up etc. When she spotted a clearer vein, she removed da needle and proceeded to get a new one before poking me again for the second time. Im okay with needles/injections so this just annoyed me but others will find it painful!

    The second botch-up job by the same Filipino nurse was when she inserted the catheter. I thk she's very rough, so it's very painful. Felt like kicking her face!! I believe it wld hv been bearable if she's gentler like the nurse who removed it on my 3rd day of stay.

    Hope those who chose TMC would hv a gd time like moi.. I was on 'soft' diet for 3 days and opted for halal chic porridge, mee sua soup, kway teow soup, sandwiches etc and all tasted good. On Day 4, I opted for halal lontong for breakfast (before discharge) from their normal menu and its delicious!!

    Btw, due to the new govt Maternity Package, Tmc reimbursed $18 to me and didnt hv to pay anymore than the $1.2k deposit!

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