Any one can recommend a good pre sch/ kindergarden in Red Hill/Tiong Bahru/River Vallay area??

Discussion in 'Year 2007 Mums' started by happymum1010, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. happymum1010

    happymum1010 New Member

    Hi, my elder daughter and younger one is turning 3 and 2 yrs olds in 2009. Though of sending them to a pre sch but have no idea of choosing a good one ard this area. Please assist me by giving some recommendation? Eg: Montessori? Christian kindergarten... ???

    Your help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. choc

    choc New Member

    Hi, my boy also turning two next year. I am also thinking of sending him to preschool but don't seem to find any nearby that area. The nearest I can find is at forum.
  3. chara

    chara New Member

    Is queenstown considered? There's a church childcare at Alexandra Road-Milk & Honey Day Care Ctr..and there's a Kinderland near Crescent Girls' School, nearest MRT Redhill.
  4. happymum1010

    happymum1010 New Member

    Hi Claris,

    Thanks for your Info. You were saying that the church childcare at Alexandra Road-Milk & Honey Day Care Ctr. Is that a childcare or kindergarden? Do you have the sch name of it? Really thank you so much for your help [​IMG]
  5. zan_04

    zan_04 New Member

  6. weishy

    weishy New Member

    hi ladies:i'm staying at telok blangah and lookign for a suitable pre school for my girl of 1yr...abit too early but just wanna look see look see first
  7. rayshy

    rayshy New Member

    can try Eager Beaver at Mount Faber Safra. Enviroment quite nice
  8. leenoel

    leenoel New Member

    Hi Mummies,
    I am looking for a playgroup school for my son who is turning 18mths old in few days. I have tried Startots @ Strathmore Ave but they have no vacancy already. WOnder is there any other good playgroup around Queenstown area??
  9. natsk

    natsk Member

    hi leeneol, i have a daughter who just turned 21mths and i m keen to start playgroups/playdates for her and some of my frens children. currently we have 2 other boys and my girl. u keen? i m at depot rd area. pl email me to discuss if interested. i m a sch teacher myself.
  10. jeslynsoo

    jeslynsoo New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    My son turning 18 months in May 09. Would like to send him to playgroup or childcare. Anyone have good recomendation in Queestown area??
  11. cpyeo

    cpyeo New Member

    Both of my kids (K2 & Nursery) are in Faith Kindergaten located at Commonwealth MRT station. They enjoy school a lot... the teachers & principal loved children v much & it's a pretty hands-on sch..they try to do everything themselves. V good in imparting Christian values & character building
  12. jeslynsoo

    jeslynsoo New Member

    Hi Carol,

    I would like to enrol my boy for playgroup. Can I have your email address to discuss as I am interested. My boy turning 18 months in May 09. Or you may email me at
  13. vivian_hsp

    vivian_hsp Member

    Hi mummies,

    i would like to find out usually mummies send your child to the childcare near your place or near your workplace?

    for my case i am staying in queenstown and i am working at serangoon north... i cannot rush back in time if i were to send my child to nearby my house unless i ask my mil to pick my child up for me. but i dun really wish to trouble her.

    and i am consider if to send my child at Leng Kee CC despite the mosquito problem if i were to send my child near queenstown... any comments? i am afraid of dengue leh....
  14. mei2

    mei2 New Member


    Understand that Arts Kid at tiong bahru CC is good.

    Teachers are important.

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