****Any feedback/review on Dr Lawrence Ang??****

Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by kwxy, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. kwxy

    kwxy New Member

    Hi Mummies...i need to know abt Dr Lawrence Ang...the one at Sun Plaza..Thanks!! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  2. shelly

    shelly New Member

    Hi Kwxy,

    You can try out the Gynae at TMC Dr S. T. Beh. He is very patience and good in stitching skills.

  3. neon

    neon New Member


    Dr Lawrence Ang is good. He is my gynae for my 3 boys. Just delivered my 3rd boy last month by him

  4. xenophilia

    xenophilia New Member

    Hi, I just delivered by last minute C-sect through Dr Ang. Personally, I am very happy with him for several reasons.

    1. He is very experienced & professional. in my 38th week, my blood pressure shot up. Although i explained to Dr. Ang that I was probably just nervous about childbirth, he did not take any chances and he sent my blood for a test. Apparently I had a pregnancy complication - Pre-eclaimsia. Dr Ang then patiently spoke to my Hubby & me to advise us of the options... which is either to go for a C-Sect or Induce. He advised us of the risks involved & so we decided on a C-Sect.

    When Dr. Ang delivered my Baby, her umbilical cord was actually around her neck. Thank God, that we didn't opt to induce because... we could have lost our baby. So,we are very grateful to Dr. Ang.

    2. Dr. Ang (although forgetful) - but it's understandable because he has sooooo many patients. He's actually a very cool gynae. He doesn't alarm you unnecessarily and I like his style. Eg. He encouraged us to travel more during the pregnancy.

    3. And his stitching? I was up and about the very next morning. (I delivered at 11pm)... and when Dr. Ang removed my plaster, my hubby couldn't even see the stitches.

    The nurses/staff at his clinic may seem intimidating at first, but they are really very nice people. They may seem fierce and sometimes even rude, but seriously, they are just.. busy. LOL.

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  5. verluv

    verluv Guest

    Yup, what i can comment is that the clinic is really a very busy place. There must be a reason why his business is so good!

    I have not delivered yet but so far my experience with him is good except for the waiting time if you do not have any appointment.

  6. smn8728

    smn8728 New Member

    Dr. Ang is good but his nurse are suck.

    We see Dr. Ang during the 32 weeks and sign the package and we canceled the package after 3rd visit. My wife called Thomson Medical to complain about his nurse attitude (The old and fat nurse) and got the refund of $100.

  7. missycandy

    missycandy Active Member

    aiyo. most of the time she is grouchy. but she can be nice. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  8. irenekoh

    irenekoh Member

    Hi Dr Ang is good and professional. If want good nurse, visit him at Thomson instead of sun plaza. The nurses at Thomson is much patience and kind but u need to pay extra $11 admin charge when u see him at Thomson and waiting time is short.

  9. hansel

    hansel Member

    Dr Ang delivered my 1st bb and i'm seeing him for my 2nd now. thumbs up for him - basically what Jacqueline said i second! hahaah

    The nurses - waahahahah they can indeed b a put off esp if it's your 1st time there. The auntie Simon mentioned - yeap, she is always grouchy, even rude. wahahahaah. I've seen her nice before though rare lol. BUT, to b fair, the clinic is perpetually busy even when they say 'not so busy' u see 5-6 in the Q n gotta wait for at least 20mins. all the best in finding a gynae u r comfortable w! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  10. i m a first time mummy who is going to due in June. so far my visits to DR ANG are quite good & feel very comfortable. he is quite a funny man. he explained things although fast but quite detailed. i remembered my first visit to him, i have a list of questions which me & my hubby wan to ask him. he jus say the answers out when i have not ask him yet. he mentioned tat these are common questions. i had once called him before the clinic start. he patiently ans my questions & did ask me to go see him if i still dun feel comfortable. he is ready to see me first on urgent case which it did happen.

    the nurses there, so far i have not encounter anyone who is rude & fierce to patients. they have been very friendly with me. but i know who u refering to. she is normally more fierce to the chinese nurse managing the cashier. ya the queue is long, waiting time can be more than 30 mins.

  11. blueice06

    blueice06 New Member

    yup yup...so far i have very good experience with Dr Ang too...he's not those typical docs who juz wana earn big bucks, hes sincere abt helping us..hee...

    as for the nurses, i tink they only look fierce la...but when they strt tokg to me, they are quite nice and patient leh...

  12. mscarpediem

    mscarpediem Member

    Dear all,

    Thanks for sharing all your experiences! Mind sharing his package/delivery charges and the date you had delivered/are delivering?

  13. xuansmum

    xuansmum Member

    I have my fisrt bb with Doc Ang and now i'm seeing him for the 2nd pregnancy.

    He is still as calm, positive and busy as usual.

    His package is $550 and the ETD for the delivering is quite accurate.


  14. happylife4e

    happylife4e New Member

    My 2 boys was delivered by Dr Ang.

    My ex- colleagues total 6, all their kids was also delivered by him..LOL..

    comment about him: Good with reasonable price.

    I like him! Cool guy !

  15. hong

    hong Active Member

    I see Dr Ang at TMC at certain day of the week. I prefer the nurse at TMC more as they are much more friendly but that was 5yr ago. MY boy was delivered by him thru c-section cos i have a breach bb. He is good.

  16. tingie

    tingie Member

    My first child just delivered by him via c-section. IF you are looking for a gentle-speaking, loving & a doctor who can shower you with TLC then don't go to him... He is a practical, direct and cool doctor , as most pple say he doesn't alarm you unneccesarily. He entertains your queries and try to let you understand what he needs you to know and make informed decisions. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  17. limlim

    limlim Active Member

  18. littlemomos

    littlemomos New Member

    Hi all,

    all my 3 kids were delivered by him since 2005. I juz delivered my 3rd one on 02/08/2011. No complains really, at least you know are in safe hands. Very down to earth guy, nice chap. He's popular n thus waiting time can be quite long most of the times.

  19. goofy79

    goofy79 New Member

    He is good and professional for delivering our newborn on 15 Aug 2011. We know we are in safe hands.

    I will go back to him for my 2nd bb in the future.

  20. xiangmum

    xiangmum Member

    He is good.

    he delivered my baby last year and i had a good experience with him.

    at least i did not felt scare during that time when i know he is there with us.


  21. hunnymummy

    hunnymummy Member

    words cannot express how much i like dr ang as my obgyn[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] he's got it in his blood to be a dr. his 2 others brothers are doctors too just like his dad, who was famous for not going on leave for holidays and such becos he cannot leave his patients. came out on the newspaper when he died as a tribute to him.. need we say more?[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  22. 09mumtobe

    09mumtobe Member

    I think he is good too, very committed and responsible gynes, he will transfer his clinic phone line to his own hp after clinic hours so that his patient can reach him in case of emergency, i have never know another gynes who did that! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] my first one was delivered by him...

  23. vivienne86

    vivienne86 New Member

    he is my gynae for my first boy in 2010. He is great. i have quite a number of ex colleagues was delivered by him, some even drove from pasir ris to sunplaza. if i have bb2, i will definitly go back to him again..

  24. jkids

    jkids Member

    anyone had done under general anesthesia under dr ang? can u share your experience about his stitching skills? where and what they use to knock u out? whats the side effect when wake up, other than pain?

  25. joliely

    joliely New Member

    i went to his clinic for checkup today but was irritated with him with his plump nurse in his room. (the one who always at the counter)I waited for almost 2 hrs.but saw him only 5-7mins. the plump nurse came in n in between our conversation she came infront on the left put some case note on his table.was rude blocking me.He at the same time talking to her abt her trip back from china.wanting to see her photography, asking what places she been?etc.she loves talking to him, u want to see. she went outcame in again with her photos. talk...what is this? I a patient eh.. can't they talk after work? They have plenty of time later.He does not look professional,That nurse looks like a toilet cleaner dresses shapy.I remembered the last time i was there she in out his room banging the door loudly so irritating. i will not go back again. terrible experience.

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