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Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by 09mumtobe, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. 09mumtobe

    09mumtobe Member

    Hi all mummies,

    im going to hire a new maid as my current indon maid contract will end this month ; she had worked for 2 years, her first year is $350 salary with one off day every month. Actually she is suppose to get her first off day after 6 month of working but seem she did her job well, i started her off day on her third month onward. She is good and did her job well, caring and responsible to my daughter (2yr old) so we decided to increase her pay to $400 on her 2nd year. But now seem she wanted to go back because of some home issue, i need to find a replacement.

    i went back to my maid agency to get a new maid but they told me there is a pay hike this year for indon maid and they recommanded me one with experience, salary is $450+$20 if no off day (that is for the first 8 month when she need to repay the loan), i was very surprise by the high pay hike, the maid had 8 yrs of working experience in spore, does anyone recently hired a maid?? Can you share your experience? thanks..

    when i asked around, i find that the maid salary that i will be going to pay is very high!!! i should have think/research more before commiting, now i feel that im conned... [IMG=]

  2. newbiemum

    newbiemum Member

    yeah it is... i just enquired with several maid companies as well.. all $400 (non experience), $420 - $450 for experienced and additional $$ for NO OFF DAY.

  3. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    ya, the rates r now thr abt same. I wonder why now they're getting off days.

    Indo maids tend to hv 'family issues' esp when they're gg back/intending to go bk.

    My current one's a trsf, also hv this prob(cos from the time she worked for my ex cleaner, now it's abt her 2yrs contract due liao, very smart, made us pay for her tkt to n fro bk last yr before the trsf and now said got family prob need to go bk liao can't work 2 yrs for us...)

    My replacement is one of a more matured age, new with no experience - we prefer, so can get used to our routine better with no comparison and won't hv so many 'friends' and cos we dun like them to hv offdays, w/out such friends, easier.

  4. minc

    minc New Member

    I am also hiring a maid. For indo maid no experience the salary is $450 with no off day.

    Actually I hv already place deposit wif the agency early oct only until ytday then confirm of the maid after looking thru bio data. I must say tat maid now even chose for their employer bcos my propority is must hv exp in taking care of bb, they are abt 4 maids tat rejected me .... I am so tired n worried so many prob even the maid has come...

  5. mummychanel

    mummychanel Member


    I am also paying 460 for indo maid with supposingly 9 years of Singapore working experience. With no off day, she will get 480 when her maid loan is completed.

    Previously, I paid 350 for mymnar maid with no exp and no off day. But communication is abid issue.

    Think the indo maid salary is really very high now ....

  6. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    ya, indo maids salaries r now abt same as filipino's. not all of their english can make it though. I overheard a lady complaining 'exorbitant' when she saw e amt of pay the indo maids are asking for nowadays, I cldn't helped but kept laughing, hahaha. totally agree, that's why I don't quite wanna hire another Indo maid liao. Since they also hv a choice of off days, it makes them not much diff frm filipino maids liao and they usually dun plan long term(earn enuf wanna go bk liao).

  7. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    how much is the agency fee u ladies r paying? I'm paying S$388 + S$100 addnl for choosing a filipino maid.

  8. matched_gal

    matched_gal Member

    how about filipino maids? anyone giving more than a day off per mth? my maid has a day off per mth after she finished her loan, but i foresee she wud b asking for 2 days nxt yr... haiz...

    how much r u all paying ur filipino maids with ard 1 yr experience?

  9. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    I think we shldn't agree to more of their requests, we'd be setting precendents for our future 'trouble'. Tt's also one reason why I rather hire a filipino now, since they wanna up their salaries, then dun hire them lor. Else, these agencies/maids wld think they can do anything they want/ask...

  10. bluedaisy

    bluedaisy New Member

    A lesson I learn is to never give your maid off days. They go out make friends, have boyfriends and come back without focus. Too much complications.

  11. janicehoon

    janicehoon New Member

    Agency Package A: $388

    Upon Selection $200

    Upn Handover $188+ Placement Fee (8 to 9 months)

    Maid Salary

    $400 to $450

    $20(in-lieu of no off day)

    Insurance $267.50

    Security Bond Protector $53.50

    Monthly Levy $265 or $170

    >>To mum05

    which agency u go?

    Let share experience

  12. janicehoon

    janicehoon New Member


    PLACEMENT FEE $420*8=$3360

    AGENCY FEE $388


    TOTAL COST = $4069


  13. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    janice, hv emailed u. which agency did u go to?

  14. janicehoon

    janicehoon New Member


    Maids Specialist

    [ Licence No: C646901F ]

    Corporate Office:

    390 Victoria Street,

    Golden Landmark Shopping Complex,

    # 02 - 58

    Singapore 188061

    Tel :

    6296 5373

    Fax :

    6296 5374

    Email :

    Operating Hours:

    Monday to Friday : 9.30 am to 6.30 pm

    Saturday : 9.30 am to 3.30 pm

    mum05 which agency u went to ? can post some details, thanks

  15. kristle

    kristle Member

    nowadays all agent jack up their price and the maid are all seem like coming for holiday.

    my current one is philipino and she got no off days and she came on her 3rd working day demand facebook, internet and go meet her cousin who is working here! i tried to brainwash her and get my philipino friend to talk to her and she been good for a few weeks and on off keep asking to go out and told me how she was cheated at her home country as they promise cellphone and off days are allow.

    i told her i pick u up at agent and they repeat all these are no no and i pay u extra and she keep quiet. been treating her well and she take me for granted. her meals intake portion are huge and she dare to tell me her husband told her to eat fat fat and go back.

    told her to brush up her english so she can work as sales girl here earning 1k plus and she dare to tell me no point, coz she got to pay room rental,food etc and might be less than what she work as a maid.

    Even up to now going towards her 4month working for me , still asking every now and then. imo, at least after yr loan finish then u start asking i will find it more reasonable. but she was so eager for all request.

    so well mummies here. is really heng or suay to get a good maid. any agent is the same. so no point going to ex agent thinking that they will provide good maid.

  16. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    ya agree with Kristle, hiring a maid depends on our luck, haiz... However, a good agent/agency wld render the needed help when required.

    We went to Budget maid, really don't understand why is there a need for such high agency fee and still gotta pay addnl S$100 for filipino. Buay tahan. Felt like we're under their mercy...

    We've selected 2 maids(1 for standby) but were only told, 1 wk later, that both din report to the training centre and we have to re-select, aiyoh! Emailed to us some maids' bio-data, some w/out photos, how to select?! Wl hv to go to their office again.


  17. janicehoon

    janicehoon New Member

    OMG, mum05 for the budget maid downpayment Payment how much u pay after your selection of the maid?

    I heard from some agency that for filipino, employer had to pay for their airfare to singapore as compared to indonesia domestic helper.

    Correct me if im wrong.

    Cannot decide between filipino or indo.

    Any good advise, mummies.


  18. janicehoon

    janicehoon New Member

    As an FDW employer, we are responsible for our maid’s general well-being including food, accommodation, basic necessities and medical care.

    But must we provide facebook, internet and cellphone ? Really think come here for holiday and we include free accomodation, foods & basic toiletries.


    How much agenct fee u pay for the filipino helper? Thanks

  19. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    janice, what's downpayment ar? their loan amt isit? That one I tot depends on individual maid?

    Ya, they're too much lor, tt's why I'm now against hiring Indo maids, cos they r demanding same things as filipinos and yet they usually won't work long for u one, once they've got enuf money, they'd wanna go bk liao.

    According to MOM, if they go bk(not for holidays), employers are responsible for their air tickets, but I'm not sure abt the one that brings them here(wld reckon it's covered in watever fees they're charging anyway).

    I think we shld avoid adhering to too much of their requests, things not related to their work to help us. Once we give in to one request, more will definitely come. Tell them, we go work in a Company, we also are not allowed these stuffs, they're here to work, not to hv leisure. And these are the standard requirements of a maid, they shld hv known/considered all these before they decide to come over.

    Actually, most of the employers like us are considered very good alr, we give them ample rest, ample/proper food(eat the same as us-fish/meat(all the good type), not everyday/meal), pay for all their necessities. Imagine if they kana those 'bad' employers whom only allow them to eat instant noodles every meal? and made to hand-wash the whole family's clothings. I heard from someone, her friend's maid even had to hide the egg under the fridge for fear that the employer will find out. I think these demanding maids must all meet wif such employers to appreciate us.

    With my current maid(a trsf frm my ex-cleaner), being a first timer, I've learnt a lesson - Don't be too nice to these maids. As long as we do not torture/abuse them, I think it's good enough.

  20. janicehoon

    janicehoon New Member

    hi mum05, i meant how much u pay for deposit after the selection of maid at budget.


  21. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    janice, so far we've paid 500+, with 388+100 being the agency fee. can't rem exact must look at receipt.

  22. kristle

    kristle Member

    my filipino maid agency fee of $488 + her insurance, safety cost all add up to close to 1k even more she come. and all these does not guarantee she is good. so what she is fresh maid, yet all her relatives that is maid already taught her this and that.

    so my next one i am getting ex sin indo maid. as indo maid they are not choosy abt food, not so lazy and not much request. but since she is ex sin, i expect some requests but definetely not before her loan finish.

    my current filippino ask her to wipe with a damp cloth of my ds cot and she never wipe one side coz she lazy to push the cot out. i found out and she insist she did. i run my finger across and show her the dirt and she just say forget. wat a big lier. so well if the next replacement doesnt work i will either go to a new agency or send my ds to infant care.

    sidetrack: do ask agent if wanna send back and exchange any min time frame? need to pay any lodging? and hidden cost to changing? coz i kena all this from my agent.

    1.i need to use my maid for min 1 month before any change. hello if she bully my son how to keep her for 1 month?

    2. food and lodging at $10 per day till got new employer engage her as transfer maid. max 30 days. oh gosh! what happen if agent make the new employer to pick up 1 month later? cunning.

    3. if i choose filipino i got to paid their insurance the 5k bond again (is govt rule that the bond is pegged to maid name, not to emplyer name so we got to reapply and it cost abt $100 max) but my agent wanna me to pay at $300 and they profit 3 folds from that. then might as well i change a new agent that is charging $300 plus since it work out the same?

    Is my first time getting a maid so i thought all these are the norm till i found out got a lot more agents that are not as cunning as them. so decide well.

  23. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    Kristle, wished I had read yr latest post before I went to the agency, [IMG=]

    Hope our new maid ok, need not be changed, haiz.

    My current one, from Indo, supposed to be fresh(even before she's being trsfed to us) but she seems not, I'm not sure abt this point. Big liar too, always this n that story... I prefer fresh maids 'cos tis way, they will tend to compare less.

    At first, she was hardworking, fw mths down the road, she began to slack, I took over the care of my bb totally becos of the show of slack and then, cleaning also tend to 'eat' abit, til same, I have to run my finger along the dust area to prove to her that she's lied.

    Initially played with my #1 very well, but slowly, she wld even fight with my kid, terrible.

    Some said filipino maids full of requests, some said Indo 'hard to teach'/dun work for long(earn enuf wanna go bk liao).

    I think, whether they're Indo or filipino maid, we can't adhere too much of their requests nor treat them too well that they climb over our head(My thinking is to treat them fairly but was sooo wrong).

    Which agency did u go to? Since they're sooo unscrupulous, shld share the Co's name so we can all avoid gg to them.

  24. mybabybubble

    mybabybubble Guest

    me receving my maid this sat.. seeing e exp mummies faced mks me st feel no maid. its my hb who kinda insist hv a maid. #2 pooping in 3rd wk of nov and #1 been taken care by nanny since she 2 mths old...

    but cirucmstances changes lor.. we move house then nanny also taking of her niece #1 who ju turn 1 yrs old and #2 pooping in mar.. how she taen care so many...

    i also cant give up my wld else financially we wld be quite bad off. modern wking mummy dilema.. not that dun wan gv birth more sometimes, but when have kids and maid prob its all taen care by e woman and guy just hands off

  25. smiggleprincess

    smiggleprincess Active Member


    We work so hard to earn money and suffer our bosses..and yet have to leave our kids with stranger and put up with her..

    I tot we are supposed to work to make our lives better?

    Sometimes I don't really see e logic...

  26. memories03

    memories03 New Member

    I going to delivered in 18 nov so i got my maid on 18 oct..hope to familiarise with the family lst.. she is a gd helper to mi n my family ..She is new in SG but have been working in HK for 4 yrs den go back filipi to start her own family.. She has experience in hsework .. BAck in her own country, she have to tk care of her children (2 & 4)so she working back time baby sitter + cook..

    her salary is $450, additional off day $30.. i quite happy with her service jus now her cooking onli small portion.. my MIL is training her to cook more..

    i hope when my bb is born, she will be indeed a gd 1 as i got no experience n this is the 1st one in the family..

    anywayi got this maid fr


    Recruit Asia Private Limited.

    390 Victoria Street #02-57

    Golden Landmark Hotel

    Singapore 188061

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Office # : 6837-3879 / 6299-1601

    H/P # : 9818-5629

    Fax # : 6837-3875

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    website :

    E-mail :

    As this is the 1st hiring a helper, Teena readi explain in details all the necessary things to mi... her service is gd..

    these is the total amt involved:

    Amount involved:

    $888.00 – Agency fee of $ $398.00

    - premium fee for MOM letter of guarantee bond (in lieu of $5,000.00 cash bond)- required by Ministry if Manpower (MOM)

    - Premium fee of $40,000 accidental and disablement insurance – required by MOM

    - Premium fee of $15,000 – hospitalization and surgical insurance coverage – required by MOM

    - General medical screening in Singapore (those reqiuired by MOM)

    - work permit applciation

    - thumprinting, photo taking and other required documentation by MOM

    - Hepa A & B test is not included (optional for $50.00)

    $2,400.00 – Norma’s placement fee to the agency where all the overseas expenses (Training, medical, food and lodgin in the Phillippines ) ,insurance in home country, predeployment cost and 2 months placment

    (This amount is to be deducted from her 6 consecutive months salary)

    $3,288.00 - Totall

    Terms of payment = $1,644.00 first payment upon confirmation and signing of allt he docuemnts for submission to MOM

    $1,644.00 full payment when Norma arrives /start wortking with you

  27. adam__sophias_mummy

    adam__sophias_mummy New Member

    cost of maids has gone up this year for sure, our last philipino maid that was with us less then a year costs us 360, replaced with indonesian maid with experience, cost 460... seems like the rates have increased across the board now, my ex maid bot a pay rise with new employer, now being paid above 400.... everything is going up. no exception here.

  28. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    ya sharon, actually a group of maid agencies have ganged up on this and most of them have been fined by the govt. However, the fine didn't bring down this problem, the govt should do something abt this I feel, 'cos afterall, they wanted us to have more kids and yet still want us to go and work rite?(not that I'm under the latter category)...

  29. babycrasher

    babycrasher New Member

    yup they kena fined already but the cost still dont go down. Sigh.

  30. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    ya lor, tt's why my current maid now wanna quit la. citing family prob. current agency told me they all got family prob one, hahaha. ya la, so shit-tified! We also got family prob, then what, quit also?

  31. 09mumtobe

    09mumtobe Member

    Hi mummies,

    thanks for sharing in this thread.

    As for my updates, my new maid had come and work for a week plus. Overall performance is very good, she can do housework well, listen to my mum's instruction attentively and mostly capture my instruction the first times. She is v hardworking and will always write down whenever she afraid she will forget anything. i did ask about her past experience. She work twice in singapore before, the first time is with chinese family for 3 yrs that had a crazy mdm who sometimes scream at her using a knife and the second employer is a malay family which had 5 children. 2 yrs. smallest child 5 yrs, 10 yrs, 14 yrs, 16yrs and 20 yrs. She had to do all the housework and take care of the family. sleep at 11pm and wake up at 4am to prepare bfast for family, never had off day in 2 yrs...must always stay at hm, cannot go out, even weekend with family.

    If what she told me are all true, i really pity her for having to be in such enviornment/employers...

    But because of this, she is very happy in my home, we all treat her nice and my expectation is very simple, just keep the house clean, learn cooking from my mum, sometimes help my mum take care of my daughter and go ahead and rest if u have done all your chores...i know this is just a beginning and maid may change over time..but i believe if i am fair to her and treat her well, talk to her often and about my expectation of her, the rest is up to our fate whether she can still work in my house...

  32. 09mumtobe

    09mumtobe Member

    Just one thing that she is not as good as my previous maid is that, my daughter still cannot accept her, she treat her as a stranger, cannot play togther...but i think this is understandable as children need time to accept new faces....

  33. 09mumtobe

    09mumtobe Member

    >newbiemum, you are right, i asked around and this is the response i got to, experience $450 and above, additional $$ for NO off day

    >minc, $450 for indo maid with no experience is a bit steep, u may want to ask around...have you got a helper? i can introduce u the agency that i went to...

    >janice, your agency charge you quite high, i remember mine is $288 then plus insurance altogether is around $500 plus ( i have to check i forget already), the next payment is her loan (8 month salary), just two payment..

    >kristle, your philp. maid is too far!! sometimes im thinking because they have not met bad employers before, that's why they had so many unreasonable requests...

    >kristle & mum05, Mmmm...i agreed partially on what u mention, actually i did go though a few agency (big and small) before i settle on this "Lucky Five employment" i know very funny hor the maid employment name. They are own by husband and wife, they went down to both countries to hand-pick the maids so i got my first and second (the current one) from them. The difference between this company and other companies is that (what i feel), they are more human when treating the maids (in term of food and communication) they communicate to them to let them know why they are here and what do they want. They at least did not give me a feeling that they just want to push sale (anyhow push one maid to me) just like those Big agency...

    i will tell them straight what i expect from a maid (why i want a helper from the first pl), then from there, they will try to filter a suitable one for me, i think this helps a lot as it minmise your chances of getting a employee who cannot fit into the job that she is looking for, moreover they provide consulting if there are communication breakdown between u and maid and also unlimited replacement if not unsuitable. So to minimise this hassle, they also want u to find a suitable one. Okay, i sound like im selling this agency but i have not connection/linked with them, just purely my opinion. But because the husband and wife are always v busy, i got to call and push them to follow up my case when engaging with them...But of course, at the end of the day, it still depend on our fate/luck whether can find a good maid...

    >mum05, your agency charge u v high too! i did not have another fee to pay after your selection, this is crazy man! have u find your helper?

    >fion, dont be disheartened, my #2 also popping end of this year, that why i continue to hire a maid, i still believe there are good maids around. when u approached your agency, tell them your situation and request for a helper who had experience to take good care of infant/toddler...if that is your top prority!!

    >memories03, thanks for sharing! good to hear that u have got a good helper, let's hope that they can continue to do their job well so that we can concentrate to bring more money to our family and they can also benefit from it as well! [IMG=]

    >Shahron Leong & mum05, yah! every expense go up but bo pian leh, i also v heartpain on the money but if we need to hire, we need to hire because i do not want to give up my job... [IMG=] i went through the list of maid agency that ganged up, heng! the one i go is not in the list ar...

  34. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    clarin, not sure if there's other cost to pay, but we also paid S$500+ at the beginning. The maid we've chosen + the one we chose as standby, both didn't turn up at the training centre and we had to go down for another selection last wk. Hopefully this one will make it lor.

    I guess it all depends on our luck, whether the maid we get will be good(or even stay as good) or not. My current one was good too and I must say she can really work, but time told us otherwise. Maybe cos she's an Indo and they have this tendency to want to go back already when work for enough $.

    There's always good and bad on different type/country of maid, so we'll have to base on our preference and needs to select one.

    Sian, but what to do...

    Btw, how much is yr maid's loan amt?

    Oh, u hv the list ar, cld u pm me the list? Thks!

  35. 09mumtobe

    09mumtobe Member

    Mum05> dont be disheartened, while waiting for the helper to come, do you have any other help? like your mum or mil? My current maid loan is $450 X 8 months, that come out to b $3600, so she can only recieve her first pay on the ninth month, quite pitiful i think, i cannot imagine if i were her, but if she is good (she got to continue to proof to me, like what she is doing now!), i am willing to give her more allowance to motivate her, know being a house maid is not easy...

    Actually hubby and i intend to have maid for another 2 years only...after that i think helper will not b necessary..[IMG=]

  36. 09mumtobe

    09mumtobe Member

    oh yah! u mentioned the list, i saw it in the newspaper, i did not keep the list, but i remember one of it is "Nation"...

  37. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    clarin, same here, but it's my personal preference to have the maid for 2 yrs only, due to the arrival of #2 earlier this year. but it seems like we're getting used to hving housechores taken care of daily instead of the usual partime cleaning once/twice a week. will see how things go in the near future.

    current maid's still with us, told her to at least work til mid Dec - that's the timing our new maid is supposed to arrive, not confirmed yet. told her 'cos she told us too suddenly and she said ok, but lately, she started to lose concentration again, aiyoh really buay tahan these maids, haiz... must rem to call the maid agency to find out status of new maid.

    u can be reasonable to them, but dun pity them, else u'd hv yrself to pity for, really. I've learnt my lesson...

  38. mybabybubble

    mybabybubble Guest


    my maid also been w me for a week plus liao. so far so gd also but st takes time to see overall performance. till at least 1/3/6/12 before give another verdict [IMG=]

    for me my gal she st goes to nanny house till next wk prior i go for my csection. during wkday, maid wld wk up ard 5 plus to st cleaning her room then st to do some simple hse chores like washing clothes. we wld all be out by 730 and she wld settle her own bksfast and lunch. come dinner we wld either buy bk or like tomo she need 2 settle herself cos i wk late.

    till bb is out she wld be busier n hope things are fine. hope some mths later when i post here she wld st be ok..

    frankly i dun hv much expectation. i st feel havin nanny taking care of upcoming bb n my gal wld be better but its e travelling dist and hb w shcedule is also getci diff for him go up n down @ times. last few weks when he was in Aus, i need to struggle bring my gal to nannt house w my preggy tummy and going 2 wk

  39. 09mumtobe

    09mumtobe Member

    mum05, thanks, i know what u meant, yah, i also keep reminding myself that and hopefully she is still as good as after a few more months. If i were u, i will follow up with the agency closely, to let them know that im urgent and take my case seriously, dont tell me last minutes, whatever reason again...since she is leaving, try not to frustrate yourself, as long as those important things she need to do, do them well, the rest can close one eye liao...wish u good luck on your next maid! [IMG=]

    Fion, congratulation! Try not to tired yourself too much now, u need rest. Frankly speaking, a nanny is definitely better than a maid if we want them to take care of our kids, of course there will still b expectional case. i can only say this kind of thing cannot be forced, too bad, just leave them to fate, we can only do what we can, that is to communicate to them and try to train them loh...[IMG=]

  40. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    Does anyone know if we'll get full refund if we cancel our maid booking?

    Our current agent had dragged and dragged whenever our selected maid(s) couldn't be contacted, and a mth has passed and now we've only just done our 3rd selection of a new maid, geez! By the time all the documentations r completed, we can only expect the arrival of our new maid in mid Jan, too late for our needs!

  41. mybabybubble

    mybabybubble Guest

    Hi mum i rem e agency told me prior maid arrive if we cancel.only pay an.admin fee.ard $50. DO check w them.

  42. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    ic, fion. ya wl hv to check with them, so irritating. so far we've only paid close to S$600 for their agency fee and duno what.

    In our case i think they hv no right to charge us even an admin fee, 'cos it's their fault! They din even bother to call and tell us that they couldn't contact the maids each time after we've selected(we even select 2 just in case, for standby) and it's only after i've called them then will they tell me this problem. Dragged n dragged til now it's been a good whole mth gone alr! And now they told us our 3rd selected maid will only arrive in Mid Jan, which defeats our main need - moving in Dec... so fedup! They shld call us when they can't contact their maids what, 2-3 days can't contact shld hv called us immediately liao, but they chose to stay mumb abt it. N we've told them our situation, we need one the most urgently...

  43. mybabybubble

    mybabybubble Guest


    Just wondering which agency u went. i just got my first.maid and so far so goo. i don have too much expectation except do house work. rest i don want think to much first

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