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Advise on good kindergarten in the east

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by kiran, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. kiran

    kiran New Member

    Hi! I am staying in Katong and need some advise on a good kindergarten. I have visited many good ones like eton house, chilternhouse, etc but they are too expensive. I am looking for a 3 hour programme hopefully not more than $350 per month. Any church based to recommend.
    Is Bethesda, St. Hilda, Bethany, Christ Methodist good? Currently my son is attending a montessori school and i am paying $800 per month. Its very good but very expensive. He is in nursery 1 now. Any advise is appreciated.
  2. dorieme

    dorieme Active Member

    St. Hilda's charges $470 per month before GST, not including charges for books and computer lessons. Computer lessons are optional, and cost $110 per term (x4 for a year), and Books are about $50 to $100 depending on level and language.

    If you like discipline and homework, then you will like St. Hilda's. There is tingxie (chinese spelling) for both k1 and k2, as well as english spelling... both once a week. The teachers can be strict, but most are very nice.

    I must say the kids are quite well prepared for Primary 1 as a result... but some kids cannot take it... especially if they are very used to the learning through play and not used to very structured programs.

    But they are slowly starting to do more hands on stuff, but there is still plenty of worksheet work. There is homework every day, as well as holiday homework.

    Some people like it, some people don't... it's really up to the individual.
  3. dorieme

    dorieme Active Member

    You say your kid is in N1 now, and doing Montesorri... if you like the structure of st. hilda's, you may want to consider him starting in N2, where the teachers are gentler, because once they are in k1, they are told that they are no longer babies, so the teachers gradually start to get stricter with them. If he goes from montesorri n2 to st. hilda's k1, he may have a hard time adapting.
  4. amie

    amie Member

    I've enrolled my boy for nursery next yr at Bethesda Bedok. Their new building will be up by end of this year. Fees - $450 per term (3mths), 3hr every weekday. Not sure good or not. According to the brochure, they have Primary One preparatory program for K2 classes. They use Ginn Reading Series for English language and Scroll Reading Series for Mother Tongue.
  5. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    which montessori school is your child attending?

    I also enrolled my girl for nursery next year. Is your boy your first child? Maybe they will become classmates :eek:)
  6. kiran

    kiran New Member

    My son is attending Brighton montessori and i am very happy with the work. Alot of outdoor activities plus worksheet as well. My son is very happy there and i love the school but its so expensive - $800 per month.
    Besides St. Hilda's, is Christ Methodist or Good Shephard good? I have heard alot about St. Hilda's achedemic but i dont like the fact that the teachers are so strict.
  7. amie

    amie Member

    Hi Hippo2002,
    Yes my boy is my 1st child. I wanted to enrol him for pre nursery this yr but all full already, am now on waiting list, hopefully they will open new classes in July. Is your girl in their pre nursery now?
  8. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    no, she's not attending pre-nursery this year, the class is full. heard about the new class but it is in the morning, timing not suitable for me

    so now I home school her lor
  9. eve_eve

    eve_eve Member

    Both my kids attended "Hope Community Kindergarten" in Tampines. $450 per term / 3hrs every everyday.
  10. amie

    amie Member

    Hippo2002, so that means u chose the 2nd session for nursery too? Then our kids won't be classmates already coz I chose the 1st session [​IMG] I prefer morning coz it won't affect my boy's lunch & nap time. I'm working so put him in a 2hr playgroup since last yr, $125 per mth, at least he gets to learn and mix around with friends.
  11. mum_2004

    mum_2004 New Member

    Anybody has a feedback on

    - Kinderland at marine parade
    - Modern Montessori at tampines Mart

    for the nursery program i.e. for age group 2.5 years?
  12. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    which playgroup is he attending now? I can't find a suitable one so I just keep her at home & teach her personally. although she nags me all the time that she wants to go to school. finally pacificy her when we brought her along for enrolment. She's looking forward to her nursery next year :eek:)

    mum 2004
    I viewed MMI at tampines Mart before. didn't like the environment. Too cramp & a little chaotic (with kids crying)
    Josiah environment was nice but I heard some not so good review (like kids didn't learn much) so I didn't try that school.
    attended a trial at another montessori school but didn't like it either. out of the 3 hours, only 45 minutes is montessori time. 1.5 hour is snack time and playground. felt like wasting money. so hard to find a good montessori school that is in convenient location and affordable

    I heard many good review on Brighton montessori but was scared off by their fees !
  13. kiran

    kiran New Member

    Yes Brighton is good but too costly. Its good to send them to a montessori school but Brighton is more expensive than the rest!
  14. amie

    amie Member


    My son goes to Little Rainbow playgroup at Bedok Nth void deck. Started putting him there when he was 2yrs old. Not very good but I'm not particular about whether he learns or not, coz at this age, I just wanted him to play more and interact more with other toddlers of his age. Initially still quite ok, 4 students to 2 teachers and he did pick up interests in drawing, colouring, writing, singing with actions etc. Started talking alot too after he started schooling. But now i heard from my MIL the class has expanded to more than 15 students to 3 teachers. My son loves school alot and has made friends, so we will still let him continue for the time being if cannot get a place in Bethesda's pre nursery this yr.

    My 2 nephews attend Josiah Montessori since they were 2.5-3yrs old... now one of them is coming to 5yrs old and the other coming to 4yrs old. The older one can now read simple story books (both english n chinese) on his own, he can write n spell quite a number of words and even write chinese characters. I guess the school not bad, but too far for my son who is taken care of by my MIL.
  15. cherly

    cherly Active Member


    I also just enrolled my gal to Bethesda Bedok, will become classmate with your son next year. Currently she is attending a 2hr playgrp at blk 124 bedok north, find it quite good, she was there since last year (i push her in one year earlier). She is learning well and enjoy it.
  16. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    I viewed the Blk 124 playgroup last year
    it's a RC, right? I didn't like the classroom because it was shared. in the evening, it is used for tuition and other activities, I was a little concerned about its cleaniness. hehe, maybe because I'm quite fussy lah
  17. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    Cherly, Amie

    hehe, we can start a thread on Bedok Mommies Club leh
  18. cherly

    cherly Active Member


    The teacher is good and my gal is doing well there. As for cleaniness, my gal also hardly get sick. I believe is much depend on individual.
  19. kiran

    kiran New Member

    Any reviews for Bethany Kindergarten. Anyone sent their kids to Seeds in Katong Mall?
  20. rain_drops

    rain_drops Member

    amie,my 3 yr old gal could in the same class as ur boy.She's attending at Blk 4xx.I din realise the class was this big (22 students!) until I asked the teachers so as to prepare goodie bags to distribute for my gal's birthday.She learn to sing & colour and I believe the teachers taught them good habits like brushing teeth n cultivate them to read story books.

    Im putting her in PCF kindergarten at Blk 5xx next yr.
  21. amie

    amie Member

    My son is now in Blk 5xx playgroup, my MIL preferred not to send him to the Blk 5xx nursery & kindergarten coz she heard good reviews about Bethesda.
  22. cherly

    cherly Active Member


    I thot playgrp take no more than 16 students per class?
  23. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    Bethesda class size is larger than PAP. I heard K1/K2 28 to 30 kids. not sure whether there are 2 teachers though. PAP max 24 kids per class
  24. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

  25. amie

    amie Member

    hippo, my MIL lives in Bedok n takes care of my 2 kids, while i stay near Bedok. My 2 kids will go to schools in Bedok area. Hv you decided which primary school for your elder girl? Which kindergarten is your elder girl attending now?
  26. amie

    amie Member

    i would say bigger class is ok for nursery or kindergarten to prepare them for primary school, but not for playgroups where the kids are younger and need more attention.
  27. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    your elder boy is 3 years old, can start enquiring. I read in another thread some schools need to do volunteer work for 2 to 3 years but not sure whether schools in Bedok need to or not. how old is your younger child?

    depending on your exact locations, there are quite a number of good primary schools in Bedok so for convenience better do volunteer work, otherwise kids ended up taking school bus everyday

    my elder girl is in PAP right now, I didn't like it so I am switching her to church kindergarten next year.
    and yes, I found a primary school within walking distance. I started doing volunteer work in her primary school recently. Very fun leh, interacting with the P1 kids every week
  28. amie

    amie Member


    My younger one is coming to 1yr old this mth, planning to put him in Bethesda for pre nursery in 2 yrs time. We hv also decided which Primary school for my elder one, n my hubby had recently sent in the application to join alumni, but no reply yet. If cannot get into that school, I dunno which school is good in Bedok. Will volunteer work guarantee the child a place in the school? But i'm working full time, won't have time for volunteer work.
  29. cherly

    cherly Active Member


    I make enquiry on the class side when i register my gal at bethesda, the class for nursary is 24 pax which i think is common.
    Its my mum who stay in Bedok to look after my 2 children.
  30. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member


    alumni? your hubby is an ex-student of the primary school? your child will have priority, better than parent volunteer leh

    parent volunteer doesn't guarantee a place, may still have to ballot, depending on the vacancies left, because MOE is reducing class size every year. Since we are within 1 km, will have priority even if ballot. unless all parents volunteers are within 1 km lah

    I want convenience, didin't want my kids to take school bus. I noticed school bus is very early, especially for morning session. If the school is nearby, can sleep later mah :eek:)
  31. sj_ong

    sj_ong New Member

    Hi Kiran

    I would like to correct the fees that Dorie mentioned on St Hildas. It is per term and not per month $470.

    My kids are currently attending St Hildas. The teachers there are great especially the principal. Within weeks, My boy was thought to spell and write his name. He is born in Dec2003(N2).

    I have 2 friends who send their kids to Seeds. They have good reviews on the school. It is more like a childcare though they are registered as enrichment center. The teacher from Seeds are ex teachers. They would encourage you to put your child full day as their programs run till afternoon.

    Hope this infos are helpful to you [​IMG]
  32. rain_drops

    rain_drops Member

    amie,my mistake.My girl is attending playgroup at Blk 51x.She's is in the same class as ur boy.heehee...

    cherly,Bethesda just newly revonated right?My girl always 'aim' the playarea within the church.

    hippo2002,Im staying at the point blk 5xx with my in laws but I bought a unit at Bedok too.Im considering the all girl's school-CHIJ Katong.I hear Yu Neng is good too.
  33. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    rain drops

    there is a all girls school in Bedok too
    St Anthony primary & secondary
  34. kiran

    kiran New Member

    Hi sj
    Can you give me more info on St. Hilda's. I know it is achedemic very strong but i have also heard that teachers shout at the kids. I hope to find a kindergarten that focuses on more learn through play yet focusing on achedemic. Some schools have speech and drama or kindermusic too.

    Any further reviews on Seeds? I like it but dont like the part that it is indoor.
  35. amie

    amie Member

    rain_drops, heehee...your girl still not in the same class as my boy lah, coz my boy is in blk 50x playgrp.

    Is CHIJ katong permanently moved to Bedok?
    Yu Neng is good too? Anyone considering Red Swastika?
  36. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    CHIJ Katong moved to Bedok?
    aiya, I didn't know leh

    didn't track CHIJ balloting statistic. need to ballot or sure get in if within 1 km?
  37. sarahs_mom

    sarahs_mom New Member

    Hi Kiran,
    I stay in Katong too. I've just sent my daughter to the playgroup in seeds. Chose seeds coz its very near to my place, and that my neighbour's son was there due to recommendation from a friend as well.
    Why dun you visit the school and speak to the person in charge before making decision? However, this neighbour of mine will transfer her son to St Hilda's as per her original plan once she gets the slot.
  38. sj_ong

    sj_ong New Member

    Hi Kiran

    What info would you like? I'm lucky that both my kids have very gd teachers. I requested my girl(K2) to be in the principal's class. In that class, there will be 1 main teacher and the principal will be in the class 3 times a week. So far I have yet to hear any teachers shouting at the kids. And the Aunties in the school are very nice too.

    I've heard that 1 parent was not happy with the teacher (2yrs bk). The principal offered to change her child to another class. Now, the teacher is no longer in the school. The teacher was rough with the kids.

    Every week, the class will have PE lesson twice. 1 day will be indoor and the other outdoor. Down side is that they have only 2 field trips a year. Before the class starts, they will have assembly. They do have cooking lesson too. The school, has a church programme on Sunday too, Victory kids. There will be bible stories, crafts, etc. Every time you go VK, you will get points and at the end of the month, they will use their points to "buy" things and review what they have learned..

    As for Seeds,I don't like my kids in aircon thru out too, even the playground is inside. I was concerned then when I found out the place is not registered as a Childcare centre and they are running it as a CC. What if something goes wrong and who does we approach? I had bad experience with CC so I decided not to enrol in Seeds.
  39. wee77

    wee77 New Member


    I'm also staying in Katong. I've juz enrol my daughter in the playgroup at Holy Family Kindergarten . Can't get a slot in St. Hilda's as the class is full. Any comment about Holy Family Kindergarten?
  40. amie

    amie Member

    hippo, i also didn't know chij katong moved to bedok. Loved the old school building, wonder what is it used for now? You have 1 more choice now, can start checking out the school [​IMG]
  41. cpoon

    cpoon Member

    Hi! My girl has been studying in St Hilda's kindergarden since N2. Now she is in Pri 1 this year. I would say this is a very good school and my girl like it very much. And now she stil miss the teacher there. Its worth to let your child to study there. You won't regret sending your child there.
  42. dorieme

    dorieme Active Member

    thanks sj, for the correction... must have been tired... can't believe I posted as per month! sheesh!!!

    Wah, quite a few of you with kids at SHK... mine finishing her K2 there...

    As for shouting at the kids kiran, well, the K1/K2 premises is such that the nearest classroom is near the gate where the parents wait, and the wall prevents people from seeing into the class... the teacher has to control the class, so sometimes the voice got to be louder a bit... but I think being loud is OK... as long as the teachers are still "respectful" towards the kids in the sense that they don't call them names or insult them or anything like that in their attempt to manage the class. Afterall, the classes are about 24-26 there in the mornings, although the afternoon classes are much smaller.

    Those of you who stay nearby, can consider signing up for afternoon... I have heard that the afternoon kids get to do more than the morning kids because there are fewer of them, so the teacher has more time to do more things.
  43. kiran

    kiran New Member

    Thanks for all the info. Any one has reviews about School House by the bay? My son is on waiting list for St. Hilda's next year. Just wanted to still find out more about other schools as well.
  44. ann

    ann Active Member


    can I check where is St Hilda's kindergarden located?
  45. cpoon

    cpoon Member

    Hi Annlee,

    Nursery section is at 41 Ceylon rd (in the church) and Kindergarten section is at 83 ceylon rd.

  46. ann

    ann Active Member

    Hi cpoon,

    Thanks for the infor! Do you know where is Ceylon Road? Near Katong?
  47. dorieme

    dorieme Active Member

    Yes... if you know where Katong shopping centre is, Ceylon Rd is located at the next bus stop from Katong Shopping centre. So if you take a bus, alight at the stop after KSC, then keep walking in the same direction... the first road you see is ceylon road... between the bus stop and 7-11, where they have two laksa stalls opposite each other and the laksa war still rages on... heh.
  48. ann

    ann Active Member


    Thanks for the infor...I think I will be able to find the location.[​IMG]
  49. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    Any parents enrol their child to Chiltern House at Cresent Rd? Heard that they are moving to East Coast in year 2008. How is their fee for N1?
  50. sulivyn

    sulivyn New Member

    Hi Kiran,

    My gal is in Brighton, but she is in frankel..Is your son in fort road or frankel? Fort road will be more ex than frankel, thats all i know...
  51. ahboy_mum

    ahboy_mum New Member

    Hi all mommies,

    I would strongly recommend St. Hilda's Kindergarten, my son was transferred from a very bad kindergarten (at Kaki Bukit) to St. Hilda's last year in late sept. First day to the new school, never cried and also didn't cry at all.

    When my son joined was very near to their school concert, but my son did so well at the concert for only 6weeks of practices, not sure how his teacher can train him to do so well. I believe is her passion of love towards the children, her ways of motivating and encouraging the children.

    What Dorie have shared is very truth about the school, i strongly agreed with her and have the same feel too. If you like discipline and homework, is good to send your child to St. Hilda's Kindergarten.

    The principle is a very humble woman, my son like her so much. He also like the school environment although is non air-con.
  52. myno

    myno New Member

    Hi sulivyn,

    i am also looking for school for my 2 yr old, how do you find Brighton at Frankel, what's the ratio for the student & teacher, is the teacher good and loving, and how much is the monthly school fees, is it expensive? Hope you can share your experience with me, tks alot.
  53. kiran

    kiran New Member

    My son is in Fort Road Brighton. I am generally very happy with the cirriculum. Teachers are friendly and kids are loved in school. Achedemically, they are strong as well. The only thing is that it is very $$
  54. kimheok2004

    kimheok2004 New Member

    hI Ahboey mum

    Can pte mail me which CC is that ? I stay at Kaki Bukit and do want to enrol my dd in the wrong schl.
  55. happymommy

    happymommy New Member

    Hi anybody has kid in Pat's school house, siglap branch ? Pls share your experience or comment, tks.
  56. dreambabyd

    dreambabyd Member

    Hi..any mummies able to share views on Bethesda (Katong) Kindergarten at Frankel and St.Hilda Kindergarten..

    I'm currently deciding between these 2 for nursery...

    Any mummies able to share in details on the programme in St.Hilda (Pre Nursery Level)

    Thank you....: )
  57. sj_ong

    sj_ong New Member


    You can read through the posts, some of our kids are in St hildas. I know that PN do writing as well... MY friend's son is currently in the PN class and she is very happy with her child's progress. If you want to put your child in SH, you may have to register early as there is a waiting list.

    As for Bethesda, sorry I have no info on it... [​IMG]
  58. dreambabyd

    dreambabyd Member

    Hi sj

    Thanks..my son actually on waiting list for SH.. but i would like to know in details like which programme they use for phonics...etc

    Is their programme very academic base to the extend very little play for creativity so on...

    Hope some mummies can share..

  59. corrine1106

    corrine1106 New Member

    any good nursery and kindergarten at Aljunied area to recommend?
  60. titateo

    titateo New Member

    hi mummies,

    read yr positive comments on St. Hilda's Kinder - shall enrol my son for next year PN1.

    Is it too early to enrol now?

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