(Advise Needed) Gina Ford's Baby Sleeping Method

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    hi parents,

    Has anyone tried Gina Ford's method to let baby sleep better? How do you guys adapt her method to Asian practice? Seems so hard to let baby sleep from 7pm to 7am!

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    I'm on Gina ford. It's actually pretty workable if you can accept that baby is not going to be able to join dinner outings. If you have a helper or someone who can babysit at night, it's not a problem since you can still have nightlife after u put baby to bed at 7pm. If you're like me, with no help, then you'll be grounded with the baby.

    It can be difficult if you're working, since it can mean that baby's asleep when u get home, so there's only a little bonding time with baby in the morning.

    The main issue I faced was the grandparents had to accept that there was no more dinner outings as a family, we do breakfast now. And at major family gatherings that take place the evening, baby will not make an appearance.

    There's no loss though, this keeps baby from getting over stimulated and there're no tantrums or crying, with multiple wakings at night due to over tiredness.

    I have 2 kids, ds was not on Gina ford when he was born. We used to bring him to parties in the evenings and after everyone had a piece of him, he cried, screamed and woke up many times due to overstimulation. When dd arrived, we started Gina ford from birth and it's been a breeze in comparison.

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    hi Stokke,

    Thanks for your advise. Really quite alot of sacrifices as my family loves dinner outings and also going out after dinner. Must really think abt how to implement this method. How old are your kids now? My 2nd one is due end Nov. =)

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    Perhaps you could do a 10-10 schedule instead? Its should be possible with black out curtains to keep the bedroom dark enough for baby to sleep past 7am. Most babies are sensitive to sunlight and will wake up once light streams in.

    If I may, why are you implementing gf? I decided to go for it as my ds is very sensitive and once overtired, he would cry n scream in the restaurants. We had to take turns trying to pacify him thru dinner and it was just no fun to eat out anymore. If u have an easy baby who can sleep anywhere, then there's no need for gf?

    Ds just turned 4 and dd is 7 mths.

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    Hi Mulberry,

    I also implemented the GF method when my son was about 4 months old. It was hard for the first few months as he would keep crying, but after that, he was actually a happier baby. I think not all babies need to be on the GF method especially girls as they usually have less sleep problems.

    Yes, you will sacrifice a lot of dinner outings but I think it is totally worth it!

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    hi Stokke and Joybleu,

    Actually I'm planning GF for my 2nd baby. The reason I thought of implementing is coz my first is really a terrible sleeper. At his "peak", he would wake up once every hour, either to fuss or just to sip some water. It was terrible for my hubby and I. He is much better now that he is older (can sleep through) but I kind of shudder at the thought of going through the same thing again.

    Btw for the blackout curtains, did you all use normal curtains or blinds? Just wondering which is better coz I have blackout Roman curtains now but light will still filter out from the sides.

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    Hi Mulberry,

    My first borne was also like yours; for the first 3 months, he woke up every hour at night to cry and my husband and I had to spend at least 30 mins each time to carry him to sleep. We really couldn't take it anymore which was why we resorted to the GF method.

    I use full length blackout curtains for my rooms. The room will be totally dark once the curtains are drawn,

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    Hi Stokke,

    Absolutely no night gatherings for baby? How about getting baby to sleep in pram and covering it? It should be able to work right...I have heard of others who were able to have their kids/babies sleep in their strollers while they were out and still maintain the routine.

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    Hi Ezy,

    I guess it depends on each baby? Mine was very sensitive and was easily overstimulated, so it was hard to fall asleep outside. Also, I did not introduce pacifiers nor wanted to do rocking to sleep to help baby fall asleep outside, so it was harder to get my son to go to bed outside.

    Even with a blanket over the stroller, there are still lots of sound distractions. As baby gets older, I think they will be more 'kaypoh' and find it harder to go to sleep when so many things are happening around them?

    Also, GF recommends winding down approx 2 hrs before bedtime, iirc. It's not possible to wind down outside if all the relatives, friends want to play with him at dinner time, iykwim..

    I believe it all depends on the babies [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] I wish mine could sleep anywhere too!

  10. stokke

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    Hi Mulberry,

    Depends how sensitive your baby is to light, I tried curtains that allowed some light to stream in and dd was waking up at 5am... Then I did black out curtains, dark enough so that when I put my hand in front of me, I couldn't see it. Miraculously, it fixed the 5am wakings [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  11. ezymother

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    Hi Stokke,

    Thanks. I guess that it is really a challenge when one does not intro pacifiers or rocking. It is not good to rock too else baby may always associate sleep with it. I admire the way you have used GF's method. It takes lots of discipline.

    For me, I will need to try my best to intro GF...my baby is only 3 weeks old....[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  12. stokke

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    Hi Ezy,

    Thanks for your compliments, but I'm not that great also, I only seriously started GF after my son turned 2.. It was just too strict and put me off! Was on baby wispherer's EASY routine for a while, also tried to tweak my own version of GF for a while, basically I tried everything that promised to get my son to sleep through the night!

    In the end I gave up, adopted GF as the last resort, and tadah! It worked!

    Maybe u don't need GF if you are blessed with an angel baby [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] my son unfortunately takes after me, a terrible sleeper!

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    wow mummies, thanks for all the wonderful suggestions. I will try my very best to do the GF. But think I have to tune to 9-9 instead. Heh seriously don't think I can maintain 7-7 once I resume work coz I sometimes work till 8+..But I seriously need to work on my curtains. It gets incredibly bright even in the aftn with my current curtains. Of coz I wish I have an angelic baby who can sleep anywhere! keke ;p

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    hi i sufferred many sleepless nights because my 7month old daughter cannot sleep well at night. She wakes up almost every hourly. its driving me crazy.

    Can someone advise me what is the name of the book by Gina Ford? Its sounds effective

    thanks thanks.

  15. stokke

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  16. adelene_koh

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    Hi, my daughter is 10 wks old and she has difficulty falling to sleep. She wakes up middle of the nite for feed. And does not like the cot. Should I let her cry and fall asleep or should I change e cot. My cl rocks her to sleep so I think it became a habit.

  17. verluv

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    but Adelene, i guess it is fine for a 2.5 months bb to wake up for night feed.

  18. Miracle No. 2

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    Hi Stokke,

    Which title should we buy of gina fords for the sleeping method:

    1)The Complete Sleep Guide For Contented Babies and Toddlers (Paperback)


    2)The New Contented Little Baby Book: The Secret to Calm and Confident Parenting (Paperback)

    Please advise....Thanks.

  19. stokke

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    Hi Adelene,

    10 weeks is about the time babies get more wakeful and find it harder to fall asleep.

    Personally, I do not believe it crying it out, especially for a young baby. This is why I adopt Tracy hogg's methods for sleep training, but follow GF's routines.

    That said, it depends on the sort of crying. If it's mantra crying, a monotone waaa waaa sound, it's usually baby needing to cry down to sleep and I leave baby to cry as picking up actually disturbs the falling asleep process.

    How does baby sleep in the day? No problems? How long are naps? U probably have to look at the whole day's routine to sort out the issue.

    Also, are u swaddling? It helps wonders. Notice also how baby cries, with legs banging up n down on the bed? Head shaking from left to right? These are also signs that baby is trying to fall asleep and it's best to let her do it herself.

    I dont think its the cot issue. Hope I helped a little.

  20. stokke

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    Hi LS,

    I have both books. If you're looking to solve sleep problems, bad habits the first one is better. The second is more detailed on routines.

    However, u need to sort the routine out first, before solving sleep problems as most stem from feeding and sleeping in the daytime. They both serve different purposes, I believe.

  21. Miracle No. 2

    Miracle No. 2 Active Member

    Hi Stokke,

    Thanks for the advise, I guess I will need both...

  22. mulberryap

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    hello Mummies,

    Did you all let your babies sleep in cots or playpens? Still thinking what I should let my 2nd bb sleep in. First bb slept with me on the bed coz I was too lazy.. =p

  23. Miracle No. 2

    Miracle No. 2 Active Member

    Hi Stokke,

    I had placed an order in the site your provided, do you know roughly how long it will arrive to Singapore? They send via snail mail or courier?

  24. ezymother

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    Hi Stokke,

    Haha...I wish I have an angel baby..My baby does sleep well in the night now at 5 wks. However, I do suspect that he has colic...in the day he is a menace...I guess it is not easy to implement GF with colicky babies...sigh...

  25. stokke

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    Hi mulberry,

    Personally I find cot easier, not so low so it's better on ur back when u put baby down.

    Hi LS,

    It's snail mail, sometimes books arrive within a week, but I have waited 2 weeks for stuff to reach. But it's free shipping, so can't complain [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] if u need the books in a hurry, the library as quite a few copies actually..

    Hi Ezy mummy,

    Guess I'm blessed that both kids escaped colic, I strongly believe it's cos I try to apply the book: happiest baby on the block by Harvey Karp.. Can see if want to give it a read.. If it's truly gas in the tummy, ridwind medicine will get settle it.

    Most times, we underestimate overstimulation and tiredness, confusing it with colic. Swaddling works wonders too!

    Actually i feel that GF routines are helpful to reduce and prevent colic.

  26. mothernson

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    Hi mummies...

    My son is 7mo and doesn't sleep through... Wakes up every 2hourly, sometimes worse...

    Am really desperate for solutions and have been reading Elizabeth Pantley's 'the no cry sleep solution'

    Now not sure whether I shld switch to GF method?

    Pls give me some advice.....


  27. joybleu

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    Hi mothernson,

    If you have tried all methods but nothing works, you can give GF a try. Just bear in mind that you have to be very disciplined to administer the routine, otherwise you will not see any results.

    Another book that I would recommend you to read is "Healthy sleep habits, happy child". This is only if you have time, because it is quite a tedious read. It addresses why children have sleep problems and give several solutions.

  28. aylie

    aylie Member

    Hi i have the GF book because my SIL recommended it to me, but i personally found it so strict and inflexible that i just could not follow it through. Also with the GF feeding schedule, it was very stressful for me so in the end, i let let baby dictate her feeding and sleeping patterns. I think it really depends on mother's character and whether you have determination to push the schedule through, for me i couldn't.

    thankfully my girl started sleeping through the night at 9 weeks (11pm - 7.30am) on total BM, so i don't have any problem from there on

    best of luck

  29. pippin

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    Hello mummies,

    been reading this thread with interest as i recently also read GF's CLB book. I wanted to see if i could make my dd's naptimes more structured, as we have been doing mainly baby-led napping from the start (so no fixed timing really) and recently it seems she is "fighting" against taking her daytime naps every time i try to put her down to sleep.

    Can any of the mummies here share with me their experience or thoughts on how to start implementing fixed timing for the daytime naps? What happens if baby does not manage to fall asleep at the times which we wanted? What if there is alot of crying?

    Also the GF method recommended fixed nap times, e.g. morning nap at 9am for 30-45min. If baby does not manage to nap, we have to move on to next activity at 10am. I.e. baby does not get to nap again till the noon time nap. My question here is, then how to keep baby awake till noon nap? If my dd refuse to nap at 9am, she will tends to doze off at the 11+ feed (but only for like 10-15min as she can't stay asleep for long if she falls asleep like this). I'm wondering how to get around this problem as well. Any thoughts/ideas please?


  30. rikoizumi

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    hi, my baby is abt 4mths old. usually he would slp ard 10pm then wake up at 5am to 6am for milk and then continue to slp till abt 930am. then wake up again for play and milk and then let him slp again. usually i will let him cry for awhile then pat him then if he contines to cry then hug him and when he stop crying, put him back again (even though his eyes still open). then play the lullaby for him. am i v cruel to do that? (let him cry awhile). most of the time it works. and he would nap each time for abt 2hrs in morning and afternoon.

  31. stokke

    stokke Member

    Hi pippin,

    To start implementing the routine, always start the day at 7am, even if it means waking up baby. Chances are the routine will go haywire initially, but there's always tomorrow to try again. It took me 3 weeks to follow the routine 90% of the day

    When u say 'fighting to sleep', is baby over or under tired? GF nap timings coincide with baby's natural sleep patterns (age appropriate). By 9am, a baby should start to feel drowsy. U need 20mins of wind down time before that, no stimulating games, toys, speak quietly.. If baby is still very alert, try pushing back nap to 9.15am (still wake baby at 10am). If baby is overtired, she will fight sleep and be very difficult to put dwn. Have to watch the sleep cues very carefully, yawning, scratching ears, rubbing eyes. Once past this stage and not put to bed, most babies will be very hyper and awake (over tired) and be terrors to put to sleep.

    If there's alot of crying, have u been doing enough wind dwn time? When u put down baby, she should be drowsy but awake. That's what we want to achieve. Also, have u been assisting baby to sleep previously but stopped suddenly? That's also another cause of crying..

    If baby catnaps at 11+, try to put down again at 12.30pm, this will help bring u closer back to the routine timings.

  32. stokke

    stokke Member

    Hi liqing,

    Whether u are being cruel depends on who you're asking. Personally, I feel that all babies are born with the ability to fall asleep unassisted, and some babies might need to cry a little to settle. I would leave baby alone to settle. Of course not if baby is crying for hours. But if it's just a few mins, it's alright for me.

    My friend's mum thinks it's cruel as babies need help to be put to sleep, so she pats n rocks baby every single time. Now, my friend's baby can't sleep without all these anymore.

  33. pippin

    pippin Member

    Hi stokke,

    thanks for your advice and encouragement! Tried to start the routine over the weekend and there seems to be a little bit of success (at least for morning part... need more work for the afternoons)

    I'm hoping the "fighting to sleep" is just a phase for my baby. Usually i put her down 2 hours after she last woke (sort of a modified EASY routine), i do watch for sleepy cues like eyes rubbing, yawning etc, just that the past 2 weeks she resisted going to bed (crying every time i bring her in) even though she is yawning, rubbing her eyes and clearly needs her nap. Am still trying to nail down what exactly is the problem and keep fingers crossed!

    The GF routine is quite inflexible, just wondering how do you actually manage to do breakfasts with the family? The past 2 days i found that there is barely enough time 7-9am to feed (milk + solids), bathe her and wind down for the nap! Or do you slot in it between 10-12pm?

    Can you share with me also what you do for winding down before the naps? Thanks a lot!!

  34. stokke

    stokke Member

    Hi pippin,

    Hmm possible that your daughter's fighting sleep has to do with separation anxiety? Happens to mine.. How old is she? I notice u said she's on solids already.. Should be older than 6 months.. Which means that first nap of the day should be after 9.15am, slowly move to 9.30pm...

    I feed breakfast at home around 7.30am, then we meet family for breakfast at 8am.. Daughter naps 15 mins only for morning nap now (i wake her after 15mins), so she will fall asleep in the car on the way home from breakfast ard 9.45am.. In the early days, i would just put her in the pram, swaddle, cover pram, switch on sleep sheep n she will nap while we are having breakfast. I don't do the bath in the morning, just top n tail.

    For winding down, I find that it helps when I put her on my hip seat, carry her around while I tidy the house, probably for around 15 mins, somehow, when I stop talking to her and go about doing my own thing, she relaxes and starts getting limp. That's when I put her in bed, still awake, but too stoned out to protest ;) preferably there should not be too much going on in the house, else it's hard for her to zone out

  35. tweetie

    tweetie Member

    Hi stokke,

    I have been using GF's method for my first girl too. It works amazingly and she was off nite feeds ard 6 weeks old.

    I have to admit it is very rigid to follow, I didn't follow strictly to the time table but as long as she sleeps through the night and can go to sleep by herself on the cot, that's fine.

    But now with a 2nd child, it's just so damn hard to follow esp I am working mom. Most days I only reach home ard 11pm and I usually bf her to sleep, but thankfully, she sleeps thru the night also from 11-7 next day, for a feed. Then continue to nap from 830-1130, which is a gd 12 hr sleep. But it has to be broken up coz she gets disrupted by the travelling to caregiver's place and switching of home.

    Right now, my problem is it's really hard to get her to sleep on routine in the day and she is so used to bf to sleep or rocking to sleep. Coz day time, the caregiver will try to sway her to sleep and over weekends, she will cry her lungs out to be carried or to be latched on to sleep. Her cryings are screamings at her top of her voice.

    Until now, I dun really know how to solve this problem at all. Any suggestions to get her to sleep by herself in the day?

  36. stokke

    stokke Member

    Hi tweetie,

    Think your daughter has bad sleep associations, needing latching n swaying before sleeping. To rid of it, you'll need to sleep train..

    Actually, i feel that since she still sleeps thru the nite without waking, maybe there's no need to sleep train? These only become truly problems when babies wake up several times a night, not knowing how to go back to sleep themselves, and need latching or swaying. I only did sleep training on my son cos he was disrupting my precious sleep..

    If u really want to do something about it, u would have to tackle the latching issue first. Not sure how old your dd is, or if she is ready to cut the nite feed...Restructure feeding to a 7 to 7 routine, gradually cut the latching at 11pm by a few mins each time over a few days, with increasing the amounts taken in the morning feed, though u would have to top up with expressed milk if u latch at 7am. On the weekends, I would sway her to sleep first.. It's easier to cut off one sleep association at a time...

    Once she's figured that feeds and sleeps are independent, you can start the sleep training. I feel that baby whisperer's pick up/put down works best.. Or you could do controlled crying.. No matter which method u choose, once u have decided to go for it, you have to do it all the way. Yes, there will be huge screaming and tears, but once you give in and decide to be soft hearted, you'd have wasted all of baby's precious tears trying to adjust to a new way of sleeping. I have tried sleep training on both kids, it works, but it's really tough on your heart and ears.

  37. pippin

    pippin Member

    Hi stokke,

    my dd is 7 mths - i think close to/slightly younger than yours... i rem reading an earlier post where you mentioned her age.

    How do you deal with the separation anxiety? I thought that was possible too and am already trying to give her more 'cuddle' time during the day but at the same time i'm afraid it'll make her more 'clingy' to me!

    Also, is your daughter fine with the 15min nap in the morning? Cos mine is always quite sleepy in the morning (i'm not a morning person myself) and i'm always tempted to let her sleep longer and not wake her up....

  38. tweetie

    tweetie Member

    Hi Stokke,

    Thanks for your advise. The major disruption I would feel is coz of our work schedule, I reach home only ard 8pm evday and coz I don't stay near my parent's place, it is like a gd 40mins drive ard 1030 to 11 for her to catch a cat nap, so it explains why she naps after we reach home. She seems to know the routine is must reach home first, latch on for milk, then sleep. I think I can only sort out this issue when i quit my job which is soon coz I feel so bad for her to sleep in such hours. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

    For the Gina Ford book, is it the complete sleep guide you are reading up about? And for the baby whisperer, which is the book?

    I really have to restart my training camp for her once I quit my job. It will be easier coz I do not have to shuttle here and there and disrupt their sleep routine.

  39. stokke

    stokke Member

    Hi pippin,

    I try to cuddle her more during awake time, hoping that it will help make her feel more secure.. I find that it helps when I carry hearound least 10-15mins before naps. It's easier to put her down when I carry her longer, than when I just pick her up and put her in bed.

    No choice on the short morning nap part. I absolutely hate to wake her after 15 mins. But if this nap is not cut, her midday nap will only be 45 mins, and she'll go to bed by 6pm and wake at 6.30am... Which starts the vicious cycle of early morning waking...she's actually pretty ok when I wake her at 15 mins in the morning.

  40. stokke

    stokke Member

    Hi tweetie,

    Not sure if it would work for u, but I would try to get caregiver to put to bed at 7pm and when I go fetch her, I would sneakily carry her to the car and back to bed at home, all done hush hush....this way, you can escape the latching to sleep and needing to put to bed part.. And baby sleeps early too.. And u may not need to quit?

    Baby whisperer solves all your problems by Tracy hogg's is the title of the book i find more helpful for sleep training. GF's complete sleep guide does provide some advice too , though it deals more with adjusting nap and feed timings as solutions.

  41. graceloh

    graceloh New Member

    Hi mummies,

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  42. blurbong

    blurbong New Member

    my son is 11wks old now, and wakes up a lot during the nights. he will sleep for like 1hr (after rocking and swaying) and wake up crying. and we have to do the rocking and swaying again. tried keeping him awake during evenings so that he will be more tired at night but its impossible if he wants to sleep as he will start screaming and crying if he does not get to sleep (i.e we have to give in and rock and sway him when he scream and he fall asleep). what should I do?

  43. rebirth

    rebirth Member


    I would like to seek some advice.

    My baby is 6 weeks old and would wake up every 1,5-2 hours during daytime for her feed instead of the recommendrd timings in her book. Am unable to increase her intake during each feed. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

  44. mommeetomommee

    mommeetomommee New Member

    Hi mummies,

    I tried to do something like a Gina Ford with my baby for a while, but it was just too artificial, I felt.

    I've recently started the Baby Whisperer method and I love it. I think it's much kinder to the baby because you don't leave her to cry her eyes out till she gets to sleep, but at the same time you send the message that "Hey I love you, but I'm not going to rock/cuddle/sling you to sleep."

    Worth a try. First few nights are a bit more work, but it gets easier and easier. My baby is much better at soothing herself to sleep now, and she still seems happy and healthy.

    Clare's blog: http://mommeetomommee.webs.com/

  45. gilera

    gilera New Member

    can dear mummies share what to do to let bb sleep through the night.... mine knocks out from 8pm wakes at 1+ then dawn hours keep making noise.

  46. babycrasher

    babycrasher New Member

    Gilera - My bb is similar to yours; at 11 weeks. Was wondering if should change bb bedtime to 11pm, then can sleep his long stretch till early morning. Still considering to try anot.

    Mummies who have tried Babywhisperer, how long did it take on average before bb follows the routine completely? I have seen some improvements but still far from letting bb have long sleep!

  47. starfruit

    starfruit Active Member

    Gilera, when is the last feed given to baby? ur bb could be waking up cos he's hungry or he does not know how to sooth himself back to sleep. u wanna introduce a feed at 11pm?

    Mine 8 mths old girl kinda falls into a GF routine by herself. But I did tweeked it a bit to follow my schedule. when she was younger she used to need to go bed by 7plus (sun down) and wakes up at sun rise (6-7am). BUt when she turned 4-5 mths, she changed her routine and sleep only at 8:30pm to 9pm, this is good as it allows me sometime to play and interact with her when i come back from work. She now sleeps at 9pm and at 11:30pm to 12 midnight, i give her her last feed for the day. This is usually a dream feed and she will sleep all the way to 6am before needing another feed. She used to go to bed at 7plus after a feed and wakes up at 2am for another feed. I then followed GF and added a feed at 11plus so that she will drop her 2am. It worked and within 2 days, she stopped waking up at 2am.

    And yes no talking, no eye contact, no noise during the 11pm feed.

    I feel that bbs who are too young are difficult to train them to the GF routine, i see better results if u start them later when they are about 4 months. And GF totally didn't work for my #1. So i guess it really depends on baby.

  48. mee__you

    mee__you New Member

    Hi mummies! After reading up on the Gina Ford method, I decided to introduce a night feed around 10:30pm (3 weeks ago), my now 3.5 month baby can sleep till 8 or 9am (if we get lucky)..so I suppose her method works for my baby.

    Did Gina Ford give any tips on extending the baby's feeding interval in the day? Mine is on full breast milk schedule. Thanks!

  49. gilera

    gilera New Member

    my bb on 3 -4 hrly feed. if feed at 9pm, i did not wake for feed at 11pm. but if fed at 8pm , i will dreamfeed at 11pm.

    even feed at 11pm, bb still stirs from 3 - 7am. he is quite reliant on pacifier to soothe to sleep if not drowsy from bottle.

    so when pacifier drops, he makes noise. very tired of constantly gettin out of bed to attend to him sooooooo many times.

  50. gilera

    gilera New Member

    i shouldnt jump to attend to him but i dun want him to wake the whole house least get too woken up that he cannot sleep back.

    he might try suck on thumb sometimes and gag...

  51. babycrasher

    babycrasher New Member

    3-month old can feed 4 hourly intervals?

    My last feed at 7pm, 11pm - dream feed. Still hear noises from 3-7am like gilera's case.. hehehe..


  52. gilera

    gilera New Member

    help help help

  53. gilera

    gilera New Member

    i dun mind waking up to feed. i hate the repeated stirring up every 15 min or so from 4-7am.

  54. babycrasher

    babycrasher New Member

    oh yes i agree... the repeated stirring but actually babies are sleeping...

    only solution is sleep in another room?

    Jess: Did you apply GF or BW method or just naturally?

  55. mimosa77

    mimosa77 New Member

    Hi mummies, help help help! T_T my boy is turning 9 monts in two days time, but he still keep waking up every 2-3 hrly at night! and daytime i nid to work, at night cant slp well, i really going crazy soon! T_T do ur think GF / whisperer method can help me??

    btw, he do not have a fix feeding schedule since much younger, bcos we cant catch his pattern, and when he refuse to drink, he will scream, we just cant force him [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] when i am at home i will BF him, while my mil will bottle feed him when i working... during weekends sometimes he just wanna latch, so difficult to fix the feeding time!! T_T btw, i will go home during lunch time and latch him, do u think tat will mass up his feeding schedule??

    We tried to intro dream feed at 11pm when he wass ard 4/5 months, but it doesn't work for him, bcos he just refuse to open his mouth even he is sleeping =.= so after that we stop...

  56. sephirias

    sephirias Member

    hi, i started my son on the GF routine when he was about 3wks old. however, as he fell sick during that time (he's still sick, 6 wks old now), it's kinda hard to follow the routine strictly.

    LO is not colicky and he's EBF-ing. he falls asleep relatively easily.

    some observations:

    - LO does wake up at 7am and fall asleep at 9am.

    - at time, it's hard to keep him awake during the 10.30-11.30am slot

    - although i put LO to sleep at 7pm, he wakes at 9pm and sometimes doesn't sleep till 12am.

    - LO still wakes up 2x in the night for feeds. once around 2-3am, and then 4-5am. it varies.

    i've some questions:

    1. GF said to feed for 20-25 mins. it's totally impossible with LO because he's done in 10 mins. how do you extend the feeding time?

    2. how do i get LO to sleep from 7pm-10.30pm?

    3. is his cough preventing the routine from working its magic?

    4. LO sometimes feed with his eyes closed. is he sleeping or awake?

    i want to settle LO onto a routine before i go back to work in about 6 wks' time. is it too idealistic to rely on GF? LO's schedule seems to change everyday as much as i try to stick to the routine (not the expressing part though). i'm so distressed =`(

    does anyone have more success with the 'sleep easy' or 'no-cry sleep solution' tactics?

  57. gilera

    gilera New Member

    hi metta

    its always very promising that theres a one for all method.. i am reading on baby whisperer. but reality is all babies are different and all babaies change habits all the time.

    i too wish for a text book baby and just apply the rules and that all will be easy.

    ur bb still very young at 6 weeks. mine is nearing 5 months. hv you not brought him to cure his cough?

    i am not into cry to sleep - it ruins the trust bb has in you.

    i am into accidental paretning - doing anything to hush bb , but so far he knows nighttime but stirs at dawn which tires me out. i am already back to work...

    do try to have more activities in day time (need not be loud and busy kind),, a calmer evening time n full up his tank and hope he sleeps night till 7am...

  58. babycrasher

    babycrasher New Member

    Metta: You trained your LO to sleep at 9am every morning? Or he falls into it himself?

  59. sephirias

    sephirias Member

    gilera > we've brought him to the PD who recommended us to rush to KKH A&E because she suspected he caught RSV. however, after a day of observation, the doc at KKH gave him the clean bill of health. LO is still nursing a cough but he's getting much better.

    yessica > he kinda falls to zz at 9ish am in the morning

    in the past wk i've incorporated parts of the GF method and baby's natural body clock to set up a semblance of a routine. feeling more at ease now!

  60. happy_daisy

    happy_daisy New Member

    Hi Jess,

    My bb is 7 weeks old and his feeding n sleeping routine is very much like your bb (I.e. Feed on 3 hourly interval with 150ml milk and last feed around 10pm). But he consistently wakes up at 1/2am n 4/5am for feeding. After feeding, he appears satisfied and goes straight to bed and does not stir.

    Im trying to get him sleep throughout the night by cutting out the 1/2am n 4/5am feed. When he wakes up, I give him plain water, instead of milk (some frens taught me this method). I've tried 2 nights and he actually scream n cry from 2-4am n wake up again 530am.. This is suppose to help him sleep thru without milk but ended up worse.. Cos instead of waking up consistent at 1/2am n 4/5am and feed and fall asleep immediately, i now hav to force plain water to him n he protest from 2-4am..

    Could u share with me how ur bb cut the 1am on his own n sleep thru the night at 8 weeks..?

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