Advise for milk formulae S26 gold step 1

Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by elaine33, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. elaine33

    elaine33 Member

    Hi all,

    My girl is now drinking S26 Gold milk formula. Currently I bought one tin at a range of $36.90 to $38. Does anyone knows where can get a better pricing?

    Did any of your child drinking S26 currently/before and facing any problem?

  2. meesee

    meesee New Member

    my gal drank s26 and she is doing well. Now she's 1 yr old on step 3 now. I will let my second bb tAke s26 too. My in law says that this is a heritage brand, bb tends to be healthier

  3. elaine33

    elaine33 Member

    Do you know any better price?

  4. pinkliciouz

    pinkliciouz Member

    I heard some mommies saying, to check out the prices from those medicated halls...

  5. movenpick

    movenpick Member

  6. elaine33

    elaine33 Member

    I heard sengkang got one medical hall selling at 23 dollars only. anyone came across?

  7. princekitty

    princekitty New Member

    Huh dun think can be $23. Malaysia also dun sell so cheap. 12yrs ago when i had my ger is already at abt $28. My bil got it at $ 36 from loyang one of the provision shop.

  8. ni84

    ni84 Member


    I'm letting go S26 gold 900g at $35.

  9. jesstsh

    jesstsh Member

    Anyone interested, i got S-26 (Stage 2) 400ml to let go.

  10. fuzzy_fluff

    fuzzy_fluff New Member

    Hi Jess,

    Where to collect? How much?

  11. jesstsh

    jesstsh Member

    Hi Fuzzy,

    U can sms me @ 94767207. Me selling @ 10 buck. Collection at CCK or Boon Lay.

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