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Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by pinkneow, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. pinkneow

    pinkneow Member

    Hi mummies

    Any preference on the milk powder?? and why??

    care to share??



  2. elisechow

    elisechow Active Member

    huh what do you mean? if going for those high end premium ones, Friso, Mamil Gold, Similac S26 all good. milk is from oz or nz. it all depends on your individual's baby taste, whether he or she is suitable for it or not. got poo poo or not etc etc

  3. poohgirl

    poohgirl Guest

    My personal comments only.

    >> Mamil Gold - heaty and causes constipation for my baby and my friends' kids who tried it.

    >> Friso - Quite good for my kid although I find the taste a tat sweet for my palate.

    >> Similac - Good as well.

    >> S26 - Puts on weight pretty quickly.

    >> Morinaga - Personally I like it cos it's not as sweet as the other brands, but is not easy to find.

  4. gam

    gam New Member


    Are there any mothers who are feeding their newborns with formula milk? ive not been able to keep up my BM with my baby's demand and has been feeding him with formula instead. I've been feeling guilty towards not being able to breastfeed him.

  5. mum082010

    mum082010 New Member

    Hi magdalene,

    Don't give up to give ur bb bm. Initially I was like u, i was frustrated when my confinement lady and my mil said that my bm was too little. But I always rmb what madam Wong(who gives child birth education ) told me that bb sucks more, will stimulate more milk. Now, my bb is 6mths old. I give him 100 % bm since his 2nd mth till now.. He is chubby and healthy.

    However, if u are interested to buy fm, I hv a good brand and wanna give away @ best price.

    **Enfalac A+ for below 12 mths 900gms. Used by 23Apr2012. best price $35 ;)

    If anyone is interested or u may hv any questions, pls email me @

  6. mum05

    mum05 New Member

    magdalene, u can also call up the various milk powder companies and request for samples for your baby to try(i.e. if u can wait...)

  7. fishy_lim

    fishy_lim Member


    I have 2sets of 2 x 260ml Brand new Avent Less Colic milk bottle, Retail price at $36.90/set and I am selling at $30/set. Is BRAND NEW still in sealed box.! 

    Drop me and email. 

    Self Collect @ Sengkang

    Interested please email me

  8. xuanting91

    xuanting91 New Member

    Hi, I'm a first time mum and need advice urgently! My son is currently 6 months old. I breast feed him for 3 months with the supplement of Similac. But after I stopped breast feeding and feed him on Similac only he started to have constipation. I change to NAN as I heard that NAN is closer to breast milk. After that he poo poo everyday but his stool is green in color and his fart is very smelly. When going 6 months, I tried the Friso sample I received. His poo turned back to yellowish in color and his fart is not that smelly. However, I noticed that Friso produced many bubbles and causes him to have a lot of wind. I need help urgently to decide which milk powder should I feed him. I also start to introduce vegetables to my son but he refused to eat. Whenever we try to feed him with the any vege, he will vomit it out, get very angry with it and refuse to eat anymore. How can I get him to eat vegetables? I do not want him to be picky when it comes to food [IMG=]

  9. clarissagoh

    clarissagoh Member

    Xuanting, how do u prepare the veggies for him? Maybe u can put some carrot or potato in the cereal... or introduce veg when u prepare porridge for him?

    As for formula, the colour of the poo doesnt matter... so long as he is eating and pooing regularly... But if u feel tt a certain brand is too heaty, try giving him more plain water... My boy also give very smelly fart... He is on S26.. but well, I just try to give more plain water.. cos I dun dare to keep changing formula..

  10. wildchillies

    wildchillies New Member

    Hi Xuan Ting, my daughter was on NAN HA for a while and her poo is the green color you described. I think there is not cause for worry. However, it is also best to check with the doctor for confirmation if you are worried.

  11. smn8728

    smn8728 New Member

    Hi All, Any feedback on Enfalac formula milk ?

  12. jeinthiangel

    jeinthiangel Member

    Im giving Enfalac for my boy since birth till now 5months plus... he works perfectly for him. Reason to choose this brand was it has the high DHA.

  13. momo05

    momo05 New Member

    another question, do we need to feed baby water if they are on formulae milk?

  14. xenophilia

    xenophilia New Member

    Hi Momo, I have the same question as you... If you go strictly by the rule it's NO water for Baby at all but I believe it's fine to give Baby a little bit of water to cleanse the palate at the end of feed. My take is that as long as you're not feeding the baby water to "fill" up the baby when the baby's hungry, it's fine. I give my baby about 30ml of water per day (I add some gripe water in). I always thought we can't feed baby water until she was 2 months old and she vomited end up PD ask to give glucose water, so I figured some water should be alright. I believe it'd be easier in future when she goes on solid food... she won't reject drinking water.

  15. jt_junior

    jt_junior Active Member

    Hi Jaq

    I agree with you.. i learnt frm my gynae (though he is not specialised in PD but he learnt frm his PD friends) that too much of water will not be good for baby's blood.. but abit of water is fine..

  16. meesee

    meesee New Member

    I'm abit confuse! I read an article that the highest the DHA might not be good necessary. Apparently, there's a ratio to the AA and DHA. If DHA too high, it will inhibit the AA etc. But it seems that all the milk claim that they have the highest DHA. which one shod I choose???

  17. jj_ttc

    jj_ttc Active Member

    Dear Mummies

    I'm from the April Mummy Thread.

    I have a brand new unopen can of Dumex Mamex Gold (1.6kg) willing to let go at $60. Its normal price at NTUC is $72+.

    Reason is I'm changing formula for my baby boy. Do note that the expiry date for this tin is 10 Nov 2012

    Pls PM me if interested & we can arrange the pick-up details then. Preferable along NEL MRT stations.


  18. movenpick

    movenpick Member

  19. benbenfish8083

    benbenfish8083 Active Member

    T_T, u mean feeding BB alot water is not good for baby's blood?? how come??? but FM very heaty and they will get thristy easily wor... u mean drink lot of water will somehow dilute BB's blood??

  20. jt_junior

    jt_junior Active Member

    Yes u can feed infant plain water but not too much to e extend to use it to replace as their meal.. Becoz whn we give formula milk it alr contain water.. But ofcoz if u give 40ml of water is fine. Some old folks say before milk time feed baby plain water so tt baby dunnid drink too much milk which is totally wrong.. U still can feed plain water bt not too much in a day.

  21. jkbb2011

    jkbb2011 Member


    just to check between Nan & Smiliac which is better and closer to BM?

  22. suling23

    suling23 Member

    I heard an A&E doctor telling a mum that feeding a baby too much water will dilute the blood. but then again, they also said that okay to feed water after every feed so as to 'clean' baby's mouth.

  23. hazehaya

    hazehaya New Member

    Pregnancy should pay attention to what, can give some expectant mother opinion

  24. benbenfish8083

    benbenfish8083 Active Member

    Hi, I also would like to check, Nan & Smiliac which is better and closer to BM? Similac seems slighly expensive than NAN HA... but I heard from colleague that NAN HA seems closer to BM.. izzit true??

    Can anyone share with me??

  25. belle_belle

    belle_belle New Member


    I would like to check which formula is better for baby. My gal is gg to 6mths in few days times, so i'm tinking of changing her formula coz she keep refuse milk lately..

    I'm deciding on Friso Gold, S26 n Similac.. Pls advise.. thanks alot

  26. mltan1

    mltan1 New Member


    I have the following to let go as I am fully breastfeeding.

    Bought it cos I was afraid that milk supply may not be enough.

    Anyone interested?

    Similac 1 (900g) exp 20sep2012

    Frisco 1 (900g)  exp 12jan2013

  27. jesstsh

    jesstsh Member

    Hi Karena,

    I have Friso Stage 2 (900 gram) & S26 Stage 2 (400 grams), to exchange for Enfapro A+ Stage 2 (400gram), please advise whether you are keen.

  28. jkbb2011

    jkbb2011 Member

    Hi kerana,

    My hubby checked that similac n nan has less sweet den e rest. I m feeding my bb Nan pro cos I felt similac a bit too heaty.

  29. jesstsh

    jesstsh Member

    Hi Karen,

    I have Nan Pro 2 400g, want to exchange for Enfapro A+ 400g.. Please Pm me if you are interested.

  30. yell0wp0wer

    yell0wp0wer Member

    We use an Australian organic brand, Bellamy's. It's available at NTUC and Cold Storage.

  31. aylie

    aylie Member

    I breastfed my baby for 5.5 months and recently started her on formula milk. As Nestle and Friso sent me their samples, I started my girl on Nestle Nan HA and she finished the tin in 2 weeks with no problem. Then i moved on to Friso and then she started vomiting. The first time it happened i thought she was having a reaction to solids (brown rice cereal) so I stopped the cereal. But the vomiting continued on the next day so i stopped Friso and back a new tin of HA and brought her to the doctor. She recovered.

    Out of curiosity and wanting to confirm my doubts, I put my girl on Friso again (big 900g tin, only drank 2 days), and then immediately at that very feed, she vomited after drinking the whole bottle. I was going to burp her then she threw up all over me and herself.

    Any mummies have that problem too?

    For mummies whose babies on HA, is this a permanent arrangement or can i switch to Nan Pro after a while? I noticed her poop is green and very smelly, but it is very regular, she poops ALOT every 2 days, no constipation. I suppose that's good?

  32. css5192

    css5192 Member

    Hi Aylie, friso is cheap n good but e milk is abit too foamy.. Alot of bubbles after u prepare e milk so hv to burp bb more or in btw feed.. So depends on ur bb whether can take it alot.. Colour of their stool depends on e type of oil they use in milk powder..

  33. jkbb2011

    jkbb2011 Member I know liao...thanks for info css519

  34. linnsg8

    linnsg8 Member

    Hi, anyone tried the NEW Dumex Mamil Gold 3? Is it good? How is the poo poo? Thanks.

  35. bakaholic

    bakaholic Active Member

    mamil 3 is sweeter than 2. Poo so far is ok since they are already taking solids, with ample fruits, veg.

  36. linnsg8

    linnsg8 Member

    Hi bakaholic,

    My 1 year + child is taking new Mamil 3 now. Experiencing massive yellowish poo poo 2 to 3 times per day. Leaked out, flowed out and back flowed out of the kao merr*** diaper. How terrible!!! Feedback to Dumex, they said normal.

    How old is your child? And how long has he/she been taking this?

  37. benbenfish8083

    benbenfish8083 Active Member

    same here... my 1.5 year Baby also driking new Mamil 3 now n experiencing very soft yellowish poo poo... so.. now i have to mix mamil 3 with Enfa in order to make my BB poo poo more solid..

    btw... why mamil gold measuring scoop so diff from other brand of milk? why cant they just Standardise it (eg 1oz water / 1 scoop of FM).

    they making me very difficult to measure when my BB wana drink more / lesser milk...

  38. wei shan mommy

    wei shan mommy New Member

    Hi.. i would like to switch his current FM to nestle nan pro because his current FM causes him bad constipation n cough (heaty)... need your valuable advice n comment on nestle nan pro

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