A transfer maid needed soon

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  1. oneboyonegirl

    oneboyonegirl Active Member

    26 Oct 2010
    Hi Anyone with a good transfer maid pls kindly pm me directly. Will reply asap. Preferably indonesian maid with reasonably good English and understands instruction. Main duty is to care for 2 toddlers. Simple cooking.

    I can take her immediately or maximum up to 2 wks waiting. Thank you
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  2. jagean

    jagean Member

  3. shop4stuffs

    shop4stuffs New Member

    Hi have u found a maid? My ex maid wanna come back so I need to do something to the current. She has a good nature and can work but think she only knows how to cook simple and her English not very good. She is very gentle with kids and no temper. My boys are 8mths and 2yts old and she take care of my baby when go to work. She learns very fast.

    Her elder Sis is a teacher in Indo, dad a farmer and mum housewife.

    How long can you wait coz I will need her till my ex maid is back.
  4. kikeeko

    kikeeko New Member

    Hi shopforstuffs, thanks for responding . I am ok to wait if
    maid is ok cos, I do have a helper now but she is quite old wants to go back to her home country. Jus that I hoe to do the transition if possible, before I start work :)

    i will pm u my number using my comp later cos I am using my phone to respond now. Mayhaps u can let me know when estimated will your maid b available, salary and other stuff.

    Thanks again. Mighty glad to see some response !
  5. ayrineta

    ayrineta New Member

    Hi shopforstuffs, is your maid still available?
  6. ratatin

    ratatin New Member

    I found a myanmar maid after accidentally stumbling on this website. She was a transfer maid bearly one month with her first employer. She was only 20 years of age and seemed alright, with understandable command of English.

    Because she was around my daughters age , I made her feel very part of our family. Within one month, she cooked and did her chores without any complains. Neither did we!

    Problems started after one month.
    SCENE 1: She left the house without permission when I was at work and my kids were out. REASON: Her grandmother had passed away and her "cousin"- another myanmar maid--picked her up from our house and brought her to Peninsula Plaza to view her "dead" grandmother's photos.
    I gave her the benefit of the doubt.
    SCENE 2: Then two days later, she asked my permission to go to a temple in Peninsula Plaza to offer prayers . I sent my daughter with her only to get a call that she took her to Clementi to meet another Myanmar Maid.

    SCENE 3: One of my conditions when I employed her, was that she could not own a handphone but could use our line to make weekend calls using prepaid cards.
    Well, I caught her hiding a handphone. I did not want to employ a distrustful maid any longer. Transfer was imminent.
    Scene 4 :
    One late morning,after marketing and putting items into the fridge, she told me she wanted to clean the bathrooms. She left the house by putting her handbag and some clothes in a black garbage bag and stealthily left the house. This happened when we were home. HOW SMART CAN SHE GET?

    I have no biaseness against any maids. But to all mums out there hoping their maid is "THIS IS IT"
    Her name is Tin Tin San. Anyone keen to employ her, please be reminded what happened to me.
  7. kais

    kais New Member

    Hi, my maid Filippino has been working with me for the last three years and i'm letting her go soon as my triplets are going to childcare full day starting Jan.

    She was supposed to work for me till 2012 but that was before we decided to out the triplets into full day cc. She is a great cook and my girls love her. Cleaning the house she is apt as well.

    Anyone looking for a good transfer maid for at least a year?
  8. era07

    era07 New Member

    i really need a maid but not sure the procedure.. can help?? email me at era.adaweyah@gmail.com.

    hope can take care of my 2 mths bb as well.
  9. wrassy

    wrassy New Member

    hi 3inapod
    Is your maid still avail?
  10. kais

    kais New Member

    My maid is like part of the family so we really want to find her a good employer.

    Pls sms me at 94770974
  11. icejelly2010

    icejelly2010 Member

    Hi 3inapod
    i have just PM you.
  12. purplebird

    purplebird Member

    Hi Kais,

    I have PM you.
  13. kais

    kais New Member

    In process of discussing with a potential employer.

    Will post again if tnat doesnt go through.

  14. ixwong

    ixwong New Member

  15. dosb

    dosb Member

    Hi, I'm really in need of a gd transfer maid, mainly to help look after my toddler and baby. Pls pm me. Lots of thks.
  16. roiv

    roiv New Member


    Looking for a good transfer Indo maid, preferably to start work in Feb 2011. Hoping to find somebody who is honest, patient, love children, well organised, clean, independent.

    Pls PM me should you have a good maid for transfer. Thank you!
  17. kais

    kais New Member

    my maid found an employer.
  18. bee72

    bee72 New Member

    hi, i am looking for an experience and reliable transfer maid who can work independently. my 2+ year old goes to half day care and 6+ year old goes to afternoon p1. no one at home during daytime except for the camera. thanks.
  19. elaine05

    elaine05 New Member

    Hi, I am also looking for an experienced and reliable maid for my 27 month old grand-daughter. Need it quite urgently because current maid is going back end February.
  20. alanv

    alanv New Member

    Hi mums

    I am looking for a good and experienced Indonesian maid, she must love children and knows how to look after them, the others are simple chores such as cleaning and cooking

    My current one is going home after a good 2 yrs of service, if you one to transfer don't hesitate To call me Alan 90267381
  21. gemini05

    gemini05 Member

    Hi all

    Have a Myanmar maid on hand for transfer. Age: 23, short hair. height: 5"
    Duties in my house: Housechores all kind, lookg after 1 yr old baby, another 3 yr old toddler is mainly taken care by my mum.

    Interested pls email : ho_wl@yahoo.com
  22. dididada

    dididada New Member

    i'm looking for a experienced maid too, preferable can speak english. Her duty is to take care mainly on my 16months old baby boy, n my gal is 6 years old. If you have any good maid to recommend, pls email to christy_siow@hotmail.com
  23. mandy0808

    mandy0808 Member

    Hi gemini05, any reason to transfer your Myanmar maid?
  24. gemini05

    gemini05 Member

    hi loving-kindness,
    sorry for delay response.

    the maid been taken up.
  25. ttummies

    ttummies New Member

    Anyone has an Indon maid available for transfer?
    Basically, I need help during non-childcare hours. Evening and weekends. Anyone has suggestions on alternatives besides maid?

  26. ele

    ele Member

    My indo maid who worked 7 years for me has gone home to get married.
    If you have a good and honest indo or myanmar maid who loves kids and can speak reasonably good English available for transfer,
    do keep me in the loop.
    pls email eleanorelo@yahoo.com.sg
    Or SMS 93889088

    Thank you and God blessed.
  27. jenwcl76

    jenwcl76 New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm starting to look around for maid because my eldest boy going to primary one next year. I have a younger boy 3 yrs old and he's in full day childcare.

    I need someone who can cleaning, cook, general hsework, loves children, take care of them, and shower my dog. She must speak English and trustworthy. I do not mind the maid from any country.

    **or if you know of any good maid agency to recommend.

    pls email to me : jenwcl76@yahoo.com.sg
  28. alicia80

    alicia80 Member

    Hi All,

    I have a indo.maid, she can speak english well, Normal cooking. Household work ok (depend on individual expectation.

    Recently, I just fix a cctv at home and I let her know where I put and she still have her privacy cos I never fix in the room. But after fix the cctv, her attitude changed a lot, she dare to show me black face, everyday hiding in the room. And last few day she dare to swift off the cctv until 5pm she swift on before I reach home. I’m monitoring her this few day she do this again or not, and just now I notice she off it again.

    I’m thinking to change a maid, but not sure new one can love my kid or not.

    If I get a maid from agency min.S$450.00 will be more expensive. If anyone have a good maid which her contract with you finished, Pls PM me. I can wait if the maid want to go home for 2 week or a month. Thank you very much.
  29. raindrop

    raindrop Member


    I am looking for a good natured, patient and honest maid to help look after my mom (60+) and my 2yo son.
    She must be able to converse in mandarin as my mum doesn't know english/malay.
    My son goes to cc on weekdays, so her main duties will largely be general household chores and to help change my mum's surgery dressing.
    She may need to help out with looking after my son only on weekends when i need to run errands or do some marketing.

    Plse pm me if you have any good referrals.
  30. megmommy

    megmommy Member


    Our Indonesian maid who has been working for us for the last 3+ years recently told us that she wants to stop working and go home because of some family problems. She's now trying to sort out her problems so she can continue working, but if she can't and has to go home, we need to find a transfer maid fairly urgently.

    Key responsibilities in order of priority: 
    - taking care of our two young daughters (3 YO and 1 YO) during the day
    - general household chores: cleaning house, ironing, etc.
    - occasional cooking

    Ideally, she should be:
    - Indonesian
    - late-20s / early-30s
    - married with kids of her own
    - speaks passable English
    - have worked in Singapore for a number of years

    If you have any to recommend, please email june_tay@yahoo.com or SMS 98462613.

  31. faithgurl

    faithgurl Member


    I'm looking for a transfer maid to help look after a newborn & 2 yr old toddler. Simple household chores are also required. Prefer to have some experience and can converse in simple english. Can wait till Jul 2011. Pls pm me if u have any. Thanks!
  32. aksharra

    aksharra New Member

    My maid is open for transfer.. She is very good with babies. She been with us for two years since the time my daughter was born.. The reason she needs transfer is because she is looking for four off days in a month.. If keen, mail me at pm1901@gmail.com.
  33. jeslyn_ong

    jeslyn_ong New Member

    Hi I have a maid for trsf, Philpinos but she still have ard 5mths loan. Housework wise qutie tidy, cleaness acceptable. More suitable for older kids at least 6yrs abv. Reason why I'm tsrf her out is becos she secretly hold a mobile where I dont allow her to and my mum can't communicate with her(my mum can't speak eng).. Overall she still acceptable just need more supervision. PM me b4 Friday if you are interested to know more, as I will not be getting anymore maid so will send her back to the agent. But I hope to help her in the sense to save the 2mths agent fee and hope she will learn her lesson.
  34. twinnybabes

    twinnybabes Member


    kindly pm me as I'm also in search of a transfer maid.
    Preferably Filipino and can take care of toddlers, I have twins aged 2yo, girls.
    A grandma will be around to help as well so training is not a problem.
    Just need someone reliable and with good hygiene and can speak english.

  35. bugsfire

    bugsfire Member

    Looking for a good transfer maid.

    Please let me know.

    my email is adel_06@yahoo.com
  36. mershel13

    mershel13 Member

    Urgently require a kind and patient transfer maid. She must be willing to look after my 17-month toddler...
  37. piggy2006

    piggy2006 New Member

  38. wxyonline

    wxyonline New Member

    hi i have indonesian maid for transfer
    by june whole family have to move overseas and end of may 2011 i don't need her service anymore. my family is 3adult and 3 childrent (9,5 n 3)
    she is from java,married with 1 child.

    i can't said she is good or bad. it's all depent with employer expectation when she is good for me doesn't mean she is also good for other employer. so far ok for me.

    very quite(not suitable to handle toddler she don't know how to play with my child but that not a problem for me as my child also busy play by them self ) , have not work overseas before , work with me since jan 2011 salary S$350 no off day, no hp , at first employee her job is cook and take care of the house and dog for 2 month, indian family open the hacker center for 1 month, (with me i do my own cooking)

    better if u have grandma to supervise her.
    so far this maid still have not get brain wash from other maid. just some advice. i have get 4 maid overall and better not to let yur maid out to often and get brain wash. all my maid change behavior after out to often. it's seem i'm a bad employee for other but u can't gamble your kid and your job just for other for other to said i'm a good employee.

    if some one willing to used her service and don't mind to direct transfer without agency service u can pm me. ( loan is left about 5 month by may )
    just pity her if she have to pay extra another 2 month to agency. she is very scare if i return her to agency but i don't have any other choice

    will return her to agency if no taker
    e: jovanna.tan@gmail.com
    i might take 2-3 days for me to reply your mail
    please don't ask me to interview the maid if know she is not suitable for u. spare me the trouble as i'm my time is very tide.
  39. eily

    eily New Member

    Looking for a good transfer maid asap.Preferably Filipina

    Please let me know.

    my email is bellegan@rocketmail.com
  40. berryfarmer

    berryfarmer Member

    I've a Indo maid for transfer, she likes cooking n kids, but I've to let her go cos I dun think she's detailed enf fir my little prematured bb, most importantly my mum doesn't like her for some reasons...I'm looking for Filippino with midwifey or nursing bk ground.

    I'd suggest her for toddler onwards. She has no Hp n no off days, n is the timid type. PM me if interested.
  41. kckc

    kckc New Member

    hi berrybaby,

    I have PM you.

  42. caicai

    caicai Active Member

    i need a good maid for a 4 yo son n 18 mths gal.
    as i shuttle btw my ma hse n my own, she has to be willing to
    accept this arrangement
    we need someone who can cook n clean hse .
    most impt of all, she has to love kids .any1 with a gd maid to transfer , kindly pm or sms me 93623637.as a mother of 2 young kids, i implore u to recommend gd maids
  43. lexnchris

    lexnchris Member

    Can anyone tell me how much do I have to pay if I get a Filippino maid from transfer? Anyone has any at least with 2 yrs of experience who is young and like kids please PM me. Thx.
  44. jesslgc

    jesslgc New Member


    Looking for a myanmar/indo transfer maid

    Able to start asap
    Able to look after babies
    Willing to learn

    Pls contact 90996905
  45. kais

    kais New Member

    My maid's friend filipinno is looking for employer. She just went back after working for Filipino family here in spore for two years. She was looking after their three year old boy. She's 36.

    I will hook her up with you if u r keen. Pm me.
  46. ele

    ele Member

    Ayone or your friends have a good maid for transfer and recommend?
    Must love kids and have good integrity.

    Thank you

    Pls contact me at 93889088
  47. caicai

    caicai Active Member


    i need a good maid for a 4 yo son n 18 mths gal.
    as i shuttle btw my ma hse n my own, she has to be willing to
    accept this arrangement
    we need someone who can cook n clean hse .
    most impt of all, she has to love kids .any1 with a gd maid to transfer , kindly pm or sms me 93623637.as a mother of 2 young kids, i implore u to recommend gd maids
  48. timeless

    timeless New Member

    Hi, I need a gd, honest, trustworthy maid urgently.
    Sending the current 1 back as she caused alot of problems. Found out she borrowed money when the "friends" harassed me for the $$.
    I need 1 who can cook and clean the house. Love playing and taking care of young kids age 4 and 1.
    Must be willing to learn, patient, timid kind or quiet anti-social type good.
    SMS or pm 81014827. Thanks.
  49. silver_bellzz

    silver_bellzz New Member


    I'm looking for a GOOD transfer Flippino maid URGENTLY.

    Must be
    - Good with baby
    - Christian/Catholic
    - Fair command of English
    - Honest

    PM/SMS 81182292.

  50. berryfarmer

    berryfarmer Member

    Hi, I have a Indo maid for txf. With me for 6mths. Transfering her becos I find her not suitable for taking care of my premature baby so am changing to a Filipino maid with more exp

    She is 24, and recommended for general housekeeping and simple cooking, and older kids. Interview can be arranged next Sat afternoon. Please PM me if you are interested
  51. leehh

    leehh Member


    Anyone can rec a transfer maid whom got patience with toddler. Can do household work.

    Iam quite particular with cleanliness.

    Thanks alot.
  52. katecres

    katecres New Member

    Hi Berrybaby,

    I am interested in your indo maid and is familiar with the transfer via mom. I need a dosmestic helper in cleaning and helping ah ma to tsake care of 2yrs plus old girl. Light cooking for herself only. Pls sms 97933033.tks
  53. leehh

    leehh Member


    I'd forgotten that I've pmed some time ago.
    Pls do let me know if the maid is still avail. thanks so much.
  54. bkkgal

    bkkgal New Member

    OK, I'm desperate.

    I have waited for 3 months for a maid. The maid finally changed her mind and decided after waiting 2 mths in Manila to clear immigration to go home. Immigration is apparently very difficult to clear. Even tho I had agreed to pay up to $450 for the monthly salary (almost reached the USD400 benchmark already) and even willing to go the legit route i.e. sign papers with Philippines Emb, my agent refused to do it. He said it's risky, blah blah. I don't understand it. Anyway, I am now waiting for Maid #2 for almost 1 month already and yesterday agent texted me to say she tried to go through and failed also.

    Can I check, is this the case for the rest of the agents, or is it just my agent? What's really happening in the Philippines? Really so so tough to get out?

    Anyway, I would be eternally grateful if anyone is transferring their maid to please contact me.

    I am looking for a filipina to do the housework and help me with 2 kids - 3yo and 1yo. If an Indon can speak english and can handle pork can consider too (MIL cannot accept the pork issue). I am ok with off days once a month, keep hp etc. I am so desperate that anything they demand, I also give. sigh.

    Pl sms 90676379.

    Thank you very very very much in advance!
  55. irenetan79

    irenetan79 New Member

    Hi all,

    I m looking for a good maid for transfer too.

    To take care of my 3 kids- aged 5-6 (but my parents in laws will come everyday to help except weekend when I m off)
    Housework & simple cooking
    No handphone & no off day

    please pm me!
  56. sby78

    sby78 Member

    Hi all,

    I'm also looking for a good maid for transfer too.

    Pm me if u have one
  57. honeygem

    honeygem New Member

    I have an Indonesian maid for transfer. Can speak and read English. Can clean and look after children well. Her cooking is not bad. Has a handphone but no off day. No outstanding loan. PM me for more info.
  58. bugaboo

    bugaboo New Member

    Hi all,
    I'm looking for a transfer maid, preferably Indonesian. Looking for someone who can handle newborn well, with good cleanliness and good attitude.
    If you have any good maid for transfer, please contact me at: heybugaboo@gmail.com
  59. bugaboo

    bugaboo New Member

    honeygem, I've pm you. Please kindly let me know if she's still available.
  60. sby78

    sby78 Member

    Hi I am also looking for a trustworthy maid to take care of my
    upcoming baby and my daughter (6 years old).

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