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11th month, no tooth

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by missylan, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    Hi mummies,
    What else can we cook for our toothless baby beside porridge? I am giving him ABC pasta, porridge, white bread, teething biscuit+milk and his regular milk. I am quite bored with these liao, any other things I can give him. No teeth, so he can't chew... Hai
  2. shook

    shook New Member

    Steam vege like potato, pumpkin, carrot, brocoli, califlower. Steam fruits like apple, pear n mashed them. Tofu, tao hua w/o syrup
  3. serene

    serene Active Member

    missylan, ur bb 11 mth still no tooth?
    btw, how many mth will they have their 1st tooth?
    i'm a 1st time mummy & my boy now 4mth liao.
  4. comizgirl

    comizgirl Member

    Each child develop at different rate,not to worry.My girl develop teeth at 13th months n my boy,at 10th months.Heard the later they develop,the later their teeth will fall off next time
  5. wenthena

    wenthena Member

    hi my boy just turn 8mth and his first tooth cut thru. he can still not chew properly cos the teeth cut thru but still in the gums. only the tip can be felt.
  6. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    yes, tried all even more veggies. But I am so bored cooking jap pearl rice and ABC pasta liao. Thinking of other alternatives. I grind apples and sometimes avocado for him. Tao hua is new to me... I can try. Keke..

    Ya lor, boh gay!

    The advantage is when he fell, no tooth to cut his lips, no tooth will break or clip

    Congras, at last got tooth liao.
  7. angelneo

    angelneo Active Member


    See you here also. You always put your finger in and check the growth of the teeth ah, ha ha, later your ah boy bite then you know. Joeson now 4 teeth, never fail to bite me when I tried feeling for it.

    Aiyo, how come Jiale's teeth still so stubborn and refused to come out? Come come, bring it to me and I use a plier help you pull it out.... He big kor kor to Joeson leh, how can still no teeth to show us??? I must see at least 1 teeth during his BD Party ok??? I look forward to it!!!
  8. missylan

    missylan Active Member


    Pregnant again and becomes abit haywired hah? I dun go in feel u know, when he smiles can see liao mah. Maybe didn't grow out early also lucky, cos once when he was crawling, he slipped and fell face down. Bled from the small flesh connecting the upper lip and upper gum. Bled like siao you know! ALOT man! I rushed home and so scared man. If got teeth, think more painful and with ulcers liao.

    But my 11th month old son walks liao... go to my friendster, I inserted a video clip!
  9. angelneo

    angelneo Active Member


    No teeth and yet bleed liao hell when fall while crawling??? That's a very bad fall leh. Aiyo..... Really a blessing in disguise for the teeth not coming out yet.... ulcers are damned painful for a kid to bear. Your heart must have stopped beating for at least 5 mins... Ha ha....

    Ya, I don't deny this pregnancy make me a bit haywired.... no energy, no appetite.... puke like mad.... don't like it like the first one leh....

    Wah liao, he walks liao ah. Tonight got time I sure log in go see..... kiasu little boy.... WAHAHAHAHA.....
  10. serene

    serene Active Member

    btw, when bb start to have their 1st tooth?
    & also 1st turn?
    my boy still havent turn
    but hor, he kick & kick & kick. from 1 side, he can sleep & shift to the opp side

    missylan, friendster can insert video clip meh?
    how u do tat?
    hey add me so tat i can see leh
    my email add ngserene_77@hotmail.com
  11. angelneo

    angelneo Active Member


    It really depends on the babies individually when they will start having their teeth. I do have a friend whose little boy started teething at 3 mth and by the time he reaches 7 mths, there's already 4 teeth growing out. Very cute sight.

    As for babies who learn to turn, my boy turned at 3 mths plus. I gave him lots of tummy time and when he start fussing, I will pacify him a little and place him back on his back for his turning practice. Ha ha....
  12. serene

    serene Active Member

    wah it's interesting.
    my boy now always lui kou shui leh
  13. bunny

    bunny New Member

    hi serene

    yr boy now always lui kou shui means he is teething soon.

    my son start to teeth when he is about 5mth tat during chinese new yr last yr.

    but must watch out as some bbs might have running nose and cough during teething.
  14. serene

    serene Active Member

    bunny, ic thks. heard some say some bb might experience fever.
  15. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi Serene,
    My girl's first 2 teeth started growing after she was 1. She had fever and rashes. Now she is 14 months and the teeth on the upper jaw are just starting to show a little. Her milk teeth are really slow to grow and her fever has been like a roller coaster of late.
  16. ndra

    ndra Member


    Recently I found that my 4mths old girl's side teeth seems to be coming out (can see abt 2-3 white lumps - wic looks like teeth- each side) but there's no sign of the 2 front teeth growing. Is this normal??

    Recently, she has been dripping more saliver den usual & she seems quite irritated, keep biting her fingers. Are these signs of teething?
    How to watch out for signs that her teeth really coming out??

    And also, my girl till now, dunno how to turn but can crawl already..Is this normal as well??

    Hee, im also a 1st time mummy, dont really know what to look out for[​IMG] Very gan jiong especially cuz her development seems to be all jumble up!
  17. mel7704

    mel7704 New Member

    hi all,

    my ger is 14 mth old, so far oni 3 teeth, bottom 2, top 1. But her top tooth seem slanted, not growing @ the centre. [​IMG]


    yup.. it seems ur ger is teethin... it will take awhile 4 the teeth to cut thru, no worries! [​IMG]

    The usual signs are mre saliva, will keep biting stuff. If mre severe, wil hve fever & "lao sei".
  18. serene

    serene Active Member

    my boi drip saliva. alot leh
    but still no teeth yet

    hey i think some bb will skip certain steps
    my frenz gal nvr vrawl. she skip tat & start to walk
    so not to wori loh
  19. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi ndra,
    I'm not too worried if her milk teeth comes out slow. Then it will drop later.

    Some kids have high fever and drool a lot when they are teething. My son had to wear a bib when he was teething or his shirt will be with saliva. But he didn't have much fever as compared to my girl. My girl had fever (38 degrees) for a week and lost appetite until she had not much strength for anything.
  20. elmo

    elmo New Member

    My dd is 13mth old and just got her first tooth peeking out from her gums.

    For her lunch/dinner I cook porridge for her using fish, pork or beef. PD say cannot just let her drink soup but must also feed her with the meat. Since she is almost toothless, I will blend the meat when it gets cook before giving to her.

    Fruits, she loves banana and avocado. Just mash with fork and give it to her.
  21. ndra

    ndra Member

    Teething sounds scary... By the way, I've bought a teething gel (dentinox or something) for my gal. Did anyone tried applying on bb?? Izzit effective?? She doesnt seem to like it. Instead, she's more interested in biting my finger to smooth her gums[​IMG]
    My gal is 4m plus liao, should i introduce solid food?
  22. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    I started this thread, I am going to continue this topic...

    "1 year and almost 1 month old, no tooth"
  23. serene

    serene Active Member

    my boy 5mth+ now. i start intro semi solid ard 4mth+
    lately he seem like reject milk leh

    missylan, 1yr still no tooth. really ah?
  24. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    You can introduce Nestle rice cereal when she seems to be always hungry. Make it a little more diluted with breast milk or formula. Start her first with a teaspoon of cereal. If she is not ready, hold on and try again when she is 5 or 6 months old.
  25. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    Haha... at last saw his two lower teeth. I started on him during his 6th mth.
  26. bbluvlove

    bbluvlove New Member

    Hi Janet,

    Some start to feed their bb at ard 4 and you start at 5 mths... How to gauge huh..? My bb going 4 mths next 9th next month....want to get myself prepared.. Is there symtom for teething.... Thax[​IMG]
  27. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    My son starts those rice cereal ard 5th mth and porridge at 6th mth old. I got advice fr PD that it is best to breastfeed till 6th mth and not to start that solid that early due to the little young stomach etc.

    If your child gets hungry very fast though the feeding is already very often, try giving cereal. This will make their stomach fuller.

    Teething, mine is diarrhea and a little feverish but not cranky. Some all of the above + drooling+using tongue to rub against gums. Some babies no symptoms at all.
  28. suelee

    suelee Member

    my boi boi 11 mth old and also bo gay...cannot walk yet but can stand up holding on to something and walk a bit if holding on to something....

    p.s. actually bb look so cute when they smile widely with no gay.....at least still look so baby
  29. dannycelia

    dannycelia New Member

    Yasmin is 11 mths soon and also no tooth yet. We felt a little bump on her gum, but no tooth has cut yet. My wife is making a variety of rice porridge for her: carrot and potatoes, spinach and fish, chicken and pumpkin, lily bulb and honeyed date(when Yasmin had cough, really helped), etc. She just pound the veg and meat until mashed and add to the porridge. We also soak ikan bilis and dry them in the oven then grind it to powder and add to porridge.

    You may also try making stock from fish, or chicken, or frogs even then make rice porridge with it for the taste.

    Yasmin prefers very thick porridge, if it's a bit watery, she refuses to eat. I bought her some rusk, but after tasting one myself and found it too sweet, we decided not giving her any. We also give her some apples or pears everyday. Baby look so cute when they hold a piece of fruit in their hands then suck on it.

    A friend recommended TEETHA powder to clam the baby when she is cranky from teething pains.
  30. hiryani

    hiryani New Member

    my girl had her first 2 teeth at 6 mths. she turning 1 yr soon and i can feel the bump of her 6th and 7th teeth.
  31. serene

    serene Active Member

    hey my boy teething. he got his 2nd tooth on mid march.
  32. pkjen

    pkjen New Member

    missylan, you can try steam eat white with forumla /breast milk. both my kids love it.
    1 egg white+50ml of milk steam low fire for 5mins.

    my boy is now 6mths 2nd tooth coming out.my first ger also got teeth when she's 6mth old.

    I think it various from bb to bb. so long their health is okay i guess should be ok.
  33. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    Thx but son allergy to eggs. Now he is in his 15th mth, 5 teeth only.
  34. jkids

    jkids Member

    my bb is juz turned 7 mths old and i juz started her on porridge. my parents commented my bb is still toothless coz i didnt give her porridge earlier, is it true? i have been giving her cereal since 4.5 mths....
  35. glayz

    glayz Active Member

    My bb turning one on 16 this month....

    His first tooth just pop out like three weeks ago...

    One in the bottom, then the one beside also pop out like few days after and the two on top start to grow as well.

    He now has four teeth but like just out of the gums...so he smile he looks bo gay also....

    Anyway, my son starts porridge when he is six months old, still his teeth grows like five month++ after....

    BTW, I tot it is 9 months then babies start teething???
  36. ndra

    ndra Member

    My girl's teeth pops out when she's 6mths old..2 at bottom 2 on top..The 2 top ones looks like bugs bunny..So big..Im so afraid next time she'll became 'ba gay'..Haiz..
  37. jkids

    jkids Member

    my ger's 1 tooth finally popped up 3 weeks ago...dun think its to do with the porriage i gave at 7 mths right.......:p
  38. ims

    ims New Member

    my ger ger is 9m... still bo gay[​IMG]
  39. fern, dont worry, my son start have his 1st teeth at 10mth plus. ^_^
  40. ims

    ims New Member

    my ger ger kept sticking her tougue out :p is it process of teething???
  41. hoshi5

    hoshi5 Member

    my dd now coming to 11M... still bo gay too!!... wonder when will her tooth come?..

    Just to check, my gal also starts to drool.. and bites her fingers.. think these are the signs of teething... any idea when the tooth will pop?

    Also, is it true that the gums must be red and raw, then it's teething?

  42. dannycelia

    dannycelia New Member


    my girl started drooling when she was 3 month, but her first tooth was cut when she was 12 months, so don't worry. The gum is usually swollen and a little puffy, when you touch it, your babe could scream from the pain
  43. hopeac

    hopeac New Member

    hi hoshi5,
    My daughter is turning 14 months next week, and I am still waiting for her first tooth.
  44. hoshi5

    hoshi5 Member

    Oh really?...

    14M leh... so, when is the latest baby tooth will pop?...
  45. guresu

    guresu New Member

    My daughter now 7 mth old, but having her fever as she grow her 1st tooth now. Haiz.. So Xin Ku and painful..
  46. winnieteoyw

    winnieteoyw New Member

    My baby is 10 months old already and still no teeth yet...Someone said that maybe during pregant didn't eat enough calcium is it true??
  47. gracemum

    gracemum New Member

    same here, my gal coming to 10 mth old, still no teeth..i also a bit worries..
  48. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    18th mth - 6 teeth.

    Not true lah, not enough calcium on the teeth onli? What about the bones? Not logical.
  49. winnieteoyw

    winnieteoyw New Member

    Is it? My baby is very tall now 10 months and 2 weeks old already around 70cm. Those dresses I bought for her have to buy those 18mths clothes
  50. weemin

    weemin New Member

    my baby now 16 months . only two lower incisors...His lower incisors came out when he was 11 months old...but up till now other signs of teething...Wonder whether it's normal...Check with PD, PD mentioned that it's a bit too slow...
    Any comments?
  51. starz17

    starz17 Member

    my girl got her first tooth when she was 6mths old. Now she is 10mths old but still one lonely tooth only. I thought baby's teeth often grow in twos... Any mummy has similar experience to share?
  52. guresu

    guresu New Member

    My baby is 10mths old now, she got her 1st tooth when she was 5mths plus. Then the 2nd tooth when she was abt 7mths old. Then recently her upper teeth juz came out.

    Starz17, i think different child got different teeth growing timing. I got a friend, her son got his 1st tooth when he was 13th mth old, then the 2nd tooth when he was 18 mths old.
  53. starz17

    starz17 Member

    hi Guresuwon,

    thanks for sharing! i got abit worried bcos my girl refused to switch to a follow-on formula. i thot she may be lacking in calcium... her PD checked and confirmed she is perfectly healthy. hmmm wonder how long more i will have to wait...
  54. guresu

    guresu New Member

    Hi Starz17,

    Why your ger refused to switch to formula milk? Itiz be'cos u use to breast feed her? My ger also the same. I tried to feed her Enfa formula milk, but she rejected when she was juz 1mth old. Cos i was trying to mix between breast feeding and formula milk. End up, i think the moment she drink it, she spit it out. Sighs.. So til now she been on TBF lor.. Her fourth tooth coming out oredi on the top, and she's turning to 11mths in a few more days. I think since ur Doctor said she was perfectly healthy, then i guess u dun have to worry too much. Cos is juz the matter of time. For my ger, since she got her teeth growing out, at times it can be quite painful to breast feed her. Sighs..
  55. starz17

    starz17 Member


    wow keep up the gd work! it must have been tiring to TBF your girl! i'm just plain lazy. my girl was breastfed for less than a mth. she was already on formula milk at the hospital as she was underweight at birth. PD said she has to be on partial formula to bring up her weight.

    i had tried mixing just half a scoop of the follow-on but she seemed to be able to detect the difference and reject the whole bottle. immediately i made another bottle with infant formula and she would finish everything. had tried other brands of follow-on but in vain. she has been on similac since birth. her PD said its ok to take infant formula till 1 yr old so i stopped trying. she will be 1 yr old in another mth's time. hopefully this time round she can switch to gain iq successfully!

    if your girl is eating well, i think on TBF should be fine. i understand that follow-on formula contains higher calcium and iron. so just try to give her more of these which i have been doing. [​IMG]
  56. 1sttimemum

    1sttimemum Member


    Just to share here. My nephew has his first tooth at 14.5mth... and before that, my sister bring him to see alot of PD but all say not to worry coz different baby different growing stage but if after 15mth, than would advise my sister to bring him for check up. Hope this help. [​IMG]
  57. suelee

    suelee Member

    my ds only had his first tooth ~ 14 mth...at 18 mths his molars than start showing...as such his chewing development is a little late (i.e. his food has to be softer and cut smaller than usual)...other than this he is developing well in his speech, i.e. have at least 80 words in his vocabulary now
  58. mickey1975

    mickey1975 New Member

    my 9mth plus son also boh gay leh ..
    drool alot since 4month old ..but, still no sign of first tooth ..
  59. winnieteoyw

    winnieteoyw New Member


    my baby only have her first tooth exactly on her first birthday.....now she is 16 months and 1 week old and her 7th teeth is coming out. Doctor says some babies do have late teeth so by the time she is around 2 to 2.5yr old will have all 20 teeth that is 5 teeth per 6 months.
  60. mikel

    mikel New Member

    My boy is 12 months now and he has 6 teeth. His teeth starts to pop out when he's 7 months old. Heard that teeth that pops out later will be stronger, any truth to that?

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