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February 2012

Japanese sushi seafood

Eating for Two: Food to Avoid

Having discussed beneficial foods to consume during pregnancy, we move on to examine foods which should be avoided at all cost. Incorporating advice provided by Ms Lim Siew Choo, a senior dietitian at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, we also…

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colour magic
Family Fun

Interview with An Illusionist

If you’ve only seen Dan Sperry in his performance guise – a Rocky Horror Show-inspired figure with wayang facepaint, gravity-defying follicles and an aura of menacing glee, you’d probably find it a stretch to imagine that this self-described “anti-conjuror” once…

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newborn baby
Baby & Toddler

Newborn Baby Care Basics

It’s true, babies don’t come with instruction booklets. When you’re still in the hospital, glowing (or groaning) from the aftermath of delivery, baby care is probably the last thing on your mind. The next couple of days remain blissful, with…

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