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November 2011

Stressed Mother

Modern Motherhood Is Stressful

A friend of mine — one of those beautiful, vivacious, gregarious, seemingly perfect-lead-a-charmed-existence kind of women who always leaves me staring after her in drop-jawed wonder — recently thought aloud about having a third child. Her husband, the ever-practical one,…

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Staying Home, Staying Happy

Many expectant mothers feel much joy and anticipation as they await the arrival of their little one. Some look forward to capturing every milestone of their child’s development. Others, not trusting the quality of care given by maids or child-care…

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Blackboard fun

The P1 Orientation

At the P1 orientation session in some schools, after the children are separated from their parents and brought to their classrooms, the kids are given a battery of written tests to determine their ability to handle the work in Primary…

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nursing in public is easy
Baby & Toddler

Breastfeeding In Public

There is now growing awareness about breastfeeding, and nursing a baby in public is gaining more acceptance. Even so, many mothers feel torn between meeting their child’s needs outside of the home, and are wary of others’ opinions and remarks….

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